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  1. unfortunately it is just a misdemeanor there
  2. While it wasn't a player, it made my day when a pitching coach remembered my name and asked a question respectfully after the bottom of the 4th. The pitching coach was Phil Niekro, so that didn't hurt.
  3. half an hour....though I had one school that decided to water the infield between games (not sure why after all the monsoons we had that month) and they broke a valve....and no not a water hose valve, a fire hose valve behind the mound. It took quite some time to control the swamp that had become of the infield.
  4. I had to have back surgery last month so it is odd that I can't even thing about getting on a field at the moment.
  5. I will admit that my partner was less than prepared to umpire games. He made a ruling on a runner being safe at third. Bases were loaded so it was his call and I’m not going to have anything to add. Coach was told that’s enough 3 times and eventually gives my partner the California Howdy and I toss him. Sportsmanship was covered in pregame, he was still on the field and while he gave him the #1 sign. Thank you for playing
  6. I suppose you could leave them in the car, but you will do a heck of a lot of walking to get a uniform for each game. When I was there last year I was getting wifi coverage in the bunkhouse 33B. That had not been the case the year prior though. You can normally work as many games as you want. I averaged 3 a day for the first 4 days last year. The fields will schedule a 2 man crew but you can go 3 and 4 man to work on new skills. It gets cold. Granted I have always been up there in week 1, but my first time it was 93 when I left Georgia and 53 when I got there. Add some rain to that and you will want a jacket. Black jackets seem to be in short supply up there. I've been there three times and I have seen 18 year olds and a 93 year old. There is a wide assortment so I have no clue what to tell you about the average.
  7. I'm glad I haven't had the displeasure of working with jackasses such as yourself. You seem to be creating more problems than you solve.
  8. At CDP, @Umpirechick1 and I are on field 1
  9. Yes. In Fed and many like it, this courtesy runner can ONLY be used for the pitcher. A different courtesy runner will have to be used for the catcher.
  10. Getting further "IN" in reference to the slot is a tactic to see the outer corner better.
  11. Consider yourself lucky. The last order I made with them, they lost.
  12. Acpar, I will have a proposition for you via pm at asking price.
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