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  1. I finally ordered the Gerry Davis 11.5 bags and they work very well for softballs - they are not quite as deep as others and therefore softballs are easier to pull from the bag quickly. The hems on the beltloops are not tacked or sewn inside and so when I thread the belt through, I sometimes have to push the folded under pieces back in. Nic
  2. Had a terrible game tonight and looking for some help. I'm in my 3rd year and still lack some confidence with calling illegal pitches. Had this team 2 weeks ago and I watched and studied this pitcher and was all but sure she was leaping when delivering. Did some more research in the interim and was 100% convinced that every time she throws it is illegal. Had conversation with my partner before tonight's game. He has far more experience than me and I told him the situation. He advised and I concurred that we not make it an issue unless and until other team saw it. It didn't take long.
  3. Can anyone recommend a ball bag that works well for softballs?
  4. Just discovered the Velcro on my Wilson memory foam pads are doing this to all my shirts
  5. JV baseball tonight - one catcher doesn't have a clue about catching the ball and I took a fastball directly to me forearm. I staggered and went to my knees for a couple of minutes and then finished the game. My wife/nurse thinks I may have fractured it. I'll find out more in the morning but I'm curious if anyone has worked with a casted left arm? Nic
  6. I think I discovered the source of the snagging. I believe the velcro ends of my hask harness are catching and pulling on my shirt fabric when I hold my mask. Time for the gaffers tape!
  7. Since it's on the left side on every shirt, it's got to be where the harness on the West vest is sticking out or something like that. Funny thing is, though, none of my navy baseball shirts have it.
  8. My powder blue shirts are all pilling on the left side. It must have something to do with my West vest and my left arm when behind the plate...and more righty hitters than lefties. Anyway, just wondering if there are any shirts that are less prone to pilling. I have it happening to Honigs, Smitty and Cliff Kean. Nic
  9. I wear combos behind the plate with no problems whatsoever. If plate pants are even bigger and roomier, I don't understand the insistence on wearing them over combos.
  10. What IS the difference between combo and plate pants?
  11. Can anyone tell me if the Honig and Smitty pullovers are sized differently or pretty similar? Nic
  12. And yes, the slide was legal and F4 dropped the throw
  13. He had achieved 2nd. He was getting up in an effort to achieve 3rd when he was unable to take a step because F4 was on top of him. So, I'm thinking that he probably should have been awarded 3rd by rule.
  14. R1 & R2 as B1 hits a ground ball to F3. F3 throws to F4 who takes the throw at 2B. The runners slide knocks him off his feet and onto R1 who attempts to get up and advance but is unable to do so because of F4 laying injured on top of his legs. I called obstruction and the play came to an end with no further action. We then called time and partner and I agreed to leave R1 at 2B given the fact that F4 was injured. I know, by rule, we probably should have awarded R2 a base but wondering if this was the right way to handle the situation? Nic
  15. And whether or not the offense leaves the field has no bearing in this situation? Nic
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