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    MiLB Shake UP

    Well, one thing that’s for sure. This will keep a lot of lawyers busy and wealthy for a long time.
  2. Is this new one notched? The wheels look huge and round compared to mine. . I love this indicator. Notches, 3/2/2, durable. Mine is 7 seasons and going strong. If the shinny metal really bothers you hit it with a wire brush
  3. https://6abc.com/6-charged-in-high-school-football-game-shooting-child-in-critical-condition/5701598/
  4. FED says he cannot just stand there on the throw from the pitcher. The OP states this is not a pitch. SEC 3 ART. 5 . . . Interfere with the catcher's fielding or throwing by: ..... d. failing to make a reasonable effort to vacate a congested area when there is a throw to home plate and there is time for the batter to move away. Yes, there's judgement involved as to weather or not you believe there was time for the batter to clear the area. For me, it's one of those plays that may be tough to describe but pretty easy when you see it. It's usually obvious if the batter had time to move, or if he's just hanging around the box to get ion F2's way.
  5. Richvee

    FED DH Rule Change

    It also leaves an open slot on lineup card where the starting F2 was. I need some help here.
  6. Richvee

    Pitching Substitutes

    Only if it ends the inning. 5.10(g)
  7. Richvee

    FED DH Rule Change

    3-1-4b states that the DH is dead when.............the starting defensive player/DH is substituted for either as a hitter or a runner If this is indeed how the new rule is worded, my thought is what they mean is it terminates the DH only if he is still the defensive player AND DH. IOW, If Smith has replaced Jones as P, Jones is now only a DH, and he can be pinch hit or run for, and that sub would now be the new DH, with Jones retaining his re entry rights. If Smith, after becoming the pitcher, pinch runs for Jones, then the old DH rule still applies. The DH is terminated, and Jones could re enter for Smith and Smith would be out if the game, and Jones would have to play a defense position. IF Jones is still pitching AND DH, and he is pinch run or pinch hit for, the DH is terminated. Jones could re enter, but the sub who pinch ran or hit for him would then be out of the game. ....... I think
  8. CCS had a piece on allowing challenges. CJ Nitkowsky from MLB radio was talking about it and tweeting about it. It’s got a little steam. It’s the best option at this point. Let them fix the ones that are grossly missed. I don’t think you’ll see them challenge the close ones. Unless it’s late in a close game and you have some left. I actually think can add some pretty cool strategy.
  9. So add Chris Singleton to the grumpy old dinosaur list. I happened to be in the car that nigh listening on ESPN radio. Singleton adamant about it. You don’t do that. Said he’s pretty sure it will “be addressed “ in spring training.
  10. It’s an unwritten rule. Had it not been the World Series, there very well may have been retaliation. You may still see some next spring.
  11. Entertaining clip. I see your point.
  12. Bottom line for me is...Players should follow the rule if they don't want this called on them But, they're players, and will do anything to gain an advantage. The BS line about a RHB having to veer off the straight path to the bag to get in the lane because he starts in fair territory is garbage. they're running there to get in the way of the throw. They know it. Players will do anything to gain an advantage.... Funny how the only time you'll see R1 run on the infield grass is when there's a GB to F3 ttrying to make a throw to 2B. Funny how the only time you'll see R3 cross the foul line and run on the infield grass while trying to score is on a GB to F5 or F6. (hey, how about that, he veered off the shortest distance between two points). ...(yes both legal, but still only done when it's advantageous to the runner) A runner will turn in the same direction as a fielder who just threw the ball when he's in a rundown to try and draw OBS Funny how the only time you see a player fall over the plate on a swing is when R1's stealing second. These guys aren't stupid. They know what they're doing. Turner knew exactly why he was running illegally down to first. He got caught. So, as we do in today's society when we get caught...we blame someone else or challenge the rule.
  13. Within one yard of the base of the mound??? Look again...He's closer to the foul line than the mound. Seriously, you sound like an exaggerating coach trying to make a point that's irrelevant to the rule anyway. Not much different than the coach who yells "he beat that out by a full step" when the out call wasn't even that close. . I try to comment more on some other opinions you have in this thread and it just gets snarkier as I write, so I'll refrain from further comment.
  14. I forgot dumbass Buck's line from the 2018 play......." And his run down the first base line was completely fine"
  15. I'm not seeing the connection here.The game has gone through countless changes over the years and these records hold.....The higher mound, the Glavin/Maddux era strike zone, Steroids just to name a few. Nothing displayed unless the pitch is challenged. Only a handful of pitches can be challenged in a game. If a catcher continuously botches pitches, good chance they'll challenge and lose early, and run out of challenges.
  16. Hmmmm. I proposed something similar in another thread recently. Didn’t think it through as far as you, but I love the idea. There’s no stopping the electronic strike zone. It’s the #1 priority of ESPN and sports media in general. I think this is a great compromise. Real time challenge with no video assistance is key.
  17. Richvee

    Dead ball

    There’s been a whole lot in this thread that’s clanging off my ears. I’ve also attempted 2 or 3 posts. Each got more snarky. I gave up.
  18. Unless LL says something different. PU has R2’s touch of third.
  19. Richvee

    MiLB Shake UP

    I’m with you on Manfred. But more so on the rules side. That’s where he needs to leave the game alone. From what I can gather here, this is just like every other corporation’s attempt to lower costs. Here, the rational being every minor league system has dozens of players (organizational players) who will never get a call up. So, why are the ML teams footing the bill for theses guys. Creation of the dream league for these guys and possibly expansion of Indy leagues relieves MLB teams from these costs. Imo, similar to corporations outsourcing jobs. edit to add.... certainty not saying I like this or agree , just a fact of American corporate procedure these days.
  20. Oh, I agree. I’m not implying the strike three call was in any way a pre determined “make up call”. No way. I doubt at that point he even knew he was wrong on the foul call. Lost a little focus. I agree. I’m just glad it turned out the way it did.
  21. I know we don’t like the term “make up call” , and I get angry when I hear it, but these two calls did work out. I’m a Yankees fan and wasn’t upset with the missed strike three call on Sanchez. The backlash if he would gotten a game winning hit after the erroneous foul ball call would have been brutal. Rarely do 2 wrongs make a right, but in this case ........,
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