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  1. My observations/opinions/experiences: 1. Make sure you know the situation before each pitch to try to avoid this issue. 2. If you called safe on this play because you were unaware of it being a force play at the time of the call, and you know all the elements were met by the the fielding team to record the out on the force play(except for your mistake), don't be afraid to get the call correct once you realize you had the situation wrong. If you aren't sure all the elements were met, then I believe you have to leave your call as is, even if it appears you may have been wrong. You can't guess. If this call had been changed, and the hitting team coach questions the reversal, it's an easy explanation. "I had the situation incorrect. I called safe originally because there was no tag on your runner. However, it was a force play at the plate as the bases were loaded. The catcher had his foot on home plate and possession of the ball prior to the runner touching the base. We have an out on the force play." 3. I had this learning experience myself. High school varsity game. R1 and less than 2 outs. Ground ball to F3. F3 steps on first base, I signal out, and then F3 makes a throw to second base. F6 has his foot on the bag and catches the ball about shoulder high just before the sliding runner touches second base. There was no attempt by F6 to tag the runner. I make a nice "out" call at second base with a big punch out. As soon as I did the confused look on F6 face made my brain click. It was not a force play at second. I knew F6 had not tagged the runner. I immediately called time, pointed at myself, pointed at second base, made an emphatic safe signal and returned the runner to second base. The fielding team coach didn't question the reversal. I know it won't always turn out like that. 4. It was nice how the coach handled this play with his team. I know he was on tv and mic'd up, but that wouldn't stop a lot of coaches from blowing a gasket. The fact they were up 10-0 at the time probably helped him keep his calm as well. 5. I wish I could have heard the conversation between the umpires.
  2. Seems like an issue that should be addressed by the association/assigner. If the powers that be don't have a problem with it, who am I to object. In our association I can't remember HSM/mask color ever being discussed. Hat color, shirt color, pant color, jacket color, shoe color, ball bag color are all discussed. Not ever masks that I'm aware of. I also have never seen one of our umpires wear anything other than a black HSM, black mask, or silver mask. I would think if someone wore something different(such as white) it would be addressed. My partner in a game last year was hit with a foul ball and broke his HSM. He borrowed one from one of the teams to finish the game. Two innings with a green helmet had no ill effects on our game.
  3. It's January for my high school association.
  4. I know we've got some Michigan guys here on umpire-empire. Any from Northern Michigan? I'll be heading out Friday to spend next week in Charlevoix, MI. My in-laws have had a home there since the 60's and we go up every couple of years to enjoy the cool summer air. Just thought if anyone was somewhat close by we could get together for a drink or something. We're planning on spending a day in Traverse City, including the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and a day on Mackinac Island as well. Other than that I'll be downtown eating a Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream cone or sitting on the front porch reading a book.
  5. ​I can't watch the video on my computer at work, but my assumption would be that it was strike 3 on the batter's swing and there were less than 2 outs. Batter is out for striking out and runner is out for the interference.
  6. Watching this play live my thought was that the plate umpire could not see him catch and subsequently release the ball from his glove into the dugout. He would have thought the pitch hit off the catcher and rolled into the dugout. Also, the catchers back was toward the Texas bench on the play. I'm not sure the Texas coaches could see the catch and release either. Would have had a similar angle to the plate umpire. They may not have known there was anything to question on the play.
  7. My JUCO assigner(he's also the head of high school officials in MS) is going to be working the UCSB regional. It's fun to know someone who is working at that level.
  8. Enjoy! I don't think there are any games better to call than high school playoffs. Congrats!
  9. Last weekend our local travel ball park, Snowden Grove, hosted the Mid-South USSSA Super NIT. The 12 and 13 year old division finals were televised on MLB.com. I had the dish on the 13 year old game. We ran a 4 man crew and we had about 5 minutes to pregame prior to walking out onto the field. One of the guys I work with frequently, the other two it was my first time to work with them. It went well except for one (double) call on a bounding ball hit down the 3rd base line, which was most likely due to our very abbreviated pregame. We had been rained out on Saturday, so the championship game was the 4th of the day for one team and 5th of the day for the other. One team had left Huntsville, AL at 4am and was playing their 5th game of the day until just after 11pm. It was my 4th game of the day, and 2nd in a row behind the dish. The kids were tired and both teams had used all their pitching to get to the finals. The umpires were tired as well. I debated as to whether I should post the video or not. I have used it to see some things I need to work on. I decided who better to add critique than the fine gentlemen on this site. Don't be too mean. And as a caveat, Gerry Davis pants are the standard for this complex and the pink shirts were requested by the UIC for Mother's Day. http://m.mlb.com/video/v110811583/?query=Usssa
  10. Free shipping on orders over $25 at Honigs right now. I ordered a new set of Team Wendy's this morning.
  11. That's when you're thankful for time limits and maximum runs per inning rules. My son plays 9-10 rec baseball. I am glad we have a 7 run per inning limit. 10 walks is tough to sit through in one inning, but we've done it more than once this year. We played a game last week in which a ball was not put into play by either team until the bottom of the 3rd inning. At the time the score was 13-0.
  12. ​That's the one I have. It is now my favorite piece of gear. Thunderheads, I'm not sure which version it is. I'll see if it has anything on it that tells me.
  13. This is my 3rd season with my Shock Doctor cup. Until last night it had not been tested. 6A high school varsity playoff quarterfinal game. Lefty pitcher throwing mid 80's. Catcher sets up outside for an 0-2 pitch and I'm set up inside in the slot. Pitcher bounces a fastball inside that the catcher can't get to. Hits me square in the cup. It was loud. An "ooooooo" from both dugouts. Catcher jumps around to check on me and is apologizing profusely. I didn't feel a thing. I had been pleased to not have the Shock Doctor tested previously, but now that it has been I know it does the job. I can now say I'm a pleased customer.
  14. I had a high school playoff game last week in which I had to explain the appeal ruling to a head coach. Runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out. Fly ball to center field. Ball is caught by the centerfielder(2 outs). Runner on 3rd tags and scores after the catch. Runner from 1st had rounded 2nd base headed for 3rd base. After the catch he heads back to 1st base, but the throw from the centerfielder beats him back to the bag(3 outs). The runner touched home plate well before the appeal at 1st base. I point at the plate and announce the run scores on the timing play. He can't understand why. He says it was a force play at 1st base, and the run can't score on the force out. I tried explaining that, in fact, it wasn't a force out, but an appeal for leaving the base prior to the ball being touched by the outfielder. Appeal plays are timing plays, thus the run counts since he touched home plate before the out was recorded. He didn't want to buy what I was selling, but he sees he's not going to win and heads to the dugout shaking his head in disbelief with no further incident.
  15. law_reb


    The regular season has ended here in Mississippi(a few teams do have make up games Monday or Tuesday). Playoffs start Thursday. We play best of 3 series in each round of our playoffs. I received my assignments for the first round tonight. I'm on the dish Thursday for a 4A game 1, and on the dish again on Friday for a 6A game 2. This is my favorite time of year.
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