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  1. The plate is part of "the grounds"....
  2. It is extended at least 2" below the built in TG it is offering plenty of protection. You need it to hit something other than your throat... So if it hits the built in TG it won't hit your throat... same as your CP.
  3. It is there for the same reason some guys put their plastic one over the top of their non-chopped Nike Tis. I believe the built in throat guard is a bit flatter than other masks and this causes the built in to strike the additional throat guard when they look down and lift the mask from their face. Placing it on the top of the built in throat guard allows for more range of motion while still providing additional protection.
  4. Because there is always someone out there willing to do it for less or do more games... If more people would start saying no to doing 4-5 games in a day for $45-50 a game, then all of the sudden those games become $70 games...
  5. There is a whole lot more that goes into being selected than just being a good ball/strike safe/out guy. Mentors can only do so much for someone and just because you have a roster spot and go to camps doesn't necessarily make you worthy of the post season. Some guys don't strive to do the post season and do what is needed to keep their spots. The funny thing is, it is up to us as guys and girls in the lower NCAA levels to attempt to outwork people and take spots. I didn't get into umpiring because I loved umpiring. I started umpiring because it was a fantastic way for a 17 year old to make some money.
  6. JSam21

    National Anthem

    Ballwin Athletic Association For the most part
  7. JSam21

    National Anthem

    Here is a picture from the STL Metro Collegiate ASG this year... I'm the big guy on the left.
  8. If you’re making a “mental note” of the OBS call it and point at the OBS. The penalty for the Type 2 OBS by rule, allows you to award bases that would negate the effects of the OBS. I’m not calling him out on appeal since the OBS is what caused the missed base to begin with.
  9. It is being put on by American Umpires. Here is the list of instructors/evaluators Dale Scott Clint Fagan Scott Taylor Paul Guillie Troy Fullwood Mike Fagan Jim Jackson Mark Ditsworth Jon Browar Mike McCray Alex Skandalis Deron Brown Danny Jimenez Brent Rice Jeff Henrichs Jeff Head Billy Haze Adam Dowdy David Savage Mark Winters Brandon Cooper Alex Zeigler Jeff Spisak Chris Symons Doug Vines Tim Farwig Kevin Conder
  10. That is what we used to do the show actually.
  11. It sucks because I had a great time doing the show. Being able to BS with people for an hour or so every week about umpiring is fun. It felt like sitting at the corner of the bar with your crewmates just having a beer and talking shop.
  12. So guys and girls... One week away from the free camp in Indy with some pretty big names slated to be evaluating... Who all is going to be in attendance? I will be there looking forward to getting feedback.
  13. Getting more into college baseball, and having to take off work in order to do some games, turf in the late winter/early spring, is great for making sure that I’m not wasting time off from work and gas to get whacked half way there...
  14. JSam21

    Rubbing Mud

    In all honesty, you’re not going to have enough time to run up baseballs with mud before the game unless you’re getting the baseballs as soon as you show up
  15. JSam21


    I’m tempted to try out the Stance socks. I don’t wear over the calf socks since I wear tights when working the plate.
  16. In all honesty, it is pretty much done. I’m really the only one still umpiring. I don’t have the equipment or time to continue the show by myself. The time that would go into the show would be better off spent getting into the gym for me. I really enjoyed doing it but with no monetary gain coming from the show, it is hard to justify turning down games or not going to the gym to do the show.
  17. JSam21


    Since I assume that their team was at bat and they are authorized to be on the field... This would be deemed interference. If their team wasn't at bat, it would be nothing.
  18. I'm pretty sure the guys on the field took the temperature of the situation and handled it the way that they saw fit.
  19. I have and will always say, the protest is the most under utilized tool that coaches have.
  20. The bottom of the mask should be loose... barely resting on your chin.
  21. Go... learn some stuff. Make contacts. Get better.
  22. Even when the ball is dead, you have to still officiate the game. You have to have at least one umpire on the field during situations like this. You have to remember that at the regional they have two other guys in the locker room/box/replay that they can talk it over with as well. For those that want to see the play... Go to roughly 1:35:20
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