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  1. It has little to do with the West Vest patent, and more to do with the "Exclusive Supplier to MLB" designation that Wilson grabbed / has been granted by MLB. The patent knocked out Riddell and All-American, and effectively handcuffed Douglas, but for +POS, Carlucci and Honig's, the damage comes in the form of an international corporation muscling in on the "gear catalog". Yes, we acknowledge that the foot-and-a-half of real estate that is the PU's face and upper chest on a televised baseball game is one of the most valued segments in televised sports, but the likely more impactful effect is th
  2. If you were to stand next to Ted Barrett, and then factor in he wears a bespoke Carlucci... ... the third button on that plate coat is necessary. And unless it's 80º+ at 7:00pm in Minnesota, about 3 weeks from now, I will be wearing my WakeWear Plate Coat on Opening Night*.
  3. And you shouldn't have to. They're the overlords of EvoShield, and 20+ year possessors of the most treasured position and piece of real estate in our little corner of the world (umpiring), and cannot be bothered to develop, progress, or improve their products. It's loathsome and shameful. The whole reason for Team Wendy's existence is a scientific pursuit to mitigate, reduce, or eliminate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Dan Moore founded his company after the tragic death of his daughter Wendy following a TBI incurred while skiing. What he noted was that even existing helmets with their
  4. My opinion is that this is due to COVID-management, and that it is (or would be) an absolute nightmare in attempting to reschedule a game to be continued at a later time / date / venue. The whole reason for the Protest was a rightful recourse for a club to appeal to the League office, first via telegraph, then via telephone, then via wireless communications... now we have modern network communications, where the League office can (or should be able to) react to a Protest virtually in real time! It may seem incredibly awkward to have to coordinate a Ruling via a network connection, and th
  5. On this topic of U3K, here’s what I have implemented, and consistently performed for the past six years... from when I participated in a MLBU Day Camp and subsequently relocated here to Phoenix. Every catcher older than 12 that I’ve worked with has heard how I call – or more aptly, don’t call – an U3K. During warm-up pitches, I say two simple things to the catcher. I don’t say anything about protecting me, or framing, or what kind of pitches the F1 is trying to throw; I was a catcher myself for 16 years, I’ve heard (just about) everything. The first is, “If you’ve got that last strike as
  6. Wow. Well... I think George summed it up beautifully.
  7. 2 other details from the video (1 is a professional pet-peeve of mine): Watch the U3 in particular... the ball is/was a Foul ball, was it not? Now, it’s not necessary to mechanic / signal Foul when a batted ball is that obviously Foul. However – what is the ball’s status now? Dead! Who is the only person who can make a (new) ball Live again? PU! So why are you calling / signaling “Time!” (to get together to conference) when the ball is already dead??!! Are you, as an umpire, supposed to know what the status of the ball is at all times??!! Sure, you can tell me it’s “habit”, but it’s a
  8. Both of the Pro schools are in Florida, where it’s hot, humid, and bright, color-fading sunny skies. All three work against poly-wools. As such, I would recommend getting a set of either the Davis-by-Fechheimer Poly-spandex pants or the Smitty Poly-spandex just before you depart for school. These two brands have the deep charcoal color the Pros use. By getting them within days or a week of classes starting, they’ll look “perfect”, devoid of fading or bruises... which we all tend to get working soooo many games. I actually keep a set of Smitty poly-spandex pants at the back of the closet,
  9. Hence why Rule Citations posted without context, explanation, or interpretation don’t necessarily “solve the problem”.
  10. This is missing something. If we take it verbatim and sacrosanct, then a pitch in the dirt that ricochets off the catcher first, then caroms or rolls to touch the batter should be a HBP and the ball should be(come) dead. Right? Read the citation again. According to the vernacular of this section, a coach/manager/batter has a case for HBP if that spiked pitch bounces off the catcher’s CP and subsequently hits (touches) the batter’s helmet, or shoulder, or foot... I mean, according to the Rules, it’s still a pitch! The catcher hasn’t secured it! ——— I know full
  11. Oh, what I would give to know which state this was in! I would be sending this video to the state association repeatedly, not so much to embarrass the 3 umpires per se, but definitely to embarrass an association that, by indications, appears to be rewarding playoff games on some valuation other than competency!! This play/non-play violates the fundamentals of base/softball. If this doesn’t scream “Protest!!”, I don’t know what does.
  12. Or worse, a Balk... called (typically) by a PU that feels he was deceived. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. You cannot make a/the ball Live unless it is sitting in the F1’s possession. Thus, it is impossible to have a HBT out of a Dead Ball. Do your job (better).
  13. Can’t ignore it. Why did you announce it? What led you to believe that it was, mistakenly, 3-1? A heavily recommended practice is to announce only on the 3rd and 5th pitch – 3-0, 2-1, 1-2 and 3-2. Additionally, we should be announcing any time there is a change in status on the bases – a steal is attempted, a backpick is attempted (from F2, post-pitch), or a Runner is successfully picked off. This change of status includes Balks... we should give the count if/after a Balk is called. It needs to be pointed out, you need to keep the count straight, especially with two strike
  14. As the others have said, no, it is not legal. However, be really, really careful about this. Some earpieces that you might suspect are earbuds for a radio transceiver are actually modern, discreet hearing aides... Which are legal, and cannot be discriminated against nor barred from use.
  15. MadMax


    No, I’m addressing the two Guests specifically, and their linking this to Fed rules. There is only one type of OBS in Fed, and that’s... OBS. What I’m trying to illustrate is that we cannot simply see an act, in words on a screen or a page in a manual, and judge OBS... like it seems Fed wants us to do.
  16. Here it comes! You all know what I’m about to launch into a rant about! Ahem. HOW MUCH LONGER are we, the umpire community and especially Major League Baseball Umpires, going to continue to tolerate and excuse Wilson’s inability, failure, ineptitude, and abject refusal to improve their protective products???!!! I emphatically hope and pray that Jerry Layne is alright, and has all his faculties about him... but I’m willing to wager significant money that if he was wearing a Force3 Defender, or an All-Star FM5K (with the reinforced pads), or even Team Wendy pads, he’s leaving tha
  17. MadMax


    We’re missing a key component on successfully adjudicating this play, and wisely judging it. Where is the ball? Right, it is closer to 2B than the BR is. If the contact hadn’t occurred, would BR be on his way to 2B? Common baseball sense emphatically says “No”. Now, if F6 was to make a backpick throw to 1B/F3 so as to (try to) tag out BR, then yes, we’ve got grounds to award 2B to BR on that OBS. Otherwise if no advantage is gained or lost, then why must we enforce OBS and penalize? Think about this further... what’s keeping a BR from aggressively rounding 1B on a routi
  18. 3 spring assemblies = V2. The V1 had 4 spring assemblies, and as such, was heavier.
  19. MadMax

    What's the ruling?

    Shaun, Jim's not trying to "make you out to be an idiot". Jim subscribes to the sacrosanct-ness of the Rules, which is if there is INT, then there must be (somebody) Out. And, in the Fed rulebook especially, we (umpires, the rules) penalize to prevent. Why is Obstruction a mandatory 1-base award, even for something as "innocuous" as faking a tag, or blocking off 1B on a pickoff attempt? Because the penalty's drastic weight is to deter repetition or future occurrences. Same here for this interpreted or perceived INT. If we merely kill it, and (re-)place R3 back on 3B again, what's to deter a Re
  20. I'd favor this over @Thunderheads's vaunted Douglas WV. Thinner, too.
  21. MadMax

    Does The Run Count

    The difference between OBR and NFHS that I'm snidely referring to has nothing to do with this play, a time play, a force play, a scoring play... or any play for that matter. The difference is the dynamic between PU and the BU(s), and how NFHS deifies the PU as "The Final Word". Many, many of our fellow umpires take this as some kind of god-complex, and hide their deficiencies in rules knowledge, ignorance, or ineptitude in this magnificent blue cloak that sounds like, "I'm the umpire in charge, it's my game, what I say is the way it shall be!" The whole time, the "lowly sidekick" BU
  22. MadMax

    Does The Run Count

    Okay, thank goodness this wasn't NFHS Rules... So which Umpire were you (Plate Umpire, or a/the Base Umpire)? Was this a 3- or 4- man crew? If this was still 2-man, what or who designated the JW-type guy as Crew Chief? I'm not saying that you, TShaw87, are mistaken or at fault... quite the opposite. However, this is a mistake or misapplication of the Rules, and if this guy – this JW-type – is getting a Rule wrong, he has no business being a Crew Chief. Furthermore, he's "strong-arming" the crew (whether it be 2, 3, 4 or 6) and insisting that he's right on a/the Rule despite memb
  23. MadMax


    Can’t make that case for A. Oh sure, for B and C, that case can – and indeed, should – be made for INT because that contact – between the F2 covering an overthrow in Foul Territory and a coach (or other game participant who shouldn’t be where he is) – affects the subsequent play of BR advancing to 2B. However, that same contact has no bearing whatsoever on the play upon BR at 1B, and whether or not he is safe. Additionally, @lawump did not specify as to which club the interjecting coach belongs; while unlikely, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the bench coach belongs
  24. Here's one that boggles my mind, and propels me into that "mad" realm between annoyed and infuriated. How does one become a better at something? Practice and repetition. How does one, more specifically, become better at being a catcher? Practice and repetition. So why in the hell does LL institute a limit on being a catcher??!? A catcher's "throw limit", if you will??!! ... and, I'll state now, I am dismissing and ignoring any answers regarding "fairness" or "competitive balance". If ya want to bring up the health of these kids' arms, then either A) get them out of their hous
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