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  1. I wasn’t sure if they were the same or not. I might pick up the V2 panel shirt from you guys.
  2. I want one of those vending machines that serve hot food at my work... really badly.
  3. Yes... as ending a half inning with less than 3 outs would be a misapplication of the rules.
  4. I either drop them a the plate or at the door of the dugout if I’m leaving that way
  5. This PlayPic is terrible... Follow what is actually in the rule book and case book. Not a powerpoint presentation.
  6. May I suggest going to @MidAmUmp's camp in Springfield in September... It really is the best thing you can do for your umpiring career
  7. I've been registered and paid up... Keep working hard and you can get this paid for in 18 innings.
  8. The voice down and then giving the mechanic was/is the old way of doing it. It was how I was taught in the late 90s when I started. Now, it is voice and mechanic in unison.
  9. Or you can work your ass off... Get to an NCAA D1 level where some guys can make nearly $40k in 16 weeks.
  10. How about a school not telling you that the game was canceled? That's always fun.
  11. JSam21

    Fair or foul

    In all honesty... I just wanted the pointing...
  12. So last year I started wearing shirt stays as my Hidden Tailor belt began to leave rub sores on my waist. For the plate I use Plate Pro shirt stays that clip into your shin guards. I think they are a great product. On the bases I use Neat Tucks. It is a garter style that wraps around your thigh. The only thing I don't like about the Neat Tucks is clasp that attaches to the shirt. If you are having issues keeping your shirts in, those are two products that I would suggest.
  13. JSam21

    Fair or foul

    I believe only on balls beyond the bases.
  14. JSam21

    Fair or foul

    Put a tent on that play...
  15. JSam21

    Fair or foul

    If it was called foul... Its a foul ball.
  16. Branded on the Sleeves? I know Nike does the player's uniforms... I just don't see any branding on the official's uniforms to indicate that they are actually made by Nike. I've actually found a story from 2012, while Nike had the uniform contract, that states that Honigs was the uniform supplier for the officials.
  17. What sports does Nike do the official’s apparel? I see that they do the NBA ref’s shirts and pants... but the NFL’s aren’t branded.
  18. Under Armour was only going to be doing the on field apparel... They backed out of the contract and Nike takes over next year I believe.
  19. JSam21

    Balk or no

    I didn't even realize I was in the HS section... Legal
  20. JSam21

    Balk or no

    What rule set? That will determine the answer.
  21. Has anyone tried these shirts yet? I have one coming my way tomorrow and just wanted to hear the reviews. I looks like it is vented like the Majestic panel shirt but with the collar and sleeve stripes that a lot of the high school guys use around here.
  22. JSam21


    Why do you fear the technology? It can actually help us be better at our jobs.
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