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  1. Just remember, it matters when R1 touches 3B and the ball goes OOP. If he touched it before the ball went OOP and not HP yet, he can return to touch 2B. If he touches 3B after the ball goes OOP, then he cannot return to touch 2B legally. Key word... he can physically, but not legally..LOL
  2. nope.. this is a double play.. yes r2 was OBS.. but since there was not a play being made on him it will not make a difference.. Also i know in fed the signal... but please don't put out your left arm and hold it there.. that looks LL ish.....just point and say "that's OBS"
  3. I have the balk video, how did you put it on your phone?
  4. The problem is with an explanation like that, a myth is being perpetuated. It may have stopped him but for the wrong reason. The better, more appropriate response would have been the batter did nothing to interfere and F2 tried to make the batter interfere. Whether it stopped him or not is beside the point. The response would have been better supported by the rules if a protest is filed and the coach would know better if one of his batter's, while still in the box, gets called out for INT. At least, he would know his argument of "both feet in the box" is not a valid one even if he tried to
  5. All of my clothes are folded up in the bottom.. I am too lazy or smart to carry around 2 bags..LOL
  6. Make sure you come over and find me..so I have a face with the name,,,and thanks for coming.
  7. Losing weight, so i look like a Athletic Umpire... cause that is what They want...LOL
  8. I wear a "low Profile mask" have been hit a few times, but nothing big happen... I for one want to see some research done..LOL Buy it you'll like it.
  9. BTW the following is for the positing players..LOL Pitcher F1 Catcher F2 1st baseman F3 2nd baseman F4 3rd baseman F5 SS F6 LF F7 CF F8 RF F9 hope this helps.:kissass:
  10. I wish there was a way we can sign a petition to get Tim off the air.. he is an idiot... I cant believe he played the game, he is clueless sometimes.
  11. mazzamouth


    please dont ever do this in a game... the kid gets run over, to bad.. by you putting your hands on a kid, your opening your self up for a lawsuit. And if your one of "those" umpires who think it won't happen.. it will.
  12. Dumbdumb, they are teaching that if that PU doesn't see this, to kill it right away, but the BU better be 100% sure, but the manager can come out to get the PU ruling on the play, and what you said is nothing wrong, ( telling the coach that if the ball hit the players foot some one would have killed it)... I thought it was handled correctly.. heck even with the infrared we are still not a 100% sure it hit his foot.
  13. Infrared frickin red.. GTFOOH.. this is getting crazy...
  14. Our rules guy who is our Chief Instructor is believed to be one of the top 5 rules guys in the country, Big leaders still call him to ask him rules..Harry's will teach you how to apply the rules on the field as well and knowing them.. Yea maybe at Harry's we didnt take 700 questions for rules test, cause we spent the rest of our time on the field learning to Umpire and apply those rules.. Also ask the Umpireschool guy on here he will answer any of your questions.
  15. Harry's also does fungo's...LOL If you want to sleep on the beach and wake up everyday and look out your window and see the sun rise over the eastern shores of Florida go to Harrys' If you want to learn better mechanics go to Harry's If you want to have fun, learn the rules and become a better umpire.. go to Harry's.. Do you see where Im going with this.. Also are you going to for a chance at a Pro Job? Not sure if James has been to one of the schools, But I have some really good buddies who went to Jim's last year.. Pm me if you have questions
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