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  1. Maybe the guys that are killing him for it should work a few games in MLB, because Ramon has...SMFH.
  2. I'm more interested in seeing someone wear one with a plate coat.
  3. grayhawk

    End of Game Out

    I don't know, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the thread being 4 months old?
  4. Today was opening day and I received a call this morning already about a team not having stamped baseballs. Luckily, they found a case of approved balls before starting the game. We are to NOT start a game without the correct baseballs, but allow them a "reasonable amount of time" to produce them. That was the only call I received today - so far so good.
  5. Thank you all for your messages. It's been an incredibly difficult time this past week, and we are putting one foot in front of the other as best we can. Christine's passing was unexpected, though she had been battling illness for many years as a result of radiation treatment for Hodgkins when she was 17. It truly does make a difference knowing that my family is in your thoughts and prayers.
  6. grayhawk

    NCAA Test

    They want E because C is also true.
  7. grayhawk

    NCAA Test

    I placed him at second and got it correct.
  8. grayhawk

    NCAA Test

    There is really only one BS question on this test, and it's the one with the BR being obstructed before reaching first base. The information given to render judgment on the placement of R1 is insufficient. It's kind of a coin flip between awarding second or third.
  9. grayhawk

    NCAA Test

    The key is that the runners were stealing.
  10. It looks like it's on your bed. Did you sleep with it?
  11. grayhawk

    Verbal Appeals

    The crux of the matter is how to make a proper appeal. While the ball is still in play, either the runner or the base he missed (or left too soon) must be tagged, and the appeal must be unmistakeable to the umpire (no accidental appeals). Tagging the runner must be with the ball or the glove with the ball in it. Tagging the base means touching the base with any part of the body or glove with possession of the ball. Verbal appeals, by themselves, are not proper appeals when the ball is in play. When the ball is dead, either because the ball has gone out of play, or because the umpire has called time, the defense can make a verbal appeal. The appeal can come from a player or coach, and possession of the ball is not required. However, runner(s) must be given the opportunity to complete their base running responsibilities before the appeal can be granted. So if the BR beats the play but misses first base, and the ball is thrown out of play, the defense can only appeal after the BR has been given the opportunity to correct his error and complete his award. If he doesn't go back to touch first and goes straight to second base, once he touches second base he cannot legally return to touch first base. He can physically do it, but is still subject to be called out on appeal.
  12. This is a universal truth. And when a runner Is forced to advance, it's a force out whether the base or the runner is tagged before the runner reaches the base he is forced to. This is important to understand based on your question @Young_Ump.
  13. grayhawk

    FED DH Rule Change

    I'm glad CA does not adopt the CR rule. It's a pain in the ass and doesn't really speed anything up.
  14. And now for...the rest of the story. This actually happened a couple of years ago. The field is a local HS - Newport Harbor. It was a couple of 8th grade age teams, one of which was the GBG as previously mentioned. I heard the following from two different sources, so I feel it's likely true. The umpire got hit several times. Foul balls, wild pitches, passed balls, etc. He got fed up and cussed out the 13 year old catcher and berated him. Apparently it was so bad that the opposing coaches were sticking up for the kid. It was then that the parents got on him to the point that he decided to address them. Does any of this absolve the parents of the comments they were making? Not in the least. They should allow the head coaches to deal with the umpire and work it out. Either way, it sounds like the umpire in question wasn't being professional and created a problem for himself that he was ill-equipped to handle.
  15. Blaming and berating umpires has been woven into the fabric of baseball for 150 years. Once the suit and top hat were cast aside, umpires transformed from gentlemen into ogres. Unfortunately, it ain’t gonna change anytime soon.
  16. grayhawk

    Late Season EJ

    Yup. NO WAY he stays after that comment. Definitely a missed ejection there.
  17. According to Gil: 10/27 HOU@WAS Gm 5: Lance Barksdale: 96/97 Balls + 41/46 Strikes = 137/143 = 95.8%. +0 Nu.
  18. Knew it would happen. Eff me for encouraging a new umpire to get into the books...
  19. Do you know what rules this game was played under? If so, do you have a copy of that rule book? When umpires come in to ask these questions, it's always preferred that you attempt to locate the correct rule before asking. Teach a man to fish, etc. If not, no worries. We will be happy to help you.
  20. Exactly. Only Fed would be so ridiculous (which they are, of course). The FB post was frustrating because people just ignore all evidence that doesn’t support their position. I posted the WUM reference there and there was not a single comment about it. Like I said, it’s an old reference and it’s possible that Wendelstedt has changed his interpretation since then, but to ignore it is simply confirmation bias.
  21. Found this in the Wendelstedt Umpire Manual. I don't have the latest one, but I am unaware of any rules changes on this play over the last few years:
  22. Sure, there are rules against fielding a pitch, a thrown ball or a batted ball with detached equipment. Attempting to stop the ball with your foot is none of those. And kicking it as opposed to muffing it changes nothing on this play. Both are missed attempts at fielding the ball.
  23. I don’t remember if it was in a video bulletin or it’s own video. Regardless, we don’t even need it because it’s codified in NCAA: 2-51 A.R. 5 If a fielder chases after a deflected batted ball ahead of a runner’s arrival and is in the act of picking up the ball (fielding) when contact is made by an offensive player, interference is the call. If the fielder is chasing after the deflected batted ball and contact is made between the two players, obstruction should be the call.
  24. That’s what I have. I am assured by all responders that I’m wrong for NCAA and OBR. They claim that the fielder can not regain his protection once he has to chase the ball. Hiler said this was interference a couple of years ago but I haven’t been able to find the video yet because I haven’t had time.
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