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  1. I went to a spring training game thursday. Hunter Wendlestedt was behind the plate and he kept trying new mechanics. From box, scissors, point, hammer. Good thing came out of it though, i got his autograph and a baseball from him. And also mark Wegner autograph.
  2. I agree. I asked a few D1 guys and thats what they told me. And i still got an 84
  3. Youll be Fine Bill is a good guy, only thing i can suggest is keep your schedule updated and check your email everyday. It changes all the time. Im a local so he uses me when he can cause he wants people who travel to work. Another thing is try not to tell "war" stories, bill doesnt like that. But other than that you should be fine. Hopefully we get to work together.
  4. berns_97


    OK guys, here one for you. Happened yesterday. Catcher takes the throw and dives toward the plate. He gets the mitt on the ground and the runner slides into the mitt before hitting the plate. The catchers hand got hurt on the play and he immediately pulled his hand out of the mitt. After pulling his hand out of the mitt, the ball rolled out of the mitt and onto the ground. His other hand was never a factor during or after the play. What's the call? Would you have anything different had the hall stayed in the mitt? P.S. I ended up calling him out. help me out guys
  5. Im a college student and i make my schedule so i have an 8am class,which is a nightmare for a college student, and get out at 12-1 so i can have the afternoon/night to umpire. I stay pretty busy because when theres a 3pm game im one of the few people who can work it.
  6. berns_97

    Avoiding contact?

    in this situation i got nothing. unless the runner made malicious contact im not going to pick up the crappy end of the stick and call INT. Anyone agree?
  7. berns_97

    Cubs Win

    I stayed up until 4 am. I am in class right now and super sleepy, bad idea but worth every minute haah
  8. Headed to the airport for cooperstown! Im so excited, first going as a player and now going as a umpire. Cant wait. I hope im not the youngest haha but i probobly will be. Im looking forward to meeting you guys there
  9. berns_97

    Foul tip?

    I didnt know what to do so i initially called foul ball but was not 100% sure so i went to get help on how to rule it
  10. berns_97

    Foul tip?

    Thats what i thought as well but my buddy in the midwest league said it is a foul tip, so did my friend Sean Barber in AAA, but i still dont understand why, since the ball did hit his hand.
  11. berns_97

    Foul tip?

    This was HS Regional Quarter Final game. Im behind the plate. Top of the 1st, 2nd batter, 2-2 count. Ball comes inside, hits the knob of the bat, hits his hand and the catcher ends up catching the ball ( I know, it seems impossible but thats what happened) i come up and call "Time!" Im processing it at this moment, i call foul and then the home team coach starts coming out and before he reached me i said to him "Tony you can go back, im gonna talk to Ray and Ace" ( my 1st & 3rd base umpires). He said ok and went back to the dugout. So in the end, we ended up calling it a Foul tip and batte
  12. My partner called it but he did not signal
  13. *UPDATE* the head coach "Frank" got 6 weeks suspension... And a BIG fine.
  14. It slipped from my mind
  15. Second year doing High School and had first ejection. (Already had my 1st college ejection but thats a different story lol) Bottom of the 7th, bases loaded home team is down 2-1. Batter hits a pop-up to the shortstop, i did not see my base umpire call infield fly, the shortstop drops the ball and R3 advances home, the shortstop throws home but R3 beats it so i call him safe. I call time to clean the plate, and the visting team coach (lets call him Frank) comes up and says "I want to make a dead ball appeal that the runner that just came in didnt tag up to third on the infield fly." I tell
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