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  1. That is a very observant outfielder. Yes I would call the runner out on appeal. What I would use to support it is the rule that states all runners must touch the bases in order.
  2. Medium gray is closer to heather grey... It is very noticeable, even from a distance.
  3. You can most certainly have people removed by security or site administration... I'm not actually removing them from the area.
  4. The only time you do is when the safety of the players and officials is at risk.
  5. Probably going to roll with a F3 or just get another Gold.
  6. It’s not going to do anything that would break it down any quicker than normal outside it’s normal time to replace it. I’m about due for a new CP anyway. Will probably have one for the 2021 season
  7. Lysol or some sort of disinfectant spray after every game... Take it out of your bag as soon as you get home and let it breathe.
  8. I would say... probably. The uniform is the uniform.
  9. JSam21


    Its a feint because he didn't throw to the base...
  10. Looks like the weather is going to be MUCH better this year than it was last year. Have fun. Work hard. Learn something.
  11. Well... it is going to come back and bite your team. But if you guys lost... it won’t matter because it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game...
  12. You can’t protest balls and strikes... point blank simple
  13. So if he called the same zone but didn’t say he was you wouldn’t have a problem? Balls and strikes are solely a judgement call regardless of what he says at the plate meeting.
  14. Naw... more proud that I don’t have to work 11u “elite” travel ball.
  15. Ahh you’re one of these guys... how about this. Fly me out to your next tournament. Get me a hotel room and $25 per diem.Pay me my standard $150 7 inning game fee and I will call the plate for you. We will also wave the time limit... Then we will see how much you like the plate called.
  16. Bill... NO ONE and I mean NO one calls just the plate outside of MLB and AAA. Teach your kids to adjust and quit complaining.... You've asked for an answer and you've got it. Either accept it or don't, but quit beating the horse.
  17. The word Elite has been used too many times in this thread to describe 11U baseball...
  18. It reads like the coach was trying to relay signs to R1...
  19. Because football is played one day a week mostly on national networks. Baseball is played every single day mostly on regional sports networks
  20. The 3BC didn't ask for time... They didn't delay anything. Tell the batter to get back in the box and lets go. I wouldn't have charged a conference.
  21. You can't protest a strike zone... swing the bat.
  22. It is obstruction... as for whose call it is... I'm going with the person making the call on the potential play at the base.
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