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  1. You’re correct... I’m not a huge gear junkie because I don’t have the disposable income or space to just have gear laying around. I a guy that finds something that I like and stick with it. It isn’t really like we can demo chest protectors. That being said, I really want to try the Force 3 line of gear. Either the CP or shins will be my next purchase.
  2. If there was only someone who did an umpire podcast...
  3. I'm going to agree with Matt as well... The requirements of the FPSR are for the runner to run away from the fielder. He did that. He then interfered with another play. It doesn't qualify as a FPSR in my opinion but as retired runner interference. The key here is the runner ran away from F6's location. We all agree that we have interference here... Just not on what the penalty would be.
  4. I wash all my uniforms in cold. I have the permanent crease put into the pants so I immediately take them out of the dryer and hang them on a pant hanger from the cuff of the pants and let gravity take out the wrinkles.
  5. The things that get people's ire up on FB is truly humorous. State an obvious fact that ANYONE with any knowledge about the shoes could see and get lit up. Then someone will try to say that a ball that passes first base in foul territory, hits the ground and spins back to hit first base is a fair ball... and some how people will agree with them .
  6. MiLB Manual has it as a no call... No one else covers it..
  7. But it doesn't matter if it would have hit him without the flinch. He made an intentional move towards the baseball.
  8. This became a hot topic of debate on Facebook. It became really easy to see who understood the rule and who didn't.
  9. JSam21

    Mic'd up

    How about this... just ask your state association. If they ok it, inform everyone, both head coaches and your partner that you will be wearing a microphone. There is absolutely no reason to be secretive about it. In fact if I was your partner and you didn’t tell me you were wearing a microphone, it would immediately get you on my block list.
  10. R2 would remain on 3rd but because of the balk and the batter remains at bat with a 3 ball count. The reasoning, The result of the pitch is that the BR is awarded 1st and R2 did not get to 3rd base as a result of the BR being awarded 1st on the walk...
  11. A pitcher does not have to disengage to make an appeal.
  12. It keeps your elbows in. Your outside hand is behind the catcher... The only way it is going to get hit is by a freak deflection.
  13. I will attempt to answer your second question for you. It is all about balance and being comfortable when you are in your stance. Putting your hands behind your back throws off your center of gravity and makes you have to work harder to maintain a stable and consistent platform to view pitches. It also changes your posture and forces you to bend forward at the waist more. When you do that, you are no longer using the big muscles in your legs to set your head height and start using the smaller muscles in your back. That will fatigue you quicker. Now for your hands and arms getting hit. If you are in the proper position, the slot, you are rarely going to be getting hit by balls in exposed areas. I can't tell you the last time that I've been hit in the hand. If you want to wear forearm padding, have at it. Like I said on a recent episode of UmpCast, (available on iTunes, Google Play, Facebook Live), I will never tell someone to not wear something protective if they feel that they need it. I personally do not wear it and would not wear it unless I was protecting an injury. The actual protective return, for me personally, isn't worth the cost for the pad and the discomfort I would get wearing it in the heat. That all being said... taking some shots is part of the gig. We are going to get hit. Just position yourself properly and it will mitigate the severity of those blows.
  14. I actually did this when I was coaching on a pitcher re-entering to pitch. I just came back out after about 7 minutes and told the umpire, "F it... I'm wrong."
  15. We don't go ask the coach what he wants to do. We enforce the CI and then it is up to the OHC to come out and request the result of the play. No he doesn't get to test the water before either choosing to accept the result of the play or taking the penalty.
  16. I believe last time by would take precedent here... I’ve got nothing here. So since he was standing on 3rd after you’ve enforced the penalty, he has retouched.
  17. Great job and call there by the home plate umpire. This exact result was predicted at camps in the fall...
  18. I’m guessing you mean at the amateur level? NCAA D1 World Series NCAA D2 World Series Olympics NAIA World Series
  19. As @Biscuit posted @BT_Blue, I live in St. Louis. This night when I went to bed... It was roughly 60 degrees outside, while in KC it was in the 20s. So we had 3 of the 4 seasons at the same time. Yesterday it was a high of 62 here in STL... Today we are currently at today's high temperature of 24 and expecting 2-4" of snow starting around noon...
  20. Yes I will... I guess I should have stated that I haven't taken part 1 in 2 years.
  21. I'm actually not even offered Part 1 to take the past two years.
  22. I am Part 1 exempt from MSHSAA
  23. I haven't had to take the test the past 2 seasons... Still doing high school games.
  24. The episode where she can’t whistle and she calls Suzy Sheep... is one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen.
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