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  1. Are we the only 2 in our area? I have recently join this site and got back into umpiring after a 14 year absence. I am trying to get into doing college baseball and doing the mid american umpire camp has deffintly open some doors for me. I have got the chance to do ku fall ball and have a couple more that I will be doing this month. I also did a washburn game as well. This past summer I did some central plain league games. 

    If you have any ideas of who I should contact I would be thankful. 

    I am in contact with Sean Bolte Jon Browar and Greg Harmon who is the one that got me the ku games. 


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    2. kylehutson


      Just thought of one other - majordave on this forum is from up near Leavenworth. Hasn't been on a lot lately, but a heck of a nice guy.

    3. Chris Lott

      Chris Lott

      Thanks. I do high school as well. I just thought there would be more umpires from our area on here. Do you know who to contact in kc? I have Phil Harris cell number as well as email address if you would like.

    4. kylehutson


      I don't have any real contacts in KC, except for the guy who got me started umpiring and then moved, but he's only doing high school and lives way out on the eastern outskirts of the MO side, so probably wouldn't do you any good.

  2. Chris Lott

    Chris Lott

  3. It is nice to see were other members are located in relation to me. It is a great tool
  4. I get emails from tap talk about questions submitted and I enjoy reading and seeing what others say in response.
  5. I find this a good source info for me. I am a paid member and with the discount that we get it has already paid for itself! I am going to enjoy being part of this site for years to come.
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