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  1. The term , “ backswing interference “ pertains to two different things in FED vs OBR. In FED, as others have explained, it’s simply the bat hitting the catcher or his glove prior to a pitch. when this happens, call time and reset. The TERMS “ follow through interference “ in FED, and “ BACKSWING INTERFERENCE “ in OBR, pertain to the same thing... when the batter swings so hard he comes all the way around and hinders the catcher’s attempt to make a play on a runner. That’s the similarities. What differs is the penalty. In FED, it is treated exactly the same as batter interference. In OBR, the runner is simply returned to his TOP base. The batter is not out.
  2. Richvee


    His delivery does not include what he does while coming set. Nowhere will find mention that a pitcher must use the exact same motion to come set.
  3. From what I hear many assignors feel the same.
  4. Take a wire brush or some sandpaper to it. Problem solved. I’ve had mine 5-6 years now. It’s none the worse for wear.
  5. Then we’re done. I agree with you. An honest opinion if asked, and blocked from assigning you. ..... On second thought- if you wanted to be a little vindictive, don’t block him. Let him assign you and just keep declining all of them. If he asks you what’s up tell him I’ll accept games when you pay me what you owe me
  6. Just to play devil's advocate. You said the man had health issues, and obviously some more pressing issues than assigning baseball. Did you ever ask him for the money? Could have been an oversight. I would have made an effort to ask him after the season. A call to ask him how he was doing health - wise, and a quick mention.... "Hey, didn't you say you were gonna pay me $100 for assigning for you this season?"...After that, yeah, block and move on.
  7. Exactly. We’ve seem to have gone past the pitch counts to save arms and we’re at 18 batters and you’re done.
  8. How about a compromise on the extra innings? 2 “ real” baseball innings then if still tied, do the R2 thing. Sort of like OT and a shootout in hockey. Im not opposed to 7 inning games. What I can’t understand is, from what I’ve seen, managers still managing like 9 innings. Starter out after 4, set up men for 2 then the closer. Just let the starters go. I don’t get the rush to the pen every game regardless.
  9. Unfortunately, often they are the ones you can't teach anything to. "I've been doing this for years, sonny, I know the rules".
  10. I understand you must do what the state dictates, and I understand they had another year to get the correct baseballs (Probably not a top priority given the events of the past 12 months). That said, finally, after 2 years for these kids, they're gonna play a varsity baseball game, and you're gonna send them all home because they don't have a NOCSAE stamp on their baseballs? Maybe these states that are saying don't play should reconsider, JMHO.
  11. Richvee


    This may also be the wrong avocation if you don't want advice
  12. No problem playing football in Morgantown though...Hypocrisy is king
  13. They do a nice job. They do interesting plays during the season and break down the correct rules that govern the play. The quiz shows they ran during lockdown in the spring were fun also.
  14. They “address “ it, but it really doesn’t give the answer as to “how”. “Therefore, since June, it has focused on providing a participation opportunity for every student-athlete in every sport while striving to minimize the potential overlap between sports seasons. Multi-sport athletes should be celebrated and should not have to choose between the sports that they love to play. As a result of the suspension of indoor practices and competition required by Executive Order No. 204, some overlap between the seasons is unavoidable, but based on the below plan, student- athletes will still have the opportunity to compete in all seasons.
  15. Love the part that all winter sports will not start until January, but hockey can start now....Because they paid for ice time...Now there's a decision based on science.
  16. OBR 5.09(8) .....if the batter runner drops his bat and the ball rolls against the bat in fair territory and, in the umpire's judgement, there was no intention to interfere with the course of the ball, the ball is alive and in play.
  17. Well, I’m late answering and you answered it in your reply to Thunderheads. We can get RLI in FED if we judge running outside the lane contributed to the fielder’s poor throw. I think if BR is in the lane the fielder had a clearer path at a throw to F3.
  18. I know it doesn't matter in calling this play, but it seems to me the runner would have been even more in the way of F3 fielding the throw if he were indeed compliant. RLI in FED, not in OBR. I don't think the runner caused F3 to not make the play.
  19. Look for FED to adopt this around 2030... a year or two after they outlaw the feint to third.
  20. Richvee

    Gorilla arm

    Can you imagine the $h*tstorm if you call an illegal pitch for this with no one one??
  21. Richvee

    Gorilla arm

    Under high school rules, this is a balk. He cannot swing the pitching arm back and forth while leaning over looking in for a sign. He’s 10, break him if it now before it becomes an issue in high school. You will also find this is inconsistently called at the high school level. He may get away with swinging the arm one day, and get called for the balk a day later by another umpire. There’s also the slight chance that by the time your son gets to high school , the rule will be changed and conform to other rule sets. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
  22. Remember back to week one or two. Very few base umpires were masked up. Here comes the Marlins followed by Cardinals outbreaks, and like magic, EVERY umpire is masked. It’s been said above. Optics, make it look like the norm, If there are more team outbreaks don’t blame us. Set the “ correct “ example. Mandated by the powers that be? Absolutely
  23. Yes, really. Depends 100% on the material of the lens. Safety glasses lenses are made out of the same shatter proof material (polycarbonate) as are most quality sun lenses.. And yes, I'd rather get smacked in the face with a line drive wearing my Oakley' s than not have any eyewear on.
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