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  1. Unfortunately, we have to mandate common sense. I work as an optician, and we have been deemed essential so we're open, however, starting yesterday, we screen customers and only service emergencies...broken or no glasses, pickups of new orders. Basically, if you own a functioning pr of glasses, go home. Earlier this week, when we were still open for normal business, I was appalled at the number of families with children, WITH INFANTS in tow, older citizens, coming in to "shop". Thursday evening, I had a middle aged woman bring in her 80 yr old mother for replacement lenses in her own frame....No new Rx, nothing wrong with the current lenses, just a little scratched. Then, from across the room, a co worker, a good 30-50 feet away from us cleared his throat...The woman I was helping went into hysterics........"IS HE SICK?? WHAT IS HE DOING HERE????WHO"S THE MANAGER??< THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS" . Took every ounce of willpower I had not to tell her "You know what's outrageous? You here with your 80 year old mother for no good reason." There's no fixing stupid.
  2. I wish people and the press would use the correct terms. These aren’t “ lockdowns”. You’re free to go out, walk the dog, go buy food, etc. Avoid social contact. Very different. It’s not “ shelter in place” either. That’s in a case of nuclear war, active shooter, of such things where you would hunker down in an interior room until an “ all clear “ was given or escorted out by first responders. https://emergency.yale.edu/be-prepared/shelter-place
  3. I will be back out there ASAP. However, I think you make a valid point. I can see those who don’t absolutely love it say to themselves, “ hey, I really didn’t miss it”. Couple that with the lack of new umpires even more-so than usual since nothing is going on now, we may experience a real shortage if/ when we ever start up this year. Unfortunately at this point, I’m just hoping we’ll have one summer ball.
  4. Watching U1 run from A to foul territory to call the play at 1b was actually comical
  5. True. But in ‘79 they we’re running from outside to the inside and actually making the call on the run. Now they start outside to get in the wedge for the steal of second.
  6. So Im watching a Yankee game from ‘79 on YES and Im amazed at all the movements by all the umpires on plays and pitches. U1 actually taking most plays on the run running from A to foul territory behind the bag no matter where the throw is coming from. U2 turning with the throw to 2B then literally running towards the bag as the tag is being applied. Strike calls being made almost before the ball is in the glove. When did we figure out if slow down, and we’re not moving we can get a better look at the play?
  7. NJ high school is pretty much shut down until at least 4-1. Still have one scrimmage not canceled on 3-26. One conference I work in has cancelled through 4-9. Can someone explain to me why we can't play a baseball game outside on an open field with maybe 20-30 people watching, but we can still cram ourselves into a tin can like sardines and fly across the country breathing the same air for 3+ hours??
  8. Richvee

    5 Hole.....

    Again. Be careful with the wording.... This is not obstruction as F6 did provide access to part of second base, even though it was not the part of the base that R1 wanted or believed was most advantageous.
  9. I don’t follow your first paragraph. I simply quoted the rule which defines a legal feet first slide, and says nothing about defining a legal vs illegal head first slide. As for the interpretation of a legal head first slide , that sounds 100% logical.It's exactly what I said in my original response. I’ve never seen it. That sure doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Do know where I can find it?
  10. Richvee

    5 Hole.....

    Careful here. R1, a shot in the gap, R1 rounding 2nd on his way to 3rd, F6 straddling 2B is indeed OBS.
  11. Richvee

    5 Hole.....

    Oh so true. There’s a thread on FB right now where F2 is up the line and people are using these case plays to say “ no OBS”.
  12. That's interesting. I really don't see support for calling it an illegal slide in the NCAA rule book. I know this isn't a force play, but 8.4 force play slide rule says a runner must slide on the ground before the base. Then it goes on under exception (1) to say "on the ground means either a head first slide or a slide with one leg and buttock on the ground before the base." That pretty much says it doesn't matter what hits the ground first on a head first slide. I can't find any other references to illegal slides in the NCAA book. I could be missing it. ....
  13. Richvee

    Interference or not?

    Barring any contact, in that example, I would probably have nothing.
  14. Interesting. Love to see the play. Do you know for sure it was called an illegal slide, or did PU call INT for pulling the glove off/slapping at the ball?
  15. Do you mean, for example, he dives to home plate to score and the first thing to hit the ground is his hand on the plate?
  16. I think he'd still have to be on the ground before any contact. Otherwise I have interference, probably MC for diving into a fielder. On a tag play, he wouldn't need to be in a straight line. He can certainly dive to the side of the base away from the fielder and reach for the bag with his hand. An example would be sliding to the 3B foul side of HP and reaching a hand for the plate while F2 is fielding the throw up the 1B line.
  17. I'd say in a straight line on a force play, and just like a feet first slide, be on the ground before there's contact with a fielder. That's all I got.
  18. Richvee

    Interference or not?

    In these situations, I need to see some intent from from runner to interfere. (or contact the fielder or the ball, then the call is automatic) Did he stop running as the ball approached him, then move out of the way at the last minute? Did he hesitate so he'd be running right in front of the fielder as the ball got there? If so, I'll call the INT. However, if I see a runner simply running to 3B, leaping over the ball as they cross paths, and the runner doesn't contact the ball, or bump the fielder, I have nothing.
  19. It’s written clearly in the penalty for 7-3-5. . If the pitch is a third strike and in the umpire's judgment interference prevents a possible double play (additional outs), two may be ruled out. [8-4-2g, 8-4-2l(1)] And there is this 7.3.5 SITUATION D: With R1 on first base and R2 on second base, one out and two strikes on B4, R1 and R2 attempt a double steal. B4 swings and misses the pitch and interferes with F2's attempt to throw out either R1 or R2. RULING: If in the umpire's judgment F2 could have made a putout on the runner(s) but cannot determine where the play was going to be made because of the nature of the interference, the umpire will then call out the runner nearest home plate, which isR2.
  20. The only rule difference on batter INT in FED is, with less than two outs, if the runner is stealing, and the batter swings and misses at strike three, the Umpire has a choice. he can call the runner out, if he thinks the catcher was denied the chance to throw out the runner. If, in the umpire's judgement, F2 had no chance of retiring the runner, even without the INT, the runner isbe sent back to his TOP base. (personally, that runner better be standing on the base he stole when the catcher receives the ball for me to send the runner back and not call him out)
  21. Almost...But he'd have a foot out of the batters box.
  22. Yes. head coach needs to declare at plate meeting..Straight nine, or designate a Player/DH, or the "traditional" 10 man lineup with a DH
  23. Ha!! Last night I was looking for this case play and did a quick search for “malicious”. Guess I should’ve added “ly”
  24. Yes indeed. Page two of this thread. It was first thought legal and the we found the rule that says clearly one re entry.
  25. Yes. Sometimes just let common sense rule.
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