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    What rule set is this league played under so we have a better idea of what FPSR you are speaking of...
  2. Oh... Didn't know all runners advancing a base was complicated...
  3. Why not just make it the OBR rule?
  4. Then he was just fishing for a call...
  5. If I'm 100% sure on my call... There is absolutely no need to get together. Question for you. Did you wait until the voluntary release of the ball by F3 before signaling? Did you give the transfer mechanic as well?
  6. From the point that the ball touches the glove or hand as long as the defender maintains possession from that point
  7. Find someone that has a Cricut machine and just have them cut a W out of yellow vinyl
  8. Well the top is done through the existing Velcro straps on the F3 through the plates of the Gold plastic
  9. JSam21

    Overrule continuation

    I'm not coming flying in while the ball is still live... Once play has relaxed, I am calling time and calling my partner over to let them know that I 100% have the ball on the ground, then we fix it from there.
  10. Keep in mind that a bunt is an intentional act. While the batter may have squared to bunt, if the umpire doesn’t judge that the batter made an attempt to bunt the ball, I.e. was attempting to avoid being hit by the pitch, and the ball still hits the bat and goes foul, it would just be a foul ball.
  11. Every year I go back to the local athletic association that I started umpiring at and help run training classes for new umpires. I also try to get up there on days that I don’t have assignments to talk shop with the kids and do evaluations/in game teaching.
  12. Not the majestic one... but https://stripes-and-strikes.myshopify.com/products/united-mac-1-4-zip-pullover-plate-jacket
  13. @The Man in Blue I have sent you a message.
  14. What "games" aren't you willing to play?
  15. If you got a receipt then you are registered. It was the same when I went the past two years. They will send something out closer to the camp with all the information for the weekend. Get ready to work hard, learn, meet some great people, and have fun doing it.
  16. Well... it is home to more than a few D1 umpires... The home to a few very good camps... Home to SEVERAL colleges of all levels... Not a terrible drive to many other schools... Has an airport... I'm sure @MidAmUmp can shed more light on it for you.
  17. Order one from Ump-Attire right now and it will be there by Thursday.
  18. The plate is part of "the grounds"....
  19. It is extended at least 2" below the built in TG it is offering plenty of protection. You need it to hit something other than your throat... So if it hits the built in TG it won't hit your throat... same as your CP.
  20. It is there for the same reason some guys put their plastic one over the top of their non-chopped Nike Tis. I believe the built in throat guard is a bit flatter than other masks and this causes the built in to strike the additional throat guard when they look down and lift the mask from their face. Placing it on the top of the built in throat guard allows for more range of motion while still providing additional protection.
  21. Calling @MidAmUmp Want a very good two man clinic... http://midamericanumpireclinic.com/home.html
  22. Because there is always someone out there willing to do it for less or do more games... If more people would start saying no to doing 4-5 games in a day for $45-50 a game, then all of the sudden those games become $70 games...
  23. There is a whole lot more that goes into being selected than just being a good ball/strike safe/out guy. Mentors can only do so much for someone and just because you have a roster spot and go to camps doesn't necessarily make you worthy of the post season. Some guys don't strive to do the post season and do what is needed to keep their spots. The funny thing is, it is up to us as guys and girls in the lower NCAA levels to attempt to outwork people and take spots. I didn't get into umpiring because I loved umpiring. I started umpiring because it was a fantastic way for a 17 year old to make some money.
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