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  1. I use chalk to chalk , meaning the inside of each batter's box across the plate. I find no issues from 16U down a long as you don't go.too high. Remember coaches can see vertical movement but not horizontal so call.strikes an grab everyone you can. Remember th plate is 17 wide but there arms are over 30 an so are the bats which amounts to 60"!!!! That's a hell of a zone If they like the pitch.
  2. I use a Honigs suit bag for all myuniforms, and extras. I also use the old Plus POS equipment bag. It's huge and you can fit anything in there. I often wonder if I would be better with either a new Wilson, Diamond, or Force 3 bag. Having compartments would help. But I don't change on site enough up here in the northeast so, putting uniforms in a bag may be counterproductive. Besides my uniform bag has 15 hangers of clothing. That will never fit in any bag out there I'm aware of.
  3. Often times when umpires first start out I don't think they realize the initial start up cost of equipment and uniforms. So combo pants will let you get started out of the gate and earn a few game fees back to cover your initial investment. However, if you are serious and aspire to work higher levels of baseball, then you should again invest in both plate an base pants. This way you will be accepted as serious by both your peers and assigners.
  4. I currently and have for 3 years wear Wilson wraparound Doeskin pads. I love them random not quite sure if TW is better.
  5. If you choose to be smitty, you'll end up looking sh@&ty. Always invest in your craft. A good mentor would have told you that.
  6. I hate typing on a kindle. I meant shirts, trousers, and jackets. Sorry.
  7. I use a Plus POS equipment bag that has wheels and a handle. It holds a ton of gear. I also use a goings garment bag.it keeps all your shirts,grouse r s,backpackers neat and on a hanger where I put them after ironing them myself. Works great an lasts a long time. Appearance to me, is vital to maintaining a command presence. But ultimately it's you knowledge o the game that Will see you through.
  8. From all I've learned and read about over the years it's this. You can pay now buying quality gear, or you can pay later at your Dr' s office. Either way you will probably gravitate towards th higher end gear in the long run. Just a matter of wasting money on co-pays, x-rays, MRI etc.. listen to these guys here. There's a wealth of knowledge that just may save you money, and some sore feelings to boot.
  9. I too had a BB2000, and it was a virtual furnace. Switched to a Wilson Platinum, and haven't looked back. I did love there shirts though.
  10. I love my pleated pants. I had my tailor sew in the front crease so it looks razor sharp at all times. You can machine wash and dry them an they come out looking dry cleaned! That said I still iron. OCD is hard to break.
  11. As a fellow Irishmen I love my sunscreen. I try not to'put it on.my face behind the dish cause I sweat like a w#@&e in church with it on.
  12. I have the Wilson Platinums with the double knee. They are literally bullet proof. Had them 6 years now and they still wear great. I'm thinking their heavier and warmer than many other models. I may just pull the trigger on a set of UE. I wil then use my Wilson's as a quality back-up just in case.
  13. Major I wear the Wilson doeskin wraparound pads and I love them. I've read slot of great reviews on the TW pads. I thought I was the last guy still using wraparound after all of the retro fit talk. Glad to know I'm not goin it alone.
  14. I disagree. Umpire uniforms are not athletic uniforms. They are uniforms that indicate a position of authority such as fire and police and therefore wearing a flag to show patriotism is appropriate. Ok am retired Marine Corps. And yes I wear an American Flag on the back of every shirt I have. I place it centered just below the collar. I don't preach nor push my opinion on others. But I am Damn proud and have no problem showing it.
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