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  1. If we are not handling baseballs and the teams are throwing them in, how are we supposed to ensure that every baseball has the NOCSAE and NFHS stamps and are fit for play? This is a requirement, not a suggestion. Fact is, we don't know what the hell the team is throwing in.
  2. Interesting solution. A friend of mine has the same problem and he wears tights over his shin guards to prevent snagging.
  3. As you said, it's the way it reads. My point is to take in the entirety of the play and use all available information to make your call.
  4. grayhawk


    Your task is to nullify the act of obstruction. So you would need to judge that the BR would have advanced to second if not for the obstruction to award him second base.
  5. You made the call on the release? It worked out because he airmailed it, but you've got a huge problem if they just make the play.
  6. If it's an out call, which it usually is, then I am bouncing AS I am giving my out mechanic much like I do on a double play ball at second base.
  7. It's spelled out in 1. "or a throw" It's the same in NCAA. By the way, I think we should toss the phrase, "quality throw." It doesn't appear in ANY rulebook. Let's stick with the rule. It's RLI if: OBR: The batter-runner, running outside the lane hinders the ability of the fielder to receive the throw FED & NCAA: The batter-runner, running outside the lane hinders the ability of the fielder to receive the throw, or hinders the throw itself
  8. Curious as to your reason for calling it RLI in FED. Not saying I disagree, but it's important to know why...
  9. Jeff posted the answer. For those not on FB: In this play we have a pitch out and a right-handed batter swinging to protect his runner. During the swing, the batter throws his bat and it hits the catcher’s glove. This is interference by the batter, and he should be declared out. If we recall, we’ve actually covered a play very similar to this a few weeks ago. While the batter is allowed to throw his bat to hit the ball, he is still responsible for what happens with his bat. OBR 6.03(a)(4) would cover this, with a thrown bat hitting the catcher while he is trying to catch a pitch. NCAA is slightly more vague (at the current time) with regard to this, but 7-11-n would cover this. If there is a change with the NCAA rule, this will be the rule number to reference for that applicable change. This is an extremely rare and difficult play to umpire. On the field, this umpire ruled a foul ball (same as the previous play we posted to cover this rule), because at the time (’15), OBR did not have the specific wording like they do now to cover this (’16 rule change). This would be a call that we would need to be 100% certain on to make.
  10. Not sure about LL rules, but is there is time limit between pitches?
  11. This is the correct answer. Baseball doesn't have the equivalent of a 15 yard penalty, a technical foul, a penalty box, or a yellow card (though I guess an official warning is like a yellow card).
  12. I'm sure he is a great umpire, otherwise he wouldn't have been called up. Like you said, we all have games where we know our zone was below our own expectations. I suspect that was the case for him here. I saw on the CCS site that he graded at 89% raw and 93% with MOE built in. Well above you and me, well below the MLB regulars.
  13. I watched this game and I have to say that this young umpire REALLY struggled with the zone all game. Maddon just had enough and had to make a statement. Trout was rung up on a pitch at least a ball and a half off the plate earlier and there were numerous strikes called balls and vice versa. You could see the frustration welling on both sides. If you can lose the chance to get promoted based on one game, this one would be it.
  14. It handles heat relatively well. The channel between the pads helps, but this is a pretty heavy rig and it can only dissipate heat so much.
  15. It shows Trout's restraint. I think a great number of MLB players might have, at a minimum, been yelling at the pitcher after the second one. At least a few (Bryce Harper?) would have rushed the mound. Trout gives a small gesture with his hand saying, basically, WTF? That's as much displeasure I think I have ever seen him display.
  16. I have two friends that got bruised after taking shots in their V2. I went back to the System 7 after that.
  17. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. If you can't make money, then there is no point. It would be nice if making money and improving products coincided. But that isn't always the case. I think the S7 is the best rig out there, so any improvement is likely to be marginal anyway.
  18. One thing we have to remember @kylejt. Companies put out products they think will SELL, and do not necessarily put out products that are actual improvements over previous models. The S7 might be a superior rig in every way for all we know.
  19. The bump. The t-hooks themselves are small, but they don't lay flat. They protrude out and show through the shirt.
  20. Don't the front buckles show through your shirt? That's one reason I hate t-hooks. You can always see them sticking out.
  21. In which case instead of shattering, they get bent to the point that the latch won't go back into the buckle. Nope, still want them on the sides.
  22. I might be giving the umpire too much credit, but there IS a situation where the run scores during an intervening play at home, and then the batter-runner is called out for runner's lane interference, but NOT when the RLI was the third out. Normally during RLI, runners are returned to their bases occupied at the time of the pitch. With an intervening play at the plate, runners are placed at their bases occupied at the time of the interference (which is why the run is allowed to score). But again, if the RLI was the third out, the run cannot score. There are few universal truths in baseball but this is one of them: when the BR is the third out before touching first base, no runs can score. Like...EVER.
  23. This change was lobbied by the coaches. They felt the previous rule was too restrictive.
  24. @Jimkirk, will you be offering the clear face shields for the mask like the MLB guys are using?
  25. That was the first thing I noticed. Putting them in front might make it a tad bit easier to put on, but they would shatter if they got hit.
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