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  1. Also " Don't argue with idiots. They'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience".
  2. Try both. You'll get a lot of guys who recommend the team wendys and a lot of guys who'll recommend the wilsons. Both will do the job, it's just a question of comfort. In the end, it's your face/head those pads are protecting, so go with the set you feel most comfortable with.
  3. IMO, going in the dugout never ends well. You don't want to get the rep of "that" guy. Like others have said, unless the dugout gets my attention, I'm staying far away. I've got no interest in what's going on in there and couldn't care less. If the coach can't contain his "area" and it effects/spills into my area I'll deal with it then.
  4. If it is closed bases (no lead off) he needs to be outside so he can see if runners are leaving early. Then busy inside to the infield if/when the ball is hit. Sometimes it takes a little more effort, but in the end it is still 60' bases. I've never done little league nor seen a little league rule book, but I doubt it would have a rule about where a umpire would position himself. But, it wouldn't surprise me if it did...
  5. Thanks... This is exactly what I wanted to see before rec ball plate tonight.
  6. 14u league game last night... 7 full in 1:50.

  7. Not so much wrong as unsure of if my understanding of the rule was correct. As with many rules situations, there's a story behind this. Working with a rookie. R3, right handed pitcher. Takes a jab step to 3rd and doesn't throw, my partner calls balk. I echo his call. DC request time and goes and talks to my partner. He asked me to come over and says his foot was on top of the rubber. Told him he was right, pitcher was in contact with the rubber. Game ends, we look up the rule and all OBR says is "in contact with". I got home, started over thinking and thought that if its that easy, I m
  8. No, not a trick question, and yes @maven , to me I have contact. But, I also had that feeling I might have been wrong and this was one of those grey areas. Thus, when I looked it up in the OBR, and I was clear as mud, I came here to make sure.
  9. Had a question come up last night... If the pitchers pivot foot is on top of the pitchers plate, do we consider that to be in contact with the rubber or is he off the rubber?
  10. Happened to me last night. 3-1 count with a runner on. Couple of pick offs, overthrows and bad baseball turns R1 into R3. Then I get a beautiful fastball that's all over the black. I stood up, stepped back and started to realize my mistake. I finished the mechanic and singnaled to my partner, two strikes. And he confirms my mistake. Everybody had a good laugh and I let everything settle and back to playing ball we went.
  11. I've got some that are 3 years old. They still look as good as when I got them. Haven't had a problem yet.
  12. Coach is yelling at you? Tell him you'll listen to him but you won't listen to him yell at you. If he doesn't get the point, end the "discussion" and start back to your postion. He follows you and continues to yell, dump him. Yells at you about being cheated... Bye , thanks for playing. Yes, you're there for the kids, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with this crap. You're not punishing these kids by ending the game. This douchenozzle of a coach is. He's the adult and should be able to control his actions.
  13. Squatchee. Fat fingers on a phone screen... Yes button
  14. 12u travel tourney, kid hits a drive to left center. Fielder is under it, but I guess loses it in the sun. Ball comes down lands on the top of his head and he goes down. I signal HR then hustle out to the kid, who hasn't moved since. Me and his coach get there about the same time and his coach gets him sitting up. Blood starts to trickle down him forehead and the top of his hat is soaked. The ball had hit the bottom (Mod edit: button?) on top of his hat and cut his scalp. The kid got up and walked off and headed to the ER. Never found out what happened after, but I guarantee he had a c
  15. He has the rundown between third and home. Yeah, but it doesn't excuse the fact that he is WALKING up the 3rd base line. He starts moving up the line too quick. He should be POP then when R3 starts back to third he should move up the baseline. Then, as he's moving up the line, he starts moving to close to the line. I'm getting a little deeper into foul ground to get a better angle on F2s attempted tag in the back of R3. Then he just kinda stands there and doesn't even make an attempt to get back to the plate. Finally, he's still moving as he's making his safe call.
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