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  1. Missouri, you must work a minimum of 10 varsity games. Each district at each classification has an umpire draft for their tournaments and the teams in that district vote on who they want to umpire. I worked 2 different districts in two different classes last season.
  2. If I may also suggest getting a traveler's crease put in them. You will thank me later.
  3. Can't violate the CBA and reduce a team's roster size.
  4. JSam21

    Catcher communication

    The NCAA did not adopt this... the SEC did.
  5. JSam21

    NCAA Test

    I agree... The test wants you to place the runner on 3rd. My first attempt I kept the runner at 2nd... It was marked wrong. I sent the runner to 3rd on my 2nd attempt. I got it right. In an actual game, unless I'm 100% sure that R1 is going to reach 3rd safely, there is no way I am placing the runner on 3rd in this situation.
  6. JSam21

    NCAA Test

    They want you to give the runner 3rd
  7. Attached is the PBUC manual statement about the on deck batter
  8. I think that MLB would more likely have an MLBAM employee working on that end instead of paying a six figure salary to 15 more people to sit at a computer every 5th day.
  9. Nike has the NFL Uniform Contract... They don't make the officials uniforms. Nike does seem to make the NBA officials' uniforms. They aren't available for sale to the general public. If Nike does make the umpires' uniforms two things to be aware of. 1) They are most likely going to be Nike Branded Majestic cool base shirts, just like the player's uniforms are for the 2020 season. 2) They won't be available to the public.
  10. As it is often said on the FB groups... His answers are job security for others. Officiating to the path of least resistance is the bane of the profession and that is exactly what his statements are. "Screw being correct, I don't want to be seen as the bad guy."
  11. Answer the question before it is asked. It is simple.
  12. Just extending your right arm out like the strike signal and holding it out there. Go to 2:20 for a good example.
  13. The “stream of consciousness” style of posting he has is beginning to wear thin on me...
  14. They are umpire shoes... umpires wear pants that cover the logo in the normal spot. So they moved it down slightly so it can be seen better on TV... pretty simple.
  15. One player can be any position/DH... not just P/DH
  16. Remember with this rule, when on offense they aren't their defensive position, they are the DH. DH's aren't allowed to have CRs.
  17. It is just saying that over the course of this agreement, that the MLBUA will assist with the development of the system. Not that the system WILL be implemented in MLB.
  18. I don’t know as I don’t wear them but I’ve seen guys wear more running style shoes on the bases. As for the Cardinals, I don’t want to sound weird, but the farther I’ve been advancing in my umpire career the less I’ve followed the club. I’ve become more of a fan of the game than a single team. That and I just don’t have any time to watch baseball lol.
  19. https://www.nike.com/t/air-zoom-pegasus-36-mens-running-shoe-D24Mcz/AQ2204-001
  20. You guys do know that Nike already makes wide width shoes... right?
  21. I think it is more of the fact that the batter shouldn't be awarded 1st on the play because they weren't eligible to legally advance because of first being occupied at the time of pitch.
  22. He voluntarily took his hand out of his glove it sounds like to me... that’s a catch in my book.
  23. JSam21

    MiLB Shake UP

    It isn’t like there aren’t places for guys to play. It could cause a boom period for Indy baseball. There are guys that get signed out of Indy ball every year.
  24. JSam21

    MiLB Shake UP

    The ones that do make it will probably get paid more, have better working conditions, less travel, etc
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