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  1. I understand that we're scowering our heads to find the proper rule interpretation for this situation, but we must remember who's at fault -- the PU. At the plate meeting he must inspect the lineups, especially when a team uses the DH. They are not batting out of order, the lineup is incomplete and incorrect. Fix the problem and continue. Hopefully the PU will use this as a learning experience and never make this mistake again. Here is a citing from JR regarding lineups and the plate meeting: The plate umpire must ascertain that the original cards have no obvious, inadvertent errors.
  2. jnazz

    Play I saw

    I know I'm terribly late in posting for this situation, but early on in the postings the JEA situation was noted. I'm sitting with the 2007 Evans Diamond Challange and the exact situation has a completely opposite ruling. My book reads: 7.09(j) The catcher has the right of way to field the ball. Unless the catcher intentionally obstructs, the ball is dead and the batter-runner is out for interfernce.
  3. Traditional Mask: Wilson Titanium Helmet: N/A Chest Protector: Wilson Platinum Leg Guards: Wilson Platinum Umpire Accessory: Honig's Ball Bags Shirt: Honig's UA Ultimate Slacks: Honig's Polywools for look and GD for comfort Shoe: Reebok Plate: NB Equipment Bag: Evans Training Aid: J/R
  4. More specific. Do you want one where the runner missed home plate well ahead of the third out, or right as the third out's made? Are you wanting the mechanics for scoring/not scoring the run or the 4th out appeal? I want a mechanic for what to do in a "4th out" situation. Specifically, the original "4th out" situation in this topic. I am aware of what to do if the defense properly appeals a "4th out". My issue is whether we tip off the defense (by announcing "Run Scores!") or not. I have found several time play situations in JR's 100 Problems Manual (ie: Runner returning to touch
  5. So I see that there's a lot of conflicting opinions. Does anyone have any manual situation or resource regarding a "4th out" appeal like this one? I searched through my Evans and Wendelstedt books and found nothing. JR has the play and correct ruling but no mechanic tips.
  6. Had one in a college game this season.
  7. The following is a situation taken from JR. EG: R1, R3, one out, home team at bat, fifth inning. Squeeze play; runners stealing on the pitch. The batter attempts to bunt over the head of the charging first baseman. He pops the ball over the first baseman's head, but the pitcher makes a spectacular catch (taking attention away from R3). R3 touches home as the catch is made. He sees that R1 will be out easily, and he proceeds quietly to his dugout. The pitcher tosses the ball to first base for an easy retouch appeal, and R1 is the third out. The pitcher's trainer and manager sprint ont
  8. My first instinct was 10 cents but I knew it was a thinker. So I came up with 5 cents after thinking it through for a second. So what does that say about me?
  9. Any mention of a previous call from another game is automatic. Good dump.
  10. I had a similar experience with +POS this Spring. I ordered several shirts from them in the first week of April. After 3 weeks I hadn't received my order so I started calling and emailing Dan. I did not receive any email responses and only got his machine when phoning. I left him several telephone messages with no call backs. Finally, 5 weeks after the original order and after 2 weeks of countless unreturned emails and phone calls, I contacted Visa and they started investigating the disputed charge. Visa told me it usually takes approx. 6-8 weeks to get disputed charges reversed. My car
  11. Correction, up here in Canada we wear charcoal for baseball. In BC heather is only mandated for Provincials and Nationals. I'd only assume the other provinces work the same way. As long as you match your partner, you can wear whatever you want.
  12. jnazz

    On-Deck Batter

    Where does the first batter of the inning need to be when warming up? I was working a Legion U19 doubleheader on the weekend. In my plate game I noticed the first batter of the inning (for the home team only) was creeping towards the plate to better time the pitcher. Before the first inning he was just outside the dirt circle and the leadoff hitter in the second inning tried to warm up in the circle. I immediatly shut it down and restricted them to the on-deck circle until we were ready. The HC didn't notice my actions in the first inning but immediatly came out to argue when he saw it
  13. I think you may want to re-consider your pricing. All new Honig's heather grey pants are under $50 brand new. $15-$20 may be more realistic.
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