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    If I decide to do any games, the first time a parent or a coach wants me to play the covid police, I'm done.
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    Product is not finished yet. We are meeting with them next week to go over things before production begins. Full and accurate details to come when the time is right.
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    Absolutely. At a youth level, the strike zone is what the pitching (and score) dictates. And every coach not living through his kid will appreciate that.
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    I love how you guys overthink things. What’s going on is in the email. We don’t skirt the truth, play games or gaslight customers. Our marketing is generally pretty straightforward and boring these days. All-Star is still in the umpire game. We still have a relationship. Just a new line coming out, one we provided input on last summer when the Jurgas came to visit...except there was already a mask update. And, yes, the FM4000-MAG is a recent update (when you look at typical umpire protective gear life cycles and especially since you can’t count this year...lost year:) I can only speculate that All-Star has not updated their site. Most everyone is short staffed right now and in catch up mode. I believe most of All Star’s inventory is now in our possession or will be soon. So, no need to go there anyway. You guys can stop thinking now. Sorry, there is no intrigue or mystery. Rest your heads. That is unless you want to speculate on the new items. That, I am not at liberty to share details. Carry on.
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    I don't need to work games. I want to work games. If I feel that the changes to mechanics or protocol are threatening the integrity of the game... I'm not going to work those games. We, as umpires and officials, need to realize that we are independent contractors. If we don't want to work, we don't have to work games under those conditions.
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    I would have said, "I know, I can't believe he didn't slide either!"
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    Awful punch out tho. @Richvee?
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    In OBR it's a "don't do that". The list of balks is in the rules. This isn't one of them.
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    My reaction to this photo!
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    So with 4th of July coming up I finally get to put all of this in action. It was gonna make a showing on Memorial Day but we all know what happened there. I’m scheduled with a local league to work a tournament where things are more laid back. I have the two-tone mask and shirts to match.
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    Sorry folks, If you have to work harder to GET your equipment from a vendor, than they do at processing and shipping................. that's not my kind of vendor. Now if dealing with @JimKirk's team was as difficult as dealing with the aforementioned vendor, he & his group probably wouldn't be as successful as they are. **I am not a paid spokesman. These opinions are mine and not pre-recorded.
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    - Little League Rule Book states: "The strike zone is that space over home plate which is between the batter's armpits and the top of the knees when the batter assumes a natural stance. The umpire shall determine the strike zone according to the batter's usual stance when that batter swings at a pitch."' Thats why its how it is defined in the book and when I originally was talking to other umpires in my area they said knees to armpits and I went ok bottom of the knee is still knee. So now when it just ticks the zone there and I call it it is really actually low. I re-read the book and saw it specifically says top of the knee and knew then I was mistaken so I adjusted and no one has complained or said I was calling them too low since. I should note this is for the 10-12 yr olds for me for the 8-10 yr olds yeah I open it up shoulders to bottom of knees and nearly batters box line to batters box line. Otherwise there would be barely any strikes at all.. LOL
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    @Rock Bottom I think that they might consider a couple of years to be “recent,” in the umpire equipment world.
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    OK STOP! We're talking about a baseball game, nothing more, nothing less. NO ONE, and I MEAN NO ONE is going to feel "challenged" or "disrespected" if an umpire looks a coach in the eye, smiles and greets him at the plate meeting introductions. I don't care what his nationality may be.
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    A collision between runner and fielder on a batted ball is always something, never nothing. This is OBS. The defense must not hinder a runner unless the contact is with the protected fielder (the one fielding the batted ball). Because F6 was protected, but F3 hindered the runner, it's OBS. The rule set could have made a difference if the defense had retired the BR. As it was, same outcome: R1, R2, same number of outs. OBR: This is "type 1" OBS, because the play was on R1, the obstructed runner. The ball is dead immediately, so there's no play at 2B. Both R1 and the BR are awarded their advance base (R1 because of the OBS, and the BR because the ball became dead before he reached base). FED: The ball remains live until the end of playing action. R1 is awarded 2B on the OBS. The defense failed to retire the BR; if they had done so, that out would have stood, because the hindrance of R1 did not affect the BR.
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    That's because they were too busy avoiding the dinosaurs back then ... I would have hoped people would have been excited enough to just be back ... oh wait. This is 2020 ... never mind. Being an a-hole is not just expected, it is a right. I expect people are going to have a lot of pent up frustration and things will actually be worse. I'm a cynic.
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    I would go with OBR. But I would push the question to get an answer from those in charge. "Standard" isn't an acceptable answer when there are 3 major rule sets.
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    I do understand what you are saying, but when you think an umpire is having a bad day, perhaps it's you who are having a bad day. I've had coaches tell me that I missed a call, or the dreaded "that's two" and be 100% dead solid certain that I got them right. So he probably walked off the field thinking I had a bad day when, in fact, he was the one having the bad day (judging my calls, that is).
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    @wolfe_man and the rest of you are “purty smart”. The main thing I see is most items are below the cost manufacturers sell to retailers (like us). We never go below cost unless the product is an absolute dud or we are way overstocked on extreme sizes (say a S or 4X). It would be in our best interest if this was legit to buy from this person, but no way would I trust this person somehow had an in with All Star, Force3, AND Wilson. Hard pass.
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    Good practices. Calling the batter out on a dropped 3rd strike, ( And we've all done it), would be more of a timing or not tracking properly type of issue. And your best looking punch outs always seem to be on strike 2.
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    Mac, I think you did a pretty good job handling this situation given the level and at least one coaching staff had no idea what they were doing. At this level I want to be patient and try to educate. With the AC I would have simply said. A foul tip is not a foul ball. If your HC, (use his name), has a question I'd be glad to explain it to him. If it continued to escalate I would warn the AC he would be restricted and what that means, including he could not talk to us anymore. No matter the rule set or local rules, participants must follow my directives. If then the AC called me to look at the rule book it's a simple, no fuss ejection. He was restricted from talking to us and he failed to compile. With the HC, if it could stay between us without others knowing what was going on, I might have said something like come on Ray, you know a foul tip is not a foul ball. If you have a question about something, ask for time and come talk to us. That approach helps educate and improves the relationship between umpires and coaches while still doing our job of keeping things safe and fair. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    If he's in foul territory before the pitch, I'm asking him to move to a legal position. If he's in foul territory during the pitch, I'm not looking at it (especially as PU). So, it should "never" be called in FED. I'm sure the coach had it called on him by some uninformed umpire and now wants it called on others. Two (at least) people need to be properly instructed.
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    MLBUM (b) There is no violation if a pitcher attempts a pick-off at second base and, seeing no fielder covering the bag, throws to the shortstop or second baseman, neither of whom is in the vicinity of the bag nor is making an actual attempt to retire the runner.
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    The thing that pisses me off more than anything on the baseball field is this kind of petty BS. Coaches are such frickin children sometimes.
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    Stu, It's my understanding the NFL establishes the "Official Uniform Supplier" and then it's up to the teams (usually each one has an equipment manager) to make sure the right uniforms get issued to their players. My guess is that individual players take it upon themselves to buy their own socks, wrist bands, or other unapproved stuff and put it on. (If you're old enough or studied the league history, you might remember Jim McMahon's headband protest...)That could also be alleviated by having the equipment manager or their underling visually inspect players before they leave the locker room on game day to insure compliance. I would think these are grown men and that wouldn't be necessary...and here we are. You make a good point about "geographical exceptions". Yes, if I work a game in a financially depressed area, I would make a mental note and then leave that note in the game notes in the hopes that my association is feeding back to the league that there is a concern about uniform compliance. We do have some travel league fields in my area that aren't fenced all the way around. I like uniforms on coaches at those games because it's way too easy for some parent or unknown adult to come onto the field and or into the dugout. I like visually knowing instantly who is and is not supposed to be out there. ~Dog
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    Ordered mine too. Thanks for the tip
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    If it helps, I have been running Fire/EMS/Rescue calls through the whole pandemic. It got a bit hairy here on Long Island for about 8 weeks there, where it was surging to the point that entering the ER we had to steer our patients around COVID people sitting in chairs in the corridors and entrances to the ER, right to ER nurses and docs that were dressed like there were HAZMAT techs at a nuclear accident. Luckily it never got overwhelming, and the chiefs/heads that be came up with some great policies that help lower the risk of us first responders catching the cooties, without breaking the bank or going crazy on hazmat suits: 1) masks PROPERLY donned as trained - NOT like that picture of being donned over your ump mask: a. surgical/cloth on fire calls, on the back of fire apparatus, and at rescue scenes where you are outside and not the direct patient care person b, N95 (usually with a surgical or cloth over the N95), again properly donned, on all EMS calls, in EMS rigs/ambulances, at the ER, and at rescue scenes that are indoors or you are direct patient care/exposure c. eye, hand/body PPE where protocols require, optional otherwise 2) MINIMAL EXPOSURE TIME and Personnel: a. for EMS, restricted to 2 persons exposed: EMT and driver. All other personnel stay outside and not permitted to go in ambulance with patient or to an ER b. for Rescue/Fire, MINIMUM personnel needed inside or near patients/victims, determined by officer and size-up c. get patients to come outside to you when possible, and transport only to closest hospital that has the certifications to handle your patient/problem d. run with windows open and rear ventilation on and full blast 3) WASH Hands and sanitizer/bleach with water after each call 4) ALL social areas and ready room CLOSED to personnel during pandemic - minimize contact with your partners/personnel - at one point the firehouse was "closed" - alarms only, respond from home only AND, it worked - we had NO COVID positives in the personnel as of this email, and I last got tested (active and antibodies) two weeks ago, all clean. So I would say, if us umpires work the same way, we can minimize the risk: 1) Wear a surgical or cloth mask PROPERLY from pre game in the parking lot to post game. 2) DO NOT socialize, or hang out and get dressed in a clubhouse or scorekeepers box - parking lot only 3) wash hands/sanitizer after EVERY Game 4) Avoid handling equipment, and why not, even baseballs (wouldn't hurt) 5) skip the pregame, or make it 5 seconds (Hi I'm Bob, you guys work out the lineups yourselves, everyone good to go? let's go) 6) stay away from dugouts (shouldn't you anyways?) 7) hand sanitizer during the game if contact is made with equipment or persons 8) in between games, don't congregate/go into a clubhouse etc. Stay outside and 6 feet apart I, for one, will feel quite safe doing these 8 things...
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    Obviously, it's on the exterior of your CP, so go to the nearest Sherwin-Williams and ask for their best exterior paint.
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    Ok, no more political talk. We should discuss George Floyd instead.
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    Smokin deal on a great bag. Don't even think - just buy this bag.
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    You'd get along with my wife
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    This topic is way off topic, and quite frankly not garnering much attention. If you'd like to discuss the UE UNcap .... start a new conversation on the equipment forum. There is some good info here. I do believe however, there is already a thread about this product. CAVEAT: 1) ANYONE can do this, it's easy 2) I'm not doing this because I'm mad my topic isn't getting traction, ...I'm doing it so important info isn't lost and it's easy for others to find
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    @Thunderheads correct. I started with one navy shirt and one red shirt. I seam-ripped the sleeves off of both shirts and then seam-ripped the trim off of the sleeves. I then swapped the sleeves to the opposite color shirt, shortened the sleeves by about 3 inches (to accommodate my T-Rex arms/my desire to not wear 3/4 sleeves. Hahaha) and then put the trim back on the original shirt to match the collars. Pretty simple. Seam ripping was the most time consuming part.
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    It's an instructional league. If you're furious, you might consider the purposes of the "games." I always told my kids that youth ball has 2 goals: to learn something and have fun. And much of what we learn concerns sportsmanship: both in ourselves and in others.
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    Folks, it's either safe to play baseball or it isn't! Beerguy, I'm not going to call you a crackpot. But your post reinforces my point! if you have to wipe down baseballs and bats, disinfect the dugout, sift the dirt around home plate, and force the umpires to wear a facemask just because you are afraid of COVID-19, then it ain't safe to play, and you need to stay home. We are hammering ants with a sledge hammer here! What we really need is the governor to tell us WHY we have to jump through these hoops! Heretofore, they just said "Do it, or else!" Sorry, I do not buy that. Objectively, if there is a good reason not to play baseball, fine! I will accept that! But don't keep us in the dark! This has been my pet peeve since day 1! Jumping through hoops does not speak well for the game. Note that all Pro, NCAA, and most amateur sports programs are still on hiatus. Maybe somebody knows something! (Why don't we?) Communicate! Inform! Just don't pronounce! What you are talking about here ain't baseball. JMO Mike Las Vegas
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    Still waitin’ on you, or anybody else, to prove that the virus is on a baseball. Existence ≠ presence ≠ exposure ≠ contraction ≠ infection ≠ hospitalization ≠ death @JaxRolo has satisfied the definition of a mask, has he not? Who are you to say otherwise?
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    a face covering mask (N95, etc) does not do it's job if not worn properly. Therefore, wearing it on the outside of the mask is useless.
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    @JimKirk .... you quoted the wrong person . I read the email blast properly, (I thought I didn't when Matt questioned it, THEN HE realized he read it wrong) ....and that's why the post is titled "INTERESTING" because it says there's NEW GEAR coming! After response number 2, ...there's no overthinking here, and ZERO speculation, we're just excited to hear that there's new gear coming!
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    Definitely interested in the new CP. Maybe a slightly lower profile version of the S7 with the grayhawk mod already there?
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    @mac266, just had a game Saturday night. Little fellas. R1 steals and slides into 2B. I hear 1B coach yelling.....call time JImmy!. Jimmy asked for time. I asked Jimmy if he was hurt. When her replied no, then I told him "no".
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    I find the Rawlings pads to be smaller than Nike pads and not as comfortable, but to each their own. Good luck with your search Chris
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    I would agree with both guys above. I would add that if they were both impressed with your consistency then seeing the ball doesn't seem to be the problem--if one does in fact exist. Rather your definition of what constitutes a ball or strike--and keep in mind everyone's zone is a bit different. As Kevin has stated... As the batter steps in and settles, determine the high point of your zone as it relates to the catcher, not the batter. For one batter that may be below his mask, for another it could be a little higher or lower. I am a big believer in reference points on the catcher. Know where the catcher is set up in relation to the plate--it can hit his mitt dead center of his body but he may be setup two feet outside. For me, the hardest pitch, by far--not even close, is the outside pitch on a left handed batter. Maybe because I'm right eye dominate. I've tried everything over the years to improve my accuracy with that pitch and the best solution I have come up with is that I pay very close attention to where the catcher is set up/where he receives in relation to his body, to determine if it's too far outside. Good luck and have fun.
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    Why are either of you talking baseball when this was a softball question!
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    Given that if she were still alive today, she would be 87. BUT I'M NOT JUDGING YOU @The Man in Blue
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    For the *real* answer, since nobody has bothered... Ray Brownlie. @Razzer on this board. Creator of UmpLife products - all high-quality things you never knew you needed until you try to go without.
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    I'm back for first time tonight 6/15 since early March. Have a DH at our local AA stadium with college kids from all of the local colleges. They will be checking everyones temperature, including all players, umps and fans. I'll be in the field both games so I have no concerns about distancing. My biggest concern (other than a sky-high pop fly to the warning track, called by the shortstop) is getting my pants on. I've put on about 10 lbs sitting around.
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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and having @Thunderheads’s back. His Jedi Knight status has been restored. That feature has been added to each plate shoe page. That feature is an Easter egg no more.
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    Just call OBR, especially as that's what you've been studying. If anyone argues, tell them it's the standard rule. If they are still unhappy, tell them to check with the UIC. I'm being facetious, but only slightly so--I have little patience with bureaucrats like your UIC.
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    Each and every mask I own and use – save one, the FM4000 ( @Thunderheads !!!) – has a sun visor. Every bit of shade helps as we’re combatting cloudless skies and midday baseball here in Arizona!
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    Try it with your boss or significant other ... how'd that go?
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