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    Well the good news is that the SCHSL has not canceled high school sports in South Carolina, yet. So now, thanks to Coronavirus, we have four college umpires working a high school game tonight. The game is scheduled to be played at the Columbia, SC, minor league stadium. We all won't be paid (they only pay for 2 umpires during the regular season), but we said "screw it...we'll divide the money up into fourths. Let's just go have fun!"
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    If you were to see what I write on FB, you would know that I'm a couple things: 1) highly opinionated, and 2) a political animal. (You can't really grow up in the DC area, and not be the second of those, I wouldn't think.) And I know that even clicking the "Quote" button to START a reply - with *me* typing - has the potential to turn this thread into to an utter SH*#show. So I don't want to get too nutty (edit: I wrote like another 6-7 paragraphs, so I may not have hit that target). But even the other day when I first read this paragraph, it ..... gave me pause. I really, really, REALLY disagree with, well, pretty much all of it. This is not "no different" than any of those. It's killing people. And at a rate that is frightening - around 30x what regular flu does. Just now, I took the numbers from the Washington Post, which got them from places like the WHO, the CDC, Johns Hopkins (just to stave off any "yeah, buts") - and the world-wide death rate is around 4.1% right now - that's INSANELY higher than regular flu, or some of the other flus. (For laughs, since our US testing situation is a joke, and it could arguably lower our current death rate by showing how widespread this virus REALLY is, I took out the US numbers, and it was still right about 4.1%.) This SH*# is serious, and should be treated as such. Look, I had the flu this year, too. Mine was about mid-January. I think the swab revealed it was Influenza-B. If you had it in November, I would argue that while you may have had a rough go, it wasn't COVID-19. Even now, AZ doesn't have but 21 cases out of the 7800+ in the US right now, and that's even since it started the exponential increase. You know why the person that resides in the White House finally started taking this a little more seriously? A British scientific group, using data on this specific virus and being experts in disease, its spread and the modeling thereof projected that if the current "la la lal i'm-not-listening-i'm-not-listening" tone of the WH was maintained, the death toll on this could reach 2.2 MILLION. That number starts to approach 1% of the total US population, to state the obvious. Even finally starting to get more ambitious, that effort might only knock the toll in half, to 1.1 million. Now, I hope they're wrong, and wrong to a major scale, but I'm not so sure they are, since it still seems people aren't reeeeeeally taking this fully seriously. As a high risk candidate - not REAL old yet, but I have diabetes, my thyroid has been impacted for years by an autoimmune thing (controlled by taking hormones), and I had the cancer and chemo thing a year and a half ago - I'm taking this seriously. A week ago, I didn't WANT to, just because I still wanted the season to keep going. But the more information that's out there - not the breathless manner in which it's portrayed, but the actual WORDS AND DATA that are said - means this still can go terribly pear-shaped. So please don't say the word crisis in quotes, or otherwise make this sound like it's designed to remove the current occupant of the WH, or cow the population, or lead us to that One World Order, or whatever. This is a problem. And got the potential to go from problem to A Real Problem. We'll get past it as a species - inexplicably, we always seem to - but this could be a rough go. This is all I'll write. But evidently, that had been pent up.
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    Best I can offer at this time. I have very few photos of me working and not totally sure were they are even at if I knew. But this is my son on my first Father's Day almost 4 years ago. His mom, unknown to me, cobbled together a pretty darn accurate umpire uniform for him to wear.
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    LL in our area is closed until at least 4/6, per the recommendation of LL HQ. HS - My son's district has cancelled all games, but they can practice. Many other districts are cancelling, or they are currently moving to a 'no fans in attendance' policy, although in the next week or so, I bet that changes. As for the hysteria... if our media could stop being a debate channel and get back to actual reporting of facts, and if our leaders could stop bickering and actually lead, much of the hype surrounding these events could be quelled. As it is, the lack of information, conflicting information or just passing of bad/poor information is driving people to react, thus the fun at the local Target or Costco. Stay safe.... wash your hands and wait for the zombie apocalypse.
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    Look, we can get this done - we're ALL gonna have a lot of free time on our hands soon, the way this is playing out. @beerguy55, I'll take south-central Texas, and just door-knock - always remaining 6' away from everyone I talk to, of course. Let's get a sign-up sheet going, fellas!
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    No spectators were allowed to attend the Varsity HS game I worked today. It was the best crowd I have ever had at a game.
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    Maybe I'm too long in the tooth to have fun anymore? Is it wrong of me to just be in the camp of simply running the kid and moving on with the rest of the game?
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    Please do...my first thought when I saw the title was "What did they get wrong this time?"
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    Absolutely! Had a reverse angle framed too!
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    SWMBO was watching the news this morning..............and our conversation was short and sweet SWMBO: How can West Virginia have ZERO reported cases of COVID-19? Me: Moonshine
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    These are now on order in black and in grey. Hope to have them in next week or the following. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I'd get the Robert Kraft autographed model. (sorry, I'll take my bench restriction now.........)
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    Boomer? My parents are Boomers, Stu. I'm Gen-X. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig difference.
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    I need your permission to use this photo, please. I want to use it to demonstrate to "new" umpires that yes, even a toddler knows to wear their umpire hat bill forward.
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    Tony C., what all the others have told you is correct because it is actually in the rule book (bold emphasis added)— 2019 OBR Definitions of Terms (Catch) Comment: A catch is legal if the ball is finally held by any fielder, even though juggled, or held by another fielder before it touches the ground. Runners may leave their bases the instant the first fielder touches the ball. A fielder may reach over a fence, railing, rope or other line of demarcation to make a catch. He may jump on top of a railing, or canvas that may be in foul ground. No interference should be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing, rope or into a stand to catch a ball. He does so at his own risk. This rule did not enter the rule book until 1920. Prior to that the rule was that runners after returning to their original base (retouching or tagging up) could try to advance as soon as the ball had been “settled into the hands of a fielder.” Umpires took that phrase to mean that a ball had to be firmly secured before a runner was free to tag up and try to advance.
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    I have samples being made right now based on the old Mcdavid design
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    Need to tell "EBAY" if that's the case ........ they'll care then! That's flat out misrepresentation!
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    Perhaps this cartoon was the inspiration for the name of this website? Check out the book that Bullwinkle is reading about 12 seconds into the video. And, of course, that is Bullwinkle J. Moose performing as his alter ego Mr. Know-It-All.
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    Got a text from a buddy last night. Says he starts his new job as a tail gunner on a Charmin truck today.
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    There's no force play either way, catch or not. If BR is out on the catch, no force play. If out for passing, also no force play. Note that, if it's a catch, then R1 must still retouch, even if the BR is out for passing before the fielder catches the ball.
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    There's no doubt it's real. Unfortunately, it's been blown WAAAAAYYYYYYYY out of proportion, to the point where we now have absolute pandemonium among the population. People are acting as though this is apocalypse and while it's for 'real' .... the panic is ABSURD. Again, ... REAL, ...but the reaction is absurd. Thanks media. Don't believe me, don't agree.... fine. Just let me know how you're next shopping trip to Target/Costco, or ANYWHERE for that matter goes.
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    In addition to this, NJSIAA is carrying over this year’s dues and fees to next year.
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    I did use cue cards one game with my team to get a point across - too many incidents of missed signs...so, I did this one game to ensure there were no excuses. Funny thing is, for the first half of the game the other team wouldn't believe the signs. One other time i gave my signs, the batter did the "twirl the finger" universal sign language for "do that again please"...after three attempts I finally said "for crying out loud, just bunt".
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    I think you need to call balls and strikes from behind the mound...
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    Alright, you asked... Impact #1, Wednesday afternoon, High School Varsity game, RHB... inside fastball, batter lunged back, catcher didn't put anything on it... direct hit (and it was bigger pre-ice... The "after" photos are during the exam at Urgent Care, so about 2 hours post-facto: The next night, I was on Bases for a High School Varsity game, and iced it right before the game, and immediately after. Impact #2 came on that Friday, midday, for a NAIA College DoubleHeader... I'm on Plate for the first one. RHB, foul ball, and I'm damn lucky I rolled my hand off my knee as the pitch was inbound, because you can see where it impacted. It missed the catcher completely: You can see where my hand rests – right in that cove of the C-shaped bruise (which is actually drainage)... Because I'm doing pretty much a Plate game per day, I rest my hand on that spot... which forces the draining blood away, out and down, resulting in that sickening shape. So too in that game, as Impact #2.5, I took a foul ball direct to the mask that knocked the mask off, and left a "burn" on my chin. Didn't hurt, but that impact sure did startle me, and everybody else. The next day, Saturday, we're doing the third game of the series, but I'm on Bases, because my partner took pity on me (thanks Joey). Day after that, Sunday, I've got 5 games of USSSA 13-year old baseball to do. I am requested to do 3 plates, and on the 1st game (3rd game of the 5 overall), I get a Impact #3... Of course, it's a kid zipping to a 0-2 count and then wanting to throw a curveball, which he spikes at 57 feet and the catcher gets nothing on it: I finish the day without further incident, and take the photos that evening. The next day, Monday, I am doing the plate on the 3rd High School game of the day for me (Arizona started their Open Invite Tournament series), 2nd Plate game, and I get a skipper on the inside that spikes at 59', rattles off the catcher, and caroms off my left thigh – again – much to my consternation. Impact #4. Then, that night, the rains descended upon us, and we lost baseball for the week. This was then compounded by the arrival of the Apocalvirus. So, I guess it means I won't get beat up for awhile.
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    similar to my avatar, ..this is with the other catcher, MHSAA Division II Semi Final, 2018 ...a 9 inning barnburner!
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    Not much going on so I spent some time in my wood shop putting together storage for my gear. I drive a Jeep Wrangler (back seat removed) and built this to stow my gear. Roughly 24" high, 25" deep, 33" wide. Two shelves so three layers of storage. I've never uploaded pictures before but hopefully you're seeing: 1) raw materials; 2) finished product (lots of holes for ventilation); 3) finished product with gear to be stowed; 4) what it looks like when all is said and done (with room for a bit more).
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    Since Show & Tell is all we're left with... These first two were from the 2019 season of the NorthWoods League. Overcast, humid Sunday day game, and yes, Green Bay is wearing their Northwoods Gingham jerseys. You're not seeing things. Next up, this was the crew for the Western Conference playoff series of the NorthWoods League, being held in Waterloo, IA. @tpatience was on the Eastern Conference side. I don't have "Trevor-height", but in this crew, I'm noticeably the tallest. This lack of Spring Training baseball is killing me. So, I drummed up a photo from 3 years ago, wherein the Brewers AA club was hosting Team Korea in Maryvale Stadium. Yes, I'm wearing Pitch Black Camo, which is a shirt pattern the Brewers dig on us, and the Koreans seemed to get a kick out of.
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    I'm a volunteer FF/EMT out on Long Island NY. It is a S%%%storm as far as stay home orders/closings/panic buying/etc.. They told us 2 days ago that if the numbers/calculations are correct, our area will go to the S&%&^$-er in 2-14 days. At that time they will pull us in by shift, segregate us by teams of two for crews, and assign us times of coverage until they run out of us due to the illness. But, of course, this is IF the numbers/calcs are correct. That is a big if, because the whole testing/test kits/ federal and state response was screwed up earlier this month and in Feb, and they just don't have solid data. So today starts that SH""*&*&^%storm window. As of right now, call volumes are "normal", no spikes as of this moment. I will be truly scared when calls start going back to back, we pull up at a house and have 5 patients instead of just one, and if we go the hospital and they have us deliver to tents instead of the ER rooms. I am currently in my paid job place, since it is designated an "essential" industry location for NYS. They have not pulled usin for shifting yet. Later, I head to the firehouse for my normal time slot, and we will be testing the crews in donning and doffing the "special" PPEs. I will update here every few days, or if/when the S$$T hits the fan here on LI. Stay safe, brothers and sisters, and follow all the guidelines as best you can. MAYBE this huge wave of contagia will roll over without overburdening the hospitals and other vital resources. maybe not. I think I will get an idea over the next 12 days...
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    I'm not expressing any political view on here at all. I was simply saying that the message from the White House was "this isn't an issue - no need to worry" for much longer than they needed. Even today, they fail to follow simple guidelines from the CDC - social distancing, no groups - at their own press conferences, even when talking about those guidelines. I saw no direction from them, only the states taking actions on their own - typically at the direction of the CDC or their own state's departments of health. The White House's stance should have been before states started acting, not the same day. In times of crisis, people look to leadership in how to react and what to do.
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    Watching people deny all of this reminds me of trying to argue with people who don't know the rules/mechanics like we do, that they're wrong. But hey, they've played baseball or watched it all their lives, so they're experts. I tune out most media stuff and just try to look at the sources, like that British study (no, I didn't understand most of it), The WHO, CDC, etc. Everyone saying it's overblown, I assume they have at least made it halfway through medical school?
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    Illinois, Ohio, and the City of Los Angeles have closed the dining rooms of ALL bars and restaurants to the public through the end of the month. Carry-out, drive-through, and delivery are still available. Some people are saying "Well, they can still spread it through the restaurant workers so it must not really be that bad." Yes, people, yes the restaurant workers can still spread it. Mandatory closures (schools, casinos, restaurants and bars) are about limiting exposures. They are about not getting dozens or hundreds of people together in one place. They are about not having thousands of people traipsing through the restaurant on a daily basis. So as you are lamenting the loss of games and practices, quit trying to get around it. Quit trying to find one more tournament to get into this weekend before it gets worse. Quit trying to find out if your travel players can play travel ball since school ball is suspended. JUST STOP IT! (I'm not yelling, that is my new PSA slogan.)
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    I had actually started doing some JV and freshmen games. Why? Because they are actually pretty fun. And the coaches are very surprised to see me working that level. Get to help catchers develop a different mindset about pulling a ball back into the zone out of the batter's box. "Kid. That balls a foot in the batter's box. You just told the whole park it was a ball. No varsity umpire is going to give you that." I'll miss the interaction with youthful people. Keeps me young mentally. Not physically though.
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    TW pads fit just fine on a +POS Zero G frame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tell people this is baseball not football - in baseball it matters where the ball is, in football it matters where the feet are.
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    For LL, I'd still use the raft. It's maximum protection and cooler on those hot days. We all know most catchers at that age can't catch anything - and several don't want to even be back there at all.
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    I'm noticing the brown belts, too. Fugly. But I've still got a stockpile of Elbeco's, as they go with the raft.
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    Counterpoint? "They give you that stick for a reason, son"
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    Many of you may be seeing this on Facebook and around the other social media sites... Just post an umpire related pic, hopefully of you, in happier and more on the field times... something to keep us all entertained. No comment needed about the pic.
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    A bounced pitch cannot be CAUGHT for an out. A batted ball can.
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    I'm standing on our corner in full field uniform, calling balks on the cars that blow through the 4-way stop at an average of 12mph.
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    Exactly right, Rich. Sick of hearing my state of California being described like that. It's irresponsible journalism. Many of us are still working, still able to go out and about for essentials or whatever. Still can take the kids out, walk the dog, or exercise. Basically, everything but socializing with others. Of course it still could get like that, but for now, we're just trying to practice common sense.
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    Sure, C-beyond works for 4-man, and is an effective IP to be at. The MLB guys have experimented and slowly implemented it over the past, what, 2-3 years now? The problem isn't the use of it by MLB guys, and/or in 4-man. The problem is the use of it, and the imitation of it by less-experienced umpires who don't understand the purposes, context, and environment within which they themselves are working. Especially true when these less-than-MLB umpires (I'll concede, the MiLB guys working 4-man might or should be exempt) are working 3-man and 2-man! In 2-man, with R1 (or R1+R3), the BU shall/should be in B! So, he's seeing that steal of 2B, or the FP@2B from the inside anyway. Repeatedly. Same goes for 3-man, that when there is R1, U3's IP is B-deep, while with R2 or R2+R3 (and less than 2 outs), U1 is in B-deep. Why would we ever introduce C-beyond to this? One of my 3-man crewmembers experimented with C-beyond as U3 for a game. While we didn't have any blown calls, or mangled rotations, he was advised by our supervisor not to use it until we went to 4-man / 6-man crews for the playoffs. Once we were merged with another crew for 6-man playoffs, he was placed at U2 for all three games (by our supervisor) and encouraged with, "use whichever IP you wish", and that's what he did... use C-beyond each and every time the situation called for it. Now, with setting up in C-beyond requires discipline. Are you technically outside (already) or are you just in a "different" spot inside? Say we're in 4-man, and we have a R1, with a fly ball to Left... Is U2 already out? Does that mean U3 has to come in? Who's taking R1 to 2B if it isn't caught? Is U2 coming in, and leaving the catch/no-catch to U3? What if it drops, and now we have a throw/play made to 2B for a Force out? What if it takes F7 to the wall, where he makes the catch, but now R1 prepares and makes an attempt to tag-and-advance? That's just one example. It's more effective to instruct and entrench BU's, and get them in the practiced, experienced habit of reading plays from B-deep, or at least inside than to experiment with C-beyond. Leave C-beyond to guys who are routinely in a 4+-man environment and working with a crew who communicates together or knows when/how each other are going to react.
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    I received new Base shoes, pants, Belt, Lineuo card holder... I need to use them.... Need my games!!!!
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    Too soon to ask for the $170 NCAA registration fee to be refunded to us?
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    agreed. The game is called baseball..........not base on balls.
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    Depending on the level or caliber of the ball the umpire (should) have an awareness, and even duty, to dynamically manage the game, to the long-term benefit of the game (if the ump is experienced enough to do this - the paradox is at these levels the umps are often learning too) - especially at the developmental and recreational levels - umps are arbiters, but they're also part of the learning process for everybody - in many ways teachers, in many other ways managers...if you call the strike zone too strictly or literally, first, you get into pitch count issues...second, you end up encouraging kids to walk instead of hit. Again, I'm talking about development level ball - not club/HS. The second is the travesty I have seen come out of community ball too often...kids learn to walk, not hit, and by the time they run into real pitching...whether it's that year's playoffs, or the next year when they move up a level, they don't know how to handle it...and they soon leave the game. On the other side of the coin, the other kids don't learn how to field. Many coaches will be pricks, and if they see an avenue to win the game by walking in 16 runs, they will - don't swing until you get called strike...in some cases don't swing until you get two strikes...and the parents will cheer on and foster that mindset...and the kids will get their high fives and cupcakes and not know any better...don't reward that behavior with blind loyalty to a defined strike zone.

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