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  1. I'm not a softball guy. My understanding is this is where the baseball myth originated. Here's a link to the FED softball dead ball table. Check out #28 https://nfhs.org/media/1017910/softball_dead_ball_tables_2020.pdf
  2. Yep a common myth. I think it has some origins in a softball rule. So I’ve heard.
  3. Yep…. And of course eliminate the running lane. Pander to the overpaid, coddled crybabies who can’t follow/don’t like, or can’t learn the rules.
  4. Richvee


    I think little Johnny needs to learn how to act, speak to, and generally get along with people.
  5. They May have felt worse if the that had to pony up money for a protest, because it would have been over ruled. they should learn the rules. Two base award from the time of the throw is pretty basic even for a daddy coach. Were they actually trying to tell you r2 only gets 3b? Because the actual touch and safe call on the appeal is not protestable. That’s judgment
  6. You have the award right. two bases time of throw. FED allows dead ball appeals, so , the appeal is legal... it's the last play of the game, under FED rules on the last play of the game an appeal can be made until the umpires leave the field. you say R2 went back and tagged, so rule the R2 safe, game over. If dead ball appeals were not allowed and the team wished to appeal this game ending play, you would give the pitcher another ball, put the ball in play, and let them throw to 2B. In this case the defense would have had to remain on the field. Tournament rules vary greatly on methods of protest. (But usually never resolved by the coaches and umpires looking up the rule. ) Some require coaches to put up money in order for a protest to be heard. I'm sure if that's the case here, the TD would be happy to oblige, because the coach isn't winning this protest.
  7. Richvee


    Strap on the gear, then you can call balls and strikes. Until then….. STFU and keep score.
  8. And just ignore the ridiculousness of the hybrid rule once again.
  9. Too often this jump turn no throw is not balked. I’ve called it numerous times and every time I get the same thing….. A pitcher pointing to his right foot behind the rubber saying “ I stepped off!”
  10. Richvee

    Balk or no!

    Oh , I agree. The blue you highlighted is what made me say , “ Huh? “. But I was in no mood that day for a debate… Especially with the person who said it.
  11. Richvee

    Balk or no!

    I had someone tell me something similar a few weeks ago about the jump turn. Told me on the jump move for a RHP to 1b, the pivot foot must land on the ground first….,and closer to 3b than where it originally started, plus the free foot gaining ground towards 1b.
  12. It's up to F2 how much he wants to talk. Introductions are routine. Then I'll talk a little while taking pre game pitches...Maybe a comment about the weather, or, Where you from?. Just to gauge the personality. . I can tell from there if he's all business, or if he'll chat it up a bit. I'm OK with either type. Games tend to be more enjoyable with F2's that I can chat a bit with. I'm OK with a "strictly business" F2 as well.
  13. Thanks Kevin. Feeling is mutual. I think the poor quality of the infield lead to even worse baseball than just the quality of the teams.
  14. IIRC, it's a L Tournament rule, not a regular season rule. I could be missremembering..
  15. That’s what I was thinking. But when I saw it, I did a double take.
  16. THAT, my friend, is an opinion, which I adamantly disagree with. No offense. 😁
  17. 1. Tags by middle infielders on passing runners are tough. Once you notice there’s going to be a tag attempt, all you can do is take a step or two to one side or the other to get a better look. Besides that, take your time read the body language of the runner and the fielder. Did the runner stop running? Hang his head in a dejected way? Did the fielder keep chasing the runner…. Or make a second swipe at the runner? Sometimes they call the play themselves. 2. R1 r2… your partner has a tag up of r2 at 3b. Don’t stand in C to call catch/ no catch. On the fly ball to f8, you need to get somewhere around the cutout at 2B. Watch the catch/ no catch. Once it’s caught, you can rotate from there to get a good look at the returning runners touch and the ball entering the fielders glove. 3. from “c”, once the ball is bunted, you should’ve taking a step or two forward. Once it’s fielded, read the fielder, if he’s going to 1b, a few quick steps in that direction should get you in a decent spot for the play at first. Once you see he’s going after r3 after you’ve already taken a step or two toward, start towards the 45’ line of 3b line. This should give you the best possible angle for the tag back Into 3rd. Whatever you do it’s going to be tough if not impossible to see if the tag came down on, or between the runners hands. Unless it’s a swim move where you know the runner got around a glove, I’d lean towards an out.
  18. Watching game 3 NC St/ ARK Had anyone ever seen a U1 take plays at first virtually in the 1st - 2nd basepath, a good 30-40 feet from the bag? Just curious if this is taught anywhere, and what the advantages may be?
  19. It’s not baiting them. It’s giving the coach a chance to re think his foolish comment. He can choose to repeat what he said, and deal with the consequences. Or, he can decide he wants to stay in the game, and answer accordingly.
  20. For umpires, it’s a tracking issue. If you’re tracking the ball all the way in, you see the ball hit the bat, you see where the ball goes, and ( unless you get screened by F2) you see it hit his foot. as for the batter... yes...sell it. If PU is in doubt and BR sprints down the line, chances are you’re not getting the call. Hop up and down, grab that knee.....it helps.
  21. Richvee


    Hold on.... there’s no play on BR. ....R2 R3. R3 crossed the plate before the tag on R2. EXCEPTION: A run is not scored if the runner advances to home plate during action in which the third out is made as follows: a. by the batter-runner before he touches first base There’s no play on BR. BR is not the third out before reaching 1b. The tag on r2 is a time play. Score the run
  22. I wouldn't spend a dime on anything but F 3 shins
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