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  1. How rare is it to see a sac bunt in the first inning of a high school baseball game? Sorry not a rules question, just figure you guys would be a great source for an answer to this question.
  2. ​according to him, he knows a lot more than you guys, hahaha, I still cannot believe anyone could see batter interference on this play. But there's always one I guess.
  3. ​I envy you if you're my opposite. Thank you for the reply.
  4. In the much watched video of the Minor League catcher drilling the batter in the gut with a throw to third, I have a "friend" who has umpired for 10 years and he INSIST this play was batter interference. I tried to direct him to this site to read the discussion about whether or not the catcher should have been tossed, but his reply was "I know the rules, I don't need to go to some website". Is there some rule he is reading everyone else is not?
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