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  1. Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. Taking all the suggestions in the context of my situation, I definitely think there's an issue with my shin guards -- wearing down of the lower padding as well as perhaps their length. I'll definitely be replacing them prior to next spring's season and have a feeling that once I have a new pair, I'll wish I'd done so sooner. As for socks, right now I use regular long cotton socks pulled up over my shins and knee length compression shorts, which I typically tuck into the top of my socks. Maybe I'll look into another material of sock, too, as I doubt it helps the situation to have moisture building up in that area and rubbing against the skin at the same time as I'm constantly crouching up and down. To answer some of the other questions, no the area is not infected but yes, I have had small cases of eczema in the past (generally on my hands), so there's that. I may be more susceptible to something like this, but it's clearly equipment/gear-related vs. purely medical since it responds to treatment and mostly clears up over the winter. All that said, will be bringing it up next time I'm at the doctor. And no, JaxRolo, unfortunately I don't think my assigners would look kindly on a bases-only umpire, so I'll stick with solving the problem!
  2. I use the 3N2 low-top plate shoes and love the comfort and ease of mobility in them. Higher-tops might help, but from the responses here I'm thinking the issues have more to do with my shin guard situation as well as perhaps my socks.
  3. Not sure of the exact measurement but in researching at one point, they are the smaller size out of the dimensions generally offered. I am about 5-8.
  4. A relatively cheap pair of Rawlings guards. See photo attached. I don't even know the model -- I got a terrific deal on them and a couple other items nearly four years ago from a retiring umpire, but they're starting to outlive their usefulness. I'm just getting them through the fall season at this point.
  5. Hi all, I really wasn't sure which forum this would fit into, but I figured it was more equipment-related than anything else. For the past couple years as the season has progressed, I have developed a nasty-looking rash or irritation mark on the front of my lower ankle, just above where it meets the foot. The irritation is more pronounced on my left ankle than the right, but it has impacted both. See picture of left ankle below -- not a current photo, but from after the busy spring season. Getting back behind the plate for fall ball the past couple weeks brought the issue back to front of mind. I know it must have something to do with the way I crouch into position behind the plate, but my question is, has anyone else experienced this? And if so, any suggestions on how to combat it? I'm planning to buy new shin guards for next spring anyway as mine are really showing age, however aside from the specific guards (which, granted, may be something to consider), I was wondering if anyone typically tapes their ankles or engages in some other procedure to protect against this. I've tried band-aids with maybe some success, but limited. I may also want to re-evaluate the way I crouch into position, but that will take some practice. Any and all thought/suggestions are welcome -- again, I didn't know where to go with this, but hopefully a forum of fellow umpires can provide some feedback!
  6. I had a situation last week in Senior Ruth that I wanted to share with the masses. I had the plate, we had R2 and 2 outs, 2 strikes on the batter, and swinging strike 3 on a ball that bounced well in front of the plate and ricocheted hard off the catcher and down the first base line. The catcher jumped up, batter broke for first, but in his haste the BR ended up kicking the ball well into foul ground beyond the 1B dugout. I was momentarily and partially screened by the catcher and didn't make an immediate call, however before I could do anything my partner came running in signaling the BR 'out' for interference, which ended the inning. No one protested given how far the ball had been kicked. My take on this is that per 7.09(a), the BR making contact with the ball on a 'dropped-third' situation is not an automatic out if he merely grazes it and the catcher still has an opportunity to make a play, but where in this case the catcher had no chance at all, it would be interference - whether or not there was intent on the part of the BR Anyone care to weigh in?
  7. Yes to both questions. The "all black" was a sticking point for me when looking as I think it looks better than the white lettering. They are size 10-D, with the D referring to standard or average width.
  8. Yeah, I figure it is a fair price for a once-worn pair of shoes... Certainly not looking to cash in big! And if I can't sell them, I could certainly squeeze myself back into them in a pinch as a backup plan, too!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a pair of New Balance MU460 Plate Shoes for sale. They are black with black lettering, size 10-D (medium), see photos below. I bought them last May and literally wore them for one game at that time before I realized that I was a size too small. Due to circumstance I had to quickly obtain the correct size elsewhere yet never ended up returning or doing anything with this original pair, and frankly forgot about them. They've been sitting in their original box in my basement ever since and are in excellent shape with just the one game of use in them. Asking $80 plus shipping - I live in central MA. Message me if interested or if you have any questions I can answer. Thanks! AJ
  10. ​Thanks Hawkman, appreciate the feedback. I've personally never worn a cup in a compression short pouch and have received varying reviews on the comfort factor of that approach. That said, my old cup that I've had for years (I don't even know the brand) finally needed to be replaced on very short notice this past weekend, so I just picked up a Shock Doctor Bioflex with jock on sale at Dick's. That's been OK for a couple games so far, though it does seem a little bulkier than I would like. I'll see how it goes, I may just stick with it for the rest of this season at this point and switch to the Nutty next year.
  11. Thanks all for your comments -- I appreciate the feedback!
  12. Guys, forgive me if this has been asked somewhere before, but I could not find anything using the search. I'm wondering how many of you use the Nutty Buddy cup and what your thoughts are on it... How does it compare to a more "typical" cup, say the Shock Doctor? What do you usually wear under/with/over it? I am in the market for a new cup and compression wear and am trying to figure out which direction to go. Have read a handful of reviews online, but I want to get feedback from people who actually umpire on a regular basis.
  13. For my games each of the past three days I have tried tucking my undershirt into my shorts and then placing an old belt around my un-tucked umpire shirt. Then I tucked the umpire shirt into my pants. I really have noticed a positive difference in the way my shirts stay put over the course of the game. I don't want to use the old belt permanently, so I will likely try the Shirt Lock or Flex -- thanks for the suggestions!
  14. ​Thanks, I think I'm going to give it a try... Definitely going to start looking at some new CPs too...
  15. Thanks to all who posted pictures in this thread... I am likely soon to be in the market for a new CP and considering the positive feedback the Unequal seems to be getting, will definitely add it to my list of possibilities. I have a relatively small frame and am looking for something that will protect me but not look like it is devouring me. My current CP seems a little large especially now that I have dropped some pounds
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