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  1. I’m sorry, @Aging_Arbiter, did I say what you were going to?
  2. Oh, but that was the feature, Matt (and everyone else)! Wilson had just won a coup, and knocked out two of their chief rivals with Velcro tabs, so why not push even further and showcase the Velcro on everything?? I’ll also say, the difference in build quality – and location – between Wilson and Douglas becomes apparent in the shinguards. Because Douglas is made here in the USA, the plastic on the carapace plates can be denser and the shapes can be... curvier. By contrast, with shipping weight and box volume at a premium for Wilson’s Chinese production facilities, every weight-shaving, pr
  3. 1. The Patent expired. 2. Little ol’ Champion Sports is not the financial threat or rival to Wilson that Riddell, All-American (at the time), and Douglas are/were. What can the WestVest trace its ancestry back to? Football shoulder pads. What did Riddell, All-American, Douglas, Schutt, and Wilson all make for decades? Football shoulder pads. Hundreds of thousands of them. What benefits can be gained by choosing one football shoulder pad company over another? Okay, sure, slight differences in design, or styling, or color... but really, when you’re a college or high school purchasing 10
  4. MadMax

    detached equipment

    And I have black duct tape.
  5. We are a stubborn lot, ain’t we? Just can’t seem to adopt anything new... With TheOfficialsChoice in a commercial coma, my shirt preference on these older styles lies with Honig’s. Their collars are smaller than Smitty’s, and more refined than Cliff Keen, and the torsos are bit... snugger. Slimmer. By default, their sleeves are longer, but again, slimmer. Honig’s used to be the outfitter for all MLB umpires, so they produced their own line of shirts based on what the pro guys would most often request of the Majestic shirts they used. Sleeves were made longer, but less full so as to be ea
  6. Nah, I get heartburn from eating something fast between games & venues, only to arrive at the next venue and my partner implores, “Yeah, can you take the first two plates?” Ugh.
  7. While I completely concur with Trevor ( @tpatience ), and I personally am committed to never wearing a jacket on Plate (Plate Coat, Long sleeve shirt, or die, baby!), there’s a greater topic at play here... Acceptable to who??! I mean, whoever has the credentials or authority to appraise, judge, or determine whether or not your choice, as Plate Umpire, is acceptable – to a completely imaginary and ambiguous standard – or not? I mean, the Fed Rulebook does diefy the Plate Umpire, making him sort of god, so who could possibly object or hold in contempt your stylistic pref
  8. Everitt was one of the first (if not the first, at least the most evident) MLB Umpires to regularly wear a hard hat (what we call a skullcap). Using a conventional, standard skullcap – like the Rawlings CoolFlo – is admirable, but impossible with a FM4K or FM5K (the Mag) because of the geometry. The forehead section of those masks are dramatically more shallow than other masks, such that you’re limited to a 4-stitch hat in there, safely. You’re going to be really risking things with a 6-stitch (I do, and I know it), and you can absolutely fergetaboutit (did I say that right, @conbo61?) on a sk
  9. You haven’t worked High School baseball east of the Mississippi River, have you? I worked with guys that owned one umpire shirt... only. You haven’t worked High School baseball east of the Mississippi River, have you? To quote one: “Navy’s all ya need!” How can you ever be putting on the “wrong color” if all we’ve got are [sic] navy??!! Besides! Navy or black hides the blood! Play on! I know, right??!! Fed’s got a rule for everything! Doesn’t matter if it makes logical sense or not, they got a rule for it! ... and be sure, @Sen
  10. “Wilson’s all ya need.” “Buy for the baseball you want to be doing.” “If the guys in the Bigs use it, it must be right.” Whew! Aren’t we glad that ya came here and talked with us, huh? I think my esteemed fellow gear-geek Wolfe’s got you on the best track for your son’s first few years of umpiring – either a Small Champion P2xx (in your case, it’d be a 13” P220), or a used Wilson Gold in Small (but even this might be a bit hefty). The advantages the Champion have over the Wilson are on width (narrower), bulk (lighter, less superfluous material), and cost (half the price t
  11. While I’m in agreement with your professional sentiment, I’m going to point out that you’re mistaken. There are no “Tom”s here. His name is Tim.
  12. Story of my (umpire-empire) life! You should never have to compromise the fit of gear. As Arik ( @BT_Blue) mentioned, the All-Star System 7 shinguards were made in shorter sizes, but they may not be available for retail purchase anymore since All-Star progressed to the Cobalt line. Would I wear them? Sure! The S7 shins are very good, certainly better fitting and lighter than any of the Wilson shins, but the Force3’s are just that much better, dollar for dollar. Huh! Funny! You found the West Vest to be... what’s that? “Bulky”?... too, huh? Hmmm... must be a characteristic of
  13. If using the NFHS Rule book, use one of the three pages to wipe with? What? In a digital age, Fed can’t be bothered to produce and circulate a digital version? Well, if you’re going to provide me paper, then... Note: I’m not saying that NFHS Rules are for sh!t*, I’m saying the physical, printed book is. We know why they continue to publish it. * I may be implying, but that is inconclusive.
  14. Made my own from a summer weight sport coat w/ box split and custom-made ball pockets: Yeah, we be pimpin'.
  15. Impossible. No work gets done when using Internet Explorer.
  16. It’s not your fault, @Scissors, but All-Star I-Bar LUC mask is not its name. That’s what some lazy bozo on Amazon called it, based solely on the obvious clues on it – made by All-Star, it has these things called I-Bars, and LUC? someone said there’s LUC on there somewhere. It’s actually the legendary FM25. It was originally designed for catchers, featuring rectangular ear guards, a pronounced chin guard that could serve as a throat guard, and a double-wire eyeport. Rawlings and Wilson had competing models. Despite Nike debuting the iconic single-wire Titanium at the turn of the century,
  17. Or alternatively stated: the Wilson Gold [or insert any particular model] ain’t for everybody. ... just because some instructor / trainer / evaluator / mentor said so.
  18. One of my fellow writers on a large Q&A site is a prolific armorer, swords and firearms collector. He replied to a question regarding body armor that is wholly applicable to us as umpires. When purchasing soft body armor, would you choose a slightly bigger size than what the dealer recommends if you want a bit more protection at the expense of comfort and concealment? “I would not recommend that, no. Armor is designed to be worn a specific way. If you are between sizes it may be useful to go with the larger size to accommodate clothing worn under the armor, if any. But if you’re
  19. I have no way of knowing, but my gut leads me to believe that all the "issues" attributed and affiliated to COVID, +POS might be done for good. The last transaction I did with him was April of 2019, and to fulfill it, I emailed him and got a phone call back. I'm PM'ing you the email address that last worked.
  20. Please don't look at it as a fixed number. Best way to go into that, or any "hiring" event, is to think that they might have a position, and "I'm going to do the best job I'm capable of" to compel someone to make a judgement or choice. If they favor what you're doing and the potential you carry, they'll find a job for ya. I have before, and may go again, depending on how in panic over the specter of COVID our society is still acting. I might be in the middle of a (delayed) soccer season, or part of the organizational group preparing for (fingers crossed!) an actual high school a
  21. You get scrimmage fees?! Lu-ucky.
  22. Pssssst... @Umpire in Chief... I call dibs on Maven's share of the Ad Revenue dividends then! Heh, I'd be just like an (most) assigner(s)...
  23. Won’t be solved. Identifying the problem doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. There is no financially justifiable way to fund the installation of lights and other accoutrements (locker rooms / changing rooms) for a sport wherein the season of sanctioned competition is only 2-3 months. Then, if you install any of those features, you must double it because of Title IX (I’m not against equal treatment & opportunities for both sexes; I’m against Title IX’s draconian enforcement on a near line-item to line-item basis). Football benefits from being played on a surface that can be shared
  24. “A” is the only (valid) way! Incidentally, C & D are not only incorrect, but their incorrectness verifies that calling a batter / batter-runner out for a slung/flung bat is, too, incorrect! Fighting is an ejectable offense. Leaving your position to provoke or engage in a fight, is an ejectable offense. Neither of these negates the play for what it was. To invoke either C or D would be incorrect, no different than just Making Sh!t Up, right? Right? Right. Slinging (or, more appropriately, repeatedly slinging) a bat (especially after being warned) is an ejectable offe
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