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  1. It is virtually the same except for the obvious changes, the harness is much better and certainly useable, I think I'll try the Razzer harness and see which I like better. The biceps protection does nothing for me and are already off. What I thought was going to be an upgrade, something I thought I would like, were the plastic connectors, I don't. I've had t-hooks for so long I'm sort of spoiled I guess. I think I can finally sell my gold.
  2. I order most of my stuff from UA, in fact I tried to order this cp from Jim, out of stock. I went so far as to ask to be notified when they were back in stock, I was but by the time I got home they were gone. I have the original and love it, that's going to a friend of mine, provided of course that I like the upgraded version as much.
  3. I might have been that guy, ordered it yesterday, it shipped today, hoping it's the new version, I'll let you know soon.
  4. Did any of you guys see Hunter W. Get hit and go down yesterday? Boston - Cleveland, It was a missed warm-up pitch, really surprised it dropped him. He finished the half inning then was talked into calling it a night.
  5. I use the silver diamond, I also use both the all stars, the 2000 & 4000. I also have a dyna lite I don't wear as often. The dyne lite is loaded with black wrap around pads, the diamond and the all stars have the luc all star pads. I tried team Wendy and just didn't like them, I'm still amazed that more of you don't use the all star luc pads.
  6. Razzer, just sent you a e-mail.
  7. I'm waiting on mine from Razzer as we speak, got the harness today, great product, have to retro fit it to my schutt soon. I just hope there isn't a problem with the holders, one for me, one for a buddy. I hope to hear from him soon.
  8. You still have the cp harness for sale?

    1. Razzer



      Email me rbumpire37@gmail.com

    2. sri8527


      You will here from me shortly. 

    3. Razzer
  9. I just received mine, can't wait to wear it, incredibly light. The delta flex harness has spoiled us all, my mission is to try and retro fit my schutt with the delta flex. I have some ideas but still not sure exactly what I'll do. I do know that I will figure something out though. The delta flex is too good a product not to.
  10. I used a shoelace to keep them tucked.
  11. Lester's upstate sports has a padded mask bag, perfect size, the only issue I have is if you put your mask away "wet" it won't dry. I let mine air dry in the house, in the bag, in my equipment bag when transporting. The thing i like the most though is on those days that I just don't feel like putting stuff away at the end of the day, I can place the mask in the bag, put it in the trunk, and it won't get nicked up.
  12. i will agree to disagree and leave it at that, i made the point i wanted too make and that is how i would handle it, YMMV thanks
  13. thanks rich, was taught and always believed we shouldn't "ask" for more information, that it was up to the defense to tell you what they were appealing. I just don't like the idea of asking, in the OP do you first ask, are you appealing the first runner or second? F4, ans. second, ok, are you appealing whether he failed to touch second on the way by, or are you appealing whether he left first early? ans. he failed to touch second? safe. F4, ok now I want too appeal that he left first early? totally different appeal at a different base so I would (should) allow both appeals? now do I have an out at first? I do understand this is really extreme but where do we draw the line? I am not trying too be being difficult, just how I see this OP. I still want to know how they took the run off the board?
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