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  1. MadMax...go ahead and preach! This is a phenomenal CP. I wear it at every level and trust it completely!!
  2. Guys, I’ve been trying to purchase this for a week and schutt keeps giving me the runaround. As much as I LOVE their products I HATE their customer service. If you could see the string of emails it would make your head hurt.
  3. Has anyone seen the Adams version available for sale?
  4. Is it true that Schutt is no longer making this CP? I went to buy a new one, (my old one is fine, just has some cosmetic dings right where the logo shows) and the Schutt website showed them as discontinued.
  5. I had a great time too! Fun league, cool stadium, and a great partner made for an awesome night! Plus, I think I had more bangers on the bases in one game than I had all season...lol!!
  6. Website says it is 15oz with all components.
  7. Just wait until this summer when you have to carry me! I've lost weight but I'm still a load on the diamond...lol!!!
  8. Hey everyone, I just had to send out a message. This past year I had the opportunity to attend two different camps of which the Mid American 2 man camp was one. This fall, I heard some guys ridiculing camps in general, saying things to the effect of "they just want your money", or "it's just a hoop to jump through". I'm not sure how camps may have fairly or unfairly earned that reputation, but I am so thankful that the Mid American camp does NOT fit those critiques. Today I had a couple questions about the upcoming season and not wanting to seem like too big of a "newbie", I messaged a couple instructors from each camp. The response was both informative as well as encouraging. Part of what you invest in when you go to a camp is relationships...thank you MidAmUmp for providing quality instructors who not only care about those they are working with during the camp, but are willing to invest in them throughout the year as well. If you are looking for a great Christmas present to give yourself this year...get to a camp!
  9. Make time for this clinic! It's great!!
  10. As far as I'm concerned it would be a far greater waste of my "MONEY" to spend class time working through rules that I am already given an entire book of each year. Not to mention the "Case Book" that I have for supplemental instruction. When I go to a camp/clinic, I need input on things that I can't do on my own. That being said, there were several rules that were covered during the 2-man mechanics discussion. And to add to Stk004's comment, not only would Jason and his staff be willing to answer any question you had during the weekend, they are STILL willing to answer questions. If I had a situation come up in my Double Header today and I wanted to ask someone about it, I know I could contact those guys and they'd be right there to help me out. And by me, I don't mean just me...I mean anyone who wants to get better. And to add to ballgame's comment...it is often up to the person attending the clinic to engage to get better. During games on Saturday for instance there was an assigner/evaluator sitting with a group of about 7 of us watching the umpires on the field. We started asking questions and the information that was given to us was invaluable. You get out what you put in.
  11. This is such a solid event. I absolutely loved my experience and am so thankful to Jason and all the staff for the personal touch they give. For those of you who weren't able to go, here's 3 "little" takeaways from my weekend that I thought my be helpful. (I can't give away the big stuff....you've got to pay your money and show up for that...lol!) 1. Best Quote for Umpires aspiring to move up regardless of level. "When someone is trying to help make you better, just shut up and listen" - Jon Browar, MIAA Assigner 2. Best tip I had never heard at any camp before. "As a base umpire, while the infield is throwing the ball around before the first inning, go through the motions of getting in position to make a call at first. That way you are ready to go if there's a bang bang play on the first pitch of the game" - Rick Hammers, GLVC & MIAA Umpire 3. Best takeaway of the weekend. Just being reminded that umpiring really is a "brotherhood". If you missed it this year...don't let that happen next year!!
  12. I'm a HSM guy. I tried the Force3 HSM last season and was not a fan. It's smaller than many of the other offerings out there. I'd say Wilson and All-Star are still ahead when it comes to the HSM. I have several friends who like the Force traditional mask, but said the weight takes some getting used to.
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