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  1. Bases Loaded 1 out I am in the field. Sharp single to the outfield and R3 and R2 score R1 to 3rd B/R on first. Coach appeals R1 missed 2nd base (he did) I get the out. They then appeal that R2 missed 3rd and my partner called the out. Coach was happy because he thought they had just stopped the run from scoring. We explained to the coach by appealing the miss of 2nd first it then made the miss of 3rd a time play and one run would still score. We explained if he went to appeal 3rd first then 2nd both would still be force plays and no runs would have scored. Are we correct on this one or did we kick it?
  2. Not something I said to a coach but something and umpire said to me when I was playing. First pitch of at bat a pitch I thought was high was called a strike. I proceed to strike out swinging in the at bat. Walking back to the dug out not yelling I told the umpire he missed the first strike. He looked at me without missing a beat and told me I missed the last two. Last time I said something like that to an umpire. Haven't had the right chance to use that line myself yet.
  3. Did anyone see for all of their first at bats Sunday the Dodgers used Joe West songs while he was on the dish. At one,point they put him on the big screen and,you could see him laughing under his mask.
  4. 14u travel ball for the age this pitcher is bringing it pretty good. 1st inning inside fastball catcher does not get a glove on hits me right in my chest protector. He has a few more he does not glove but they don't touch me. 3rd inning the kid throws another inside fastball no glove by catcher and drills me in my thigh. It hurt like hell then and even more today. Coach pulled catcher then and there. My question is what can you do if the coach does nothing and continues to not catch the ball and you end up getting hit. I know what I would do if I felt I was intentionally getting hit but what can you do when it is not intentional but just bad catching. Just to add must have been my night I was hit in the mask with 2 foul balls also. Before anyone asks I checked with my partner to make sure I was not drifting out of the slot and he said no just not my day.
  5. I once heard about a woman umpiring her first minor league game and was behind the plate. One of the coaches brought out the lineup card and said her you go either Sweetie or Honey and she ejected him on the spot.
  6. I think a lot of it did have to do with not only approaching the dish but the way he approached it.
  7. I also can use football as a reference towards the common sense part. If a team sweeps left and the wideout on the right side holds his man are we to call a penalty just because the rules were broken no. Sometimes we also have to look if there was an advantage gained or not. Officiating is not only knowing the rules it is also knowing how to apply them.
  8. OHUMP

    Does run score

    This is not a force play it is a time play with an appeal that can be completed by tagging the base or the player. If run crosses plate before out at 2nd base the run will score. Remember when the fly ball was caught and BR put out there can no longer be any force plays.
  9. OHUMP

    Avoiding the Tag

    On the Harrison play a new base path is basically established with every throw made in the run down. On the last throw he did not divert more than 3 feet to avoid the tag so he was never out of the baseline.
  10. I don't know LL rules so I can't speak to the Appeal part but if the lead runner is called out for missing the plate and this is the 3rd out no runners following can then score.
  11. Once in a while in lower level games when a pitch is way high and outside I will say "just a bit outside" or "Man how can they lay off these pitches." The backstop dads will laugh but I see myself getting a blank stare from a lot of catchers who don't know Harry Doyle from Major League.
  12. I thought I embedded the video it shows when I am posting but not when posted
  13. Your browser does not support iframes. Your browser does not support iframes.Your browser does not support iframes. I think it is funny at about the 1:07 mark Culbreth tells the coach I don't make the rules. Looks like he wanted him to go for help even after he said he went.
  14. ​Thank you and your family for the service. I was never in the service but I could not be prouder of the choices he has made.
  15. Kleenex was needed saying goodbye yesterday I can't imagine graduation day.
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