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  1. So in FED an ejection is immediate? If I am not mistaken in OBR the ejection wouldn't have been enforced until after the play. enforce the obstruction, enforce the ejection. Score the run end the game and write your report. Or am I way off base here?
  2. I guess I've just hit the jackpot when it comes to jackasses this year... No amount of ignore, acknowledge, warn has prevented any of the 5 ejections I've had since the beginning of May. Sure the bantam (14 year old) kid who told me my call was f**king garbage,when he got picked off at second for an inning ending out then proceeded to call me a f**king joke and then tossed his helmet with disgust was a pretty easy peasy straight forward ejection, but then his daddy coach who decided to take up the reigns and let loose with a string of insults and questioning my integrity (as well as the 3 othe
  3. I don't think anyone can honestly say why they would drive 124 miles round trip with no expectation of receiving pay for the game because that is just silly. A piss poor policy if you ask me.
  4. It was a lower level u15 game. Bad catch all the way.
  5. No outs, R1. Batter hits a high pop to F6 who gets nice an camped under the ball. R1 as per usual is standing on first and BR has stopped and started to turn back about 2/3 the way up the line. Ball hits in F6 glove and as he starts to bring his glove down promptly drops the ball, not even close to an on the transfer drop. I immediately signal and call out "No catch", but it seems everyone and their sister (minus my partner) have all but ignored me. F6 picks up the ball and tosses it to F1, R1 still standing on first, BR still walking back down the line towards home/his dugout and the on
  6. While I think the EJ was fine enough on it's own right as was suggested earlier that perhaps some better game management techniques may have totally avoided the situation that led to the EJ, Glad to hear there was a suspension and a fine, no contact is ever ok for any reason and when I say no contact i mean none, not even incidental. Reverse the roles and what would have happened to you?
  7. How I like to approach these "agreements" ,"Gentlemen, we are playing baseball here correct? Good we agree, OBR, now let's play"
  8. I've seen it done,she worked bases and lower level (14U and below) only. Personally I think it's a tad risky, but to each their own if you can still perform the job.
  9. It never ceases to amaze how easy some coaches make it.
  10. To be honest, ejections just don't come any easier than this.
  11. Bringing a rule book onto the field for a coach is no different that a batter drawing a line in the dirt. They are showing everyone that you are wrong and here is how. Coming out onto the field and quoting a rule and having a discussion that way is something else entirely, and yes, if in the course of the discussion the coach feels the rule is not being interpreted correctly they may protest. It's all about the approach and the respect.
  12. I like 2, I think it looks more balanced plus on the practical side I keep the balls in the right bag, my brush and indicator (when not using it) in the left. I will also put any "questionable" balls (seem coming out, flat spots, cut in the ball etc) I have on the left and only use them when i run out of the good balls.
  13. nope, never a runner on third. off the hip I had a runner on 1, runner went to 2, one off the helmet runner on 2 didn't go anywhere because it was more of a glancing blow off the helmet that still more or less went to the pitching mound. Otherwise no runners
  14. Props on the crew not getting all caught up in the emotion of it all. This is what makes them professionals
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