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I had a fight in a rec Cal Ripken game last night. I ejected both participants in the fight and one of the coaches asked for a rule cite as to why I ejected both players. I know in FED you eject both participants and anyone who leaves their position/dugout except for a coach trying to break it up. I'm not sure what the exact ruling is as far as participants go in Cal Ripken. Also, is it an out for the rest of the game when that player's spot comes up in the lineup regardless of whether or not the team has 9 or more players?

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I don't think "fighting" appears in the OBR book. But I came across this language, from a youth league website: "The LSO Youth Baseball Association is affiliated with Babe Ruth League, Inc., which includes the Cal Ripken Baseball (formerly Bambino) league. These organizations have adopted the Official Baseball Rules, published by the Commissioner of Baseball, as their primary playing rules." If OBR governs Ripken ball unless there's some modification, then, as cyclonehokiece suggested, OBR 9.01 (a), © and (d); (d) is the "unsportsmanlike conduct" language. 

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Reading the other post, I would guess the coach didn't want his player, who defended himself after the other player tackled him, to be ejected.  Not an unreasonable stance from the coach's point of view.

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"A player involved in a confrontation while remaining at his position and judged to have been defending himself and not contributing to the incident will not be ejected, fined or suspended." 2014 PBUC 9.18, On-Field Behavior Policy (page 110).


From that other thread, "The catcher ends up wrapped around the offensive players ankles trying to bring him down and it was on. The taller kid ends up on top of the smaller kid pushing his face into the ground." Maybe a HTBT to judge whether the runner was defending or contributing, but we'd probably call this, in my day job, simple assault by mutual consent.

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