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  1. Oh no, I wasn't criticizing the multiple posts . . . I like real time findings! They help show a person's thought process! 😁
  2. I like all the citations that are descriptive of actually making a play (i.e., including the throw) rather than limiting to just the process of picking up the ball. That is practical and realistic. Now, we need to get the contradictory language cleaned up in the rule books . . .
  3. Make it super difficult? Why are we making it anything? There is nothing objectionable in either picture. If picture B reduces glare, picture A should be doing an even better job and providing a safer environment. Is there a study proving otherwise? Is there a study even proving eye black works? Well, more studies actually show it doesn't work. For a list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_black Still waiting for the first blown up incident of telling a kid he can't paint a cross under his eyes. The sportsmanship rules were sufficient. This is ignorant over-reaching and self-justification. When will we get rules stating uniforms can only be white with plain, Arial font writing? These bright and colorful uniforms are encouraging tribalism and poor sportsmanship. Besides, they are distracting.
  4. I was particularly wondering about the collarbone, as it doesn't look like it conforms very much there. Looks like a whole lot of open space.
  5. I'm with @Jimurray. The batter stops and allows the catcher to pass, which, IMO, gives him opportunity to decide if he is going in front or behind. He chose to go in front. An opportunity to decide = intent.
  6. I know that is a Holy Grail and this is going to sound like sacrilege: it just doesn't impress by look. How protective is it?
  7. Therein lies the problem. I totally understand and agree that safety should be the number one priority for NFHS rules. These rules are not about safety. They are about branding. When organizations start playing that stupid game, the game suffers. @johnnyg08, I am not poking at you, I am poking at your state association. What design or size becomes not about the designed purpose? One stripe? Two stripes? One stripe 2 inches wide? One stripe 4 inches wide? Does the stripe have to be horizontal or can it be vertical? Does it have to be black or are colors allowable? If I use face paint instead of eye black, then it actually IS the designed purpose. Can somebody point me to the shortstop who was killed because a line drive hit him on the top of the head while he was looking down at his play card? Or the wristband packages that says it is designed to be worn in the back pocket?
  8. But what are they saying? Are they claiming it is a rules violation, or lumping it in with sportsmanship? If the former, what rule? If the latter, what is their guideline? Just wondering, because the hills they are choosing to die on over the last few years are ridiculous and pushing me closer to hanging it up. I want to be the best damned umpire I can be. This stuff? Little Bobby has on too much makeup! No, coach, that lineup card sticking 12 inches out of his back pocket counts as a hit by pitch, but the little SOB damned well better NOT put it on his belt again, or I have to toss you both. Yes, coach, the electronic communication rule is designed to be fair and equitable to affluent schools. None of that is not going to make me a good umpire. If I can't be empowered to be good, I'd rather not go out and be bad by their methods.
  9. Nope, nope, seems as if he has this. He doesn't need advice from professionals, people with advanced degrees, and people who have done this before. He has a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD study that says it is better. Surely there have been no technological advancements since then, and Team Wendy has just been coasting on its laurels. @Umpiresrock74 I am sorry that you thought our advice was an attempt to tell you that you shouldn't do this. Guess you don't want to listen to the advice of others that this business is about relationship building, either. You know better. You got this. Best of luck. Go be a disruptor. Oooh . . . maybe you should just lease out the padding with a monthly subscription plan! My previous post was a serious attempt to help you. Now I need to include this:
  10. My only guess is that most of them are not made in America, and not all languages read right to left. I'm still wondering why numbered dials to look at are even still a thing.
  11. If it is written properly, this should be the case. In my short time in government, we used the term "lowest responsible bid," meaning they had to prove they could deliver AND they had to prove the product was responsibly built. Sadly, I came to a board that (before me) often forgot to require a delivery time on those contracts. We were still waiting for a simple project (roofing of a garage) four years later, and our attorney would not let us serve notice to cancel the contract because the previous board had put no delivery date or deadline. (I still vehemently disagree with that decision. I motioned to put the contract back out for bid and dared the contractor sue us so he could explain to a judge why he had not completed a one-day job over four years later.)
  12. So true, so true. Also, another thing in that "what does it mean" category is what does that mean? What is that foam designed to do? I don't need something that is designed to stop bullets (which are meant to penetrate with their impact), I need something designed to stop baseballs (which are meant to "punch" in their impact). All impacts are not the same.
  13. Add me to the same list @The Short Umpire is on: you are asking the wrong question and would have a brutal time getting a business plan approved by asking that first. The first question is how much do you need to cover costs? Then, how much do you need to make so that it is worth your time? Then you can figure out if umpires will pay that. Then you can figure out if they will pay more than that. You said "ideally." Ideally, I wouldn't have to pay for it. That would be ideal. "Like top line military grade padding." I don't need top line padding. I need something that dissipates or absorbs force, not something that keeps the strap from rubbing on my shoulder. Like @wolfe_man, I admire and appreciate what you are up to . . . just trying to offer some advice from the business side as opposed to the umpire side. You need to be an expert, not the door-to-door salesman who picked up surplus stock and has a great opportunity selling monkeys. (Sorry, just listened to a podcast and learned that Jim Jones was a door-to-door monkey salesman at one point. Yeah, that whole thing is just weird on so many levels that it is fascinating.)
  14. While I whole-heartedly endorse the indicator @wolfe_man posted above, I am assuming the OP means BALL --> STRIKE (as opposed to STRIKE --> BALL).
  15. . . . and there is the flaw. Case plays should teach us how to apply the rules, not replace the rules.
  16. I gave this a like . . . then I double-checked the OP . . . on a ball caught by the RIGHT fielder?!
  17. "Fielding the ball" and "catching a throw" are two different things (yes, I know MLB uses the term "field the throw" at home plate, but still no), and the conflagration that occurred to "allow" blocking the base was ignorant. Blocking the base should have NEVER been acceptable as it most certainly impedes a runner. The notion that providing a path, even it is not the runner's chosen path is NOT impeding was an exercise in mental gymnastics to justify stupidity. Even more fun was the calculations and quantum physics that went into determining just how much of the base could be blocked . . .
  18. As for the OP question . . . I'm guessing you are referring more to style, but I would advise guys to think about what jacket they need weather-wise. I've never gone for a thermal (heavier weight) despite being in Central Illinois. I figure I can add layers of just about anything underneath. Some guys want the heavier "coat" rather than a jacket. I've usually gone with the standard half-zips shown above. This past year, I acquired the "MLB-style" all-black pullover with the zip off sleeves. Even found and picked up navy ones (sorry Max) for softball. I really like this extremely versatile light-weight pullover, but I wish they were a little more durable. I had a seem tear after two or three uses.
  19. I have never seen navy with light-blue and white epaulettes NOT considered softball. Black with light blue is baseball (although UA lists it as softball).
  20. @834k3r . . . love the added touch of the matching Mizuno logo. That TP just looks so damned right on the ASM.
  21. Why is the base umpire calling a foul ball with a runner on second base? 🙈🙊
  22. Situation 11 -- I would say that the coach actively relaying a conversation to the team through the catcher IS the coach being involved in the conference. Charge it. Situation 12 -- So . . . we are NOT concerned with fair and equitable use as we claimed a few months ago. Going to be a nit-picky snotball on #17. That's not a situation. It's a question. 😜
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