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  1. Are we talking youth ball, high school, DIII-DI? Should a guy that has been umpiring D1 baseball for 5 years, be paid more that a guy that gets released from AAA and moves into D1?
  2. How does the wendy material feel on your neck? Looks like it could be bothersome.
  3. Has anyone had their Honigs/Majestic Shirt with the white piping down the ribs tailored? If so were they able to keep the piping on the side when tailoring it?
  4. When play resumes the defense has the opportunity to appeal the runner missing home plate. If they fail to do so, the offensive run score for having "illegally" obtained the base.
  5. If your gonna do that, you might as well ask them if you can leave and they finish the game without you.
  6. Probably one of the most unprofessional ejections I've ever seen. If JH is so "respected" I doubt he has to tell a player "you better shut your fu--ing mouth." If Bob Davidson isn't aloud to get in a shouting match with Charlie Manuel, I'm sure the MLB won't condone what Hirschbeck did. Especially with ESPN and MLBN blasting it on repeat.
  7. Oldskool with the Jimmy Johns type delivery. Freaky fast.
  8. That looks like the one pictured? Or a normal one.
  9. Anyone know how to do this? Anyone know how to do this?
  10. I hate to bring up such an old thread, but what model are these?
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