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  1. I got you beat. I made a kid cry in a varsity HS game a few years back. Smaller city team played a large city team and this kid was the smaller city's starting pitcher. The kid was frustrated because he was two balls off the plate and I wasn't giving it to him. When he hit later he struck out looking at a pitch on (you guessed it) the outside corner. When he started his warm-ups he was sobbing like a little puss. I couldn't believe it! I saw him this past spring as a pitcher for a small college team. He must have switched to Johnson's shampoo because . . . . . . no more tears! Ha!
  2. midmoump

    IR rant

    HOORAY for instant replay!!!! I WANT to work some BS youth game that has a two hour time limit and instant replay! What a blessing! I would ask for it CONSTANTLY! I would ENCOURAGE IT! Me: "He's out!" Coach: That's ok, Johnny. He only got you by a step. Me: OOOOOH! That sounds like a challenge! Let's go to the film! We would have one hour of baseball, one hour of replay, and I get paid the same! How cool is that? Of course, all replays must take place in the shade with a cold drink in my hand. Coaches and fans and MLB and ESPN should be careful what they wish for! Baseball has an
  3. Yes. I too live in the bizzaro world called marriage. *sigh*
  4. Ah! Thanks for the correction. I guess it would have scrambled if it had hit the toe box! Pete
  5. Dix, thank you! I recently commandeered a closet for umpire gear and I was told that "No one else has this many umpire shirts!" Ha! I was able to FINALLY win an argument at my house! Pete
  6. I agree with you completely. I think the disappointment lies in the expectation that the umpire will not feel anything when a ball strikes the steel toe. My expectation was that my toes were encased in steel, so I was completely safe. I have been hit while wearing Reeboks and the New Balance plate shoes, and both times it hurt! This surprised me, especially after viewing the New Balance video where a baseball was fired into the toe and an egg placed in the toe box was unharmed. Pete
  7. I'm just trying to learn when I ask this...when the manager comes out to ask about this, how do you articulate what you have? More than "I have him out." Thank you. I'd answer it this way, "The runner poped up while the fielder was trying to make the tag. They collided and your guy came off the bag. He's out." Blah, blah, blah. "He wasn't forced. It was a collision. It happens." Blah. Blah. Blah. Piss. Moan. Whine. "You're done." -Pete
  8. One of my favorite legal quotes comes from a hornbook on torts by Professors Prosser and Keeton. Speaking on the intentional tort of battery: In a crowded world, a certain amount of personal contact is inevitable and must be accepted. Absent expression to the contrary, consent is assumed to all those ordinary contacts which are customary and reasonably necessary to the common intercourse of life, such as a tap on the shoulder to attract attention, a friendly grasp of the arm, or a casual jostling to make a passage. . . . When a runner attempts to acquire a base, a certain amount of conta
  9. Aw, just amusing myself. Pete
  10. The baseball rules. They're mine. [media=] And I've come to the right place!
  11. 1. Pitcher must always take signs from the catcher only and must do do so while contacting the rubber. 2. If the pitcher takes signs from anyone, he must do so while contacting the rubber. (Jim Booth interp) 3. The pitcher does not have to take signs or may take them from anyone at anytime other than the catcher. However, if he takes signs from the catcher, he must do so while contacting the rubber. Even at the hs level I see pitchers getting defensive signals from the ss. Is that a "sign?" HTF should I know? The only reasonable interp is Rich's #3. Pete
  12. I'm in contact with Jason and I'm told the cp is coming soon. I've also been assured that the shoulder area has been reworked. They are very excited about this new product and they want to have it reviewed "soon." Pete
  13. :jerkit: Diaz should be held accountable! Accountable I say! Has anyone noticed how vocal the players and managers are this year? I think MLB umpires should start talking to the press. Imagine what they could say about a ballgame. . . "I think Russ is a pretty good guy, he just can't hit to save his life. I noticed tonight his batting average on the scoreboard. Wow. He should probably think more about hitting and less about how the ball is getting back to the pitcher. And how about that 2-2 fastball that Trumbo went yard on in the fourth? What a bonehead call! Nova couldn't locate to sa
  14. Agree, Wegner should have warned as a matter of game management. However, everyone on the field knew why Pierzynski got doinked, so that should have been the end of it. Agree, when the pitch behind the batter is that obvious, immediate EJ. It is also a strong statement that any more BS will not be tolerated. Agree, Harrelson likes the attention. Pete
  15. midmoump

    Anyone see this?

    Late to the party, as usual. . . A Baseball Puritan, LOL. My religion is Baseball Orthodoxy: we believe in a strict interpretation of Rule 1.01! Personally, I don't get FED at all. No fake tags, verbal interference, slide directly to the bag. . . all in the name of safety? So what about a fake bunt? The purpose is to draw the corners in to an unsafe distance and then knock off a head, right? What about a steal of home? When has that ever been "safe?" Why are metal cleats allowed? Ever seen a spike wound? My point is, FED talks out of both sides of its mouth. Most of the "safe
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