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  1. And every pitcher does the exact same thing when you call it. Arms spread out, look down at their pivot foot that they have now placed behind the rubber, and proclaim “ I stepped off”
  2. This is key. especially at lower levels. Kids and some coaches think the “ jump” is a disengagement. I’ve seen too many 14-15 year olds jump turn and not throw. When the balk is called they immediately look down and proclaim “ I stepped off”.
  3. I dragged my feet on a TW upgrade and regret it to this day. When the time comes, I will be trying at least a force 3, Cobalt, and a new gold. I’m thinking in a year or two.
  4. Good points, but I wish they could work that out. I have a Gold and I love it. That said, it’s going on it’s 9 th season and I’m starting to think about my next CP. As much as I like it, I’m not interested in a upgraded gold when I can get a Cobalt for less, or a force 3 for a couple bucks more.
  5. Wow. That’s crazy. I must say, doing varsity in Northern NJ, I only had the “ I only have navy” guys 2 or 3 times. However, each time, they perpetuated the stereotype.
  6. Congrats. Saw the post on the TSEUA Page. We’re one step close to someday doing a game together !
  7. Can we start a movement and get everyone to just buy the black Smitty shirts? If I get one more Varsity partner this year that emails me and says “ I only have navy” I may loose it. 😤
  8. When I read that it seemed like they were talking about Smitty only in context to the dye process for the logo.
  9. No fooling. Besides having to wash separately, in delicate mode and inside out, any foul ball leaves a mark or a rip. Absolutely horrible.
  10. So are they Smitty shirts? Or the same garbage Cliff Keen shirts?
  11. Good advice here. I’ll just reiterate what I thought were the huge things here to work on first and foremost. Be still. Watch the touch of the bag and listen for the pop of the glove, the just move the eyes to see the fielder and possession of the ball. Then, after you take it all in, replay it i your head. Only then make a call. We all have a tendency to speed upon the bangers. That’s the time we need the extra beat the most, and the toughest habit to break. Distance. It’s been said and worth saying again. Don’t get too close. Watch the pros on plays at first. Never ate they right on top of the play. don’t give up. It’s just a matter of learning new habits. Nothing helps more than a clinic, or a high school cadet course if can find one. Read all you can about mechanics and umpiring.
  12. I was hoping you got some advanced news that NJSIAA was doing away with navy.
  13. That's my feeling...But at least it's something.
  14. There’s always something moving through all of his hip flexes. He can do as many or as few as he wants. He only needs to come to complete pause at the end if there are runners on. With no runners on there is no requirement in OBR for a pause.
  15. To me, Kenley is just doing some ridiculous hip swivel while coming set. I don’t see a violation.
  16. Yes. He’s only doing it with bases empty. I never said he was balking. I was questioning the two steps… one towards 3b, then one back towards 1b, before stepping towards home to deliver the pitch. And yes, the hybrid is illegal in FED at all times.
  17. Ok. I actually got an explanation on Facebook that I can live with. all that dancing and stretching he does is prior to the windup. Once he takes that free foot and “ steps” towards 3b……at this moment he is now in his windup position. The hybrid….From there, he takes a step to the side (towards 1b) and then a step forward to deliver the pitch. I could buy that. So 100% illegal in FED, and as far as I can tell, legal in NCAA until the powers that be tell me otherwise
  18. I’m sure your son would have loved to have been on the mound for this game. https://www.closecallsports.com/2021/10/roboumps-odd-strike-zone-gets-afl-game.html?m=1
  19. Yes. You have the same issue I do with this windup. Me. Azul relies on the fact there is no penalty listed under OBR for “ multiple steps”. So doesn’t that make it a “don’t do that rule”? And aren’t “don’t do that rules” enforced by ejection if it continues after being told “don’t do that?
  20. FED - During delivery, he may lift his non-pivot foot in a step forward, a step sideways, or in a step backward and a step forward, but he shall not otherwise lift either foot NCAA - The pitcher shall not raise either foot from the ground, except that in the actual delivery of the ball to the batter, the pitcher may take ONE step backward or sideward and one step forward with the free foot. OBR - He shall not raise either foot from the ground, except that in the actual delivery of the ball to the batter, he may take ONE step backward, and one step forward with his free foot. What am I missing? Why does MLB allow this? At what level, if any, do we start enforcing this?
  21. Yeah , you don’t want to be out there in 2 man. When you’re in B or C in 2 man you are never starting on the outfield side of the bases. Ever. With F6 in, get where you’re most comfortable. In front of, next to , behind. … it’s all going to depend on where F6 is and your comfort zone.
  22. No issues there. Probably the only time I’m staying normal C is on turf where F6 has a tendency to be a little deeper on the carpet.
  23. Never ever ever start in the dirt. The infield grass/dirt line is the line of demarcation. If the grass/ dirt line is where F 6 is playing, stay inside him in normal C. If F6 is way in that’s when you can move back to the grass/ dirt line. This lets you get into position for plays at any base with just a few steps.
  24. You keep saying "outside" . You are only outside F6 if he's way in. You're never any farther back than the infield grass/dirt line. I wouldn't call that outside...Just deep "c" There's not going to be a steal of 3B. R3 would be stealing home and that's where the play is going to be. Infield is in...That means they're trying to cut the run off. 99.9 % of the groundballs are going to home or 1B. I can't think of many scenarios where a ground ball to an infielder is going to result in a play at 3B. MAYBE on a bunt where there's absolutely no play on R3. In any case, on a groundball, you're busting into the working area behind the mound as soon as the bunt is down because you will most likely have play on the BR @1B. If you've moved into the working area and the throw does go to 3B, a step or 2 to the 45' line between 3rd and home gives you a nice angle on a tag play on R2 @3rd.
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