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  1. Ditto ... site is under attack?
  2. Ehhh ... @beerguy55I agree with your point about a deflected ball ... it may not necessarily be an initial play. However, in the video it was a play IMO ... the pitcher kicked his foot out at the ball. Maybe not an error, but a conscious movement to get the ball.
  3. In OBR, the fielder is protected any time he is making a play on the ball. He’s not protected recovering on an error, but regains protection once he is again in the act of fielding. Fed makes the logical argument “Why protect a fielder who made an error causing the ball to enter the runner’s path, and is now chasing the ball into the runner’s path?” I can see the logic in both versions.
  4. I haven’t read the article yet, but from the posts here there is SO much “wrong” in this ... As a league, you don’t say “you can’t score over 30 points”, you say “GAME OVER”. Agreed on coaches should be playing the “B” Squad the whole game when they know they have games like this in EVERY sport. A five-year old ... I just don’t even know where to start with that ...
  5. Unfortunately, yes, there are umpires who buy in. Like @maven, I don’t believe in calling that “framing”. Moving the glove around is “selling” in my terminology (though I like “pulling” as maven called it). Framing, IMO, is along the lines maven described, but I add a bit to my definition. It is the whole setup of the catcher and the “frame” that the catcher builds for the umpire to look at/through ... including where the mitt is, how far out the arm extends, where the catcher sets up (forward/backward and side-to-side), etc. Moving your glove around is not framing. Picture frames don’t move around on the wall and try to convince you grandma is a bikini model.
  6. They said “Don’t umpire beer leagues”.
  7. That second part is my answer. Take it up with the “League Office” as a protest. If they want to replay it later, that’s their prerogative. The umpire controls the game on the field, not league administrative errors.
  8. I don’t think @WilsonFlyer meant the OP specifically ... I think he was referring to “house rules” in general. I agree with that 100%. It’s mainly in rec leagues where they concoct these rules to address a problem, but they rarely consider what other problems they create or what other rules they break. The rulebook isn’t going to fix those problems.
  9. No pointing in volleyball either. “Karate chop” hand, no loose fingers. When you signal the ball “in” after awarding a point, the motion should always be the same (down and at an angle) and towards the same spot (attack line) regardless of where the ball hit the floor, not pointing. Never point.
  10. Customer service 101 ...never point. Always “karate chop” like @yawetag’s volleyball diagram. (Side note: If you see somebody point with two fingers, odds are they worked for Disney.)
  11. So his mother and father can relive their high school glory days ... Oh, and it’s going to pay for his college.
  12. Looking back, the OP never mentioned the reason for posing the question. Conversation just drifted towards intentional walks. No, you can’t pull the goalie.
  13. Assuming the fly ball was caught ... appeal play. If it dropped ... tag play.
  14. A closed hand? You mean a fist. Yeah, that’s less intimidating.
  15. Wait a minute, I thought this was about intentional walks ... are you pulling the goalie!?
  16. That was the case play I was thinking of. Thank you @Senor Azul!
  17. Kind of funny that an action that takes less time is considered a delay.
  18. Now that I said that ... I may be thinking softball. I thought NFHS had it and a baseball case play where F5 “cuts off” a pitch and tries to throw out a runner stealing ... but I cannot find anything. Disregard, I may have been imagining that.
  19. While that may be literally correct ... No. Don’t go looking for justification for something to call. A runner is assumed to have touched a base until there is an appeal. There is a proper penalty/process for trailing runners if a runner is called out for missing a base on appeal. Use that. Logic: since there is a defined and specific penalty/process you should not be applying something else that could be applied in theory.
  20. NFHS Rule 1 Players, Field and Equipment SECTION 1 POSITIONS OF PLAYERS ART. 4 . . . At the time of the pitch, all fielders shall be on fair ground except the catcher who shall be in the catcher's box. A fielder is in fair ground when at least one foot is touching fair ground. Rule 2 Playing Terms and Definitions SECTION 9 CATCH, CATCHER, CATCHER’S BOX ART. 3 . . . The catcher’s box is an area 43 inches by 8 feet. See official measurements in Diagram 2. OBR
  21. Which is what I said ... There is a difference between “helping him up” and “pushing him back”.
  22. The wording was weird (plus a typo), so not so obvious. I don’t know of any runner that is going to slide, miss home, know that he missed it, get up, and then go back to touch the plate. They generally are crawling, sprawling, and brawling to get back ...
  23. Except he is no longer a runner ... and then assistance doesn’t matter.
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