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  1. Not spending that much ... but I have fantasized about an electronic indicator that has a timer built into it.
  2. After 10 years of being cheap and stingy (and getting most of the kids out of the house) I am starting to spend more money on better gear. I agree it isn’t much in the grand scheme, but when you are used to spending $5 that lasts 2-3 seasons ... Then again, I look at money spent on more foolish things ...
  3. The same way it calls a strike that bounces through the zone.
  4. I suppose there is a factor we hadn’t discussed, in hand with @Senor Azulposting the rule ... What is the outcome? If he is over there trying to take flight and nobody is paying any attention to him, it’s hard to say there is any harm being done. If he is over there auditioning for the Flying Wallendas AND it is causing a commotion with the crowd or team feeding off of it ... different story.
  5. Just to add to this enthralling parade of shrugs and emphatic points to the rule book ... 😉 If an umpire is calling 50% when the expected number is 80% ... he is missing 37.5% of the calls, not 30%.
  6. Just to add to this enthralling parade of shrugs and emphatic points to the rule book ... 😉 If an umpire is calling 50% when the expected number is 80% ... he is missing 37.5% of the calls, not 30%.
  7. Don’t ask what happens when the runner takes a lead in the outfield, F3 is not “holding on the bag”, and the pitcher throws to F3 for pickoff attempt ... 🤪
  8. Finally, a mask @MadMax will approve with my powder blue shirts! 😁 Hmmm ... @JimKirk ... any chance Ump-Attire will match this? I think I'm willing to bite on both just for fun.
  9. I can understand the many here who don't have an issue with it, but I don't agree. This isn't an automatic reaction from me, but there is one facility that I work that the TD expressly puts it in the information that goes out to teams and the UIC expressly tells us do not allow it. Warn, eject ... and carry your warning over from previous games. I can't say I agree with all that either. There are the ones who do it as an occasional emotional expression, and I get that. You might get one of those good quips from me or just a "hey, knock it off." However, you have those who are non
  10. I use the 4-dial Champro that @ArchAngel72 posted. I have to replace them every couple of years due to the ridges wearing down and just general gunk build-up (sweat, sunblock, and dirt). I had been getting them from our USA rep for $5. I’ve eyeballed the All-Star a few times, @kylehutson, but that price tag has always held me back. Call me odd, but I have always wanted to start collecting indicators. Not sure what odd ones are out there. I remember seeing a blue “see through” plastic one a few years back at a clinic, but I’ve never come back across it since.
  11. Well, if that banger goes against the coach we can look forward to the posts that start “I should have known when the goober showed up with ONE GREY ball bag that we were going to get screwed … sure enough, Blind Bob missed the call at the plate by six miles. Now all my kids, knowing that loss will prevent them from full D1 rides to pay for college, have turned to a life of crime and drugs. One grey ball bag? Jeesh. He couldn’t even see to get dressed!” But you do get full approval for posting hot younger Marissa Tomei, not to be confused with hot older Marissa Tomei.
  12. Yay! I was worried about you @Senor Azul! I think I finally reached an internal understanding on my issue with these interpretations. I don't know why it was this one that helped me put the pieces together ... While I fully agree with the ruling Mr. Wendelstedt and Mr. Childress offer, I have trouble seeing it as an interpretation rather than an instruction. Mr. Wendelstedt says "call 'em out" but provides no logic or guidance on how he arrives at that interpretation. It does not help umpires interpret rules, it just directs them on an outcome.
  13. But it looks so handy! 🙄 Wait, maybe Data?
  14. Absolutely a great ball bag and especially for that price. I replaced my navy ones a few years ago with a set of these and it is the only ones I have bought since (needed a black pair). As others have mentioned, lots of space and the expanding aspect means they are well built for not just holding balls, but holding them in place when you move (as opposed to those bags that taper). I've been very impressed with the durability and quality -- no sun fading, no loose stitching, and they clean up in the wash with my shirts and pants.
  15. Huh ... MLB is lacking on that one. As @maven stated, the on deck hitter's actions are not expressly forbidden. 5.09(b)(13), the only place I am finding actions by a "member of his team" (i.e., not a runner, not a coach) expressly states it is for interfering with a fielder's attempt on a thrown ball. I cannot believe the intent is to allow assistance by non-game participants though. I know we have our purists who believe "if it isn't written ..." (which, IMO, is obviously negated by the clause allowing umpires to rule on scenarios not covered in the book). I argued against usin
  16. I certainly would not expect that at that level.
  17. If you have a local league that you can work with one guy and never have a problem, all the more power to you. In general, my thought is it sounds like a problem when you can't find umpires. It sounds like a problem when the number one reason is 'umpires are sick of the treatment they get.' Sounds like a problem that wasn't caused by umpires. Sounds like a problem that isn't an umpire's problem. Sounds like a problem that somebody should work on a good solution to. As umpires, our contributions to that solution are: to not put up with the treatment (from fans to TDs) ...
  18. @SeeingEyeDog -- All great advice! I'd like to take something you said a little further ... DO NOT WORK GAMES SOLO as a standard practice. I won't say "never" because things happen, but I implore umpires to make a practice of declining games that are contracted solo. My last game of the summer (14u state tournament), I drove home in full umpire gear because we were escorted off the field, out of the park, and onto the highway by police. I considered stopping at a gas station to take it off, but I didn't trust that somebody from the game wouldn't stop there. Fortunately I only had a 15
  19. Matt, for a change, this isn't to challenge your post ... can you point to any data source? That is something that has always interested me. Edit: Sorry, I may have misread your post. If you were talking about society in general, disregard. I thought you were talking about stats on sports officials.
  20. This may be a controversial take ... but that's easy to say when you are the guy getting a free extra hour for your money instead of working a pointless extra hour for no money. I agree with you that an umpire shouldn't lie about the time. One second? Sorry man, most of the time I'm telling you "game over." In my experience, the games that run over rarely do so because they are a good game that went extra innings. I won't say never. However, in my experience, easily 90% of games that run over do so because they are a blowout with the "wrong home team" and that team didn't manage to p
  21. I could be wrong ... but it seems the arm point (or the "Run Dummy Signal") was a huge part of the problem. The announcers, the coaches, and the players incorrectly took the arm point as the strike call and the hammer as the out. When the batter saw the umpire giving the "Run Dummy Signal", he took off. Again, if there is going to be a uniform signal in a code, there needs to be a uniform signal in a code. You can't have some umpires doing this and some doing that.
  22. ... and that is part of the culture of the game that needs to change. I am not talking about coach coming out and asking about a call or presenting what they think/hope happened. The practice of allowing them to act like an idiot UP TO A POINT needs to change. If the culture of hate towards umpires is going to change, that is a place where it needs to start.
  23. It was such a high-profile controversy ... that ... it ... uh ... when was it? Where was it? 😉 In other words, EVERYTHING is a high-profile controversy until the next thing happens. We MUST react swiftly, strongly, and with auth ... oooh ... look at that bullsh!t! [redirects outrage] (Not a dig at you @noumpere, I promise!) I don't object to there being a signal ... but the "Run Dummy Wars" over which mechanic needs to be fixed. Honestly, I don't even care if each code has a different mechanic. My issue is that many codes have NO mechanic while umpires insist on using one.
  24. Which echoes my objection to using the words “This is your warning …”. It leads one to incorrectly infer there is an acceptable and expected amount of arguing.
  25. Wasn’t sure which area to put this in … don’t know any details, but this was posted on the softball forum I frequent.
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