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  1. "young girls they do get wooly" Thta's gold, right there, given the direction of this thread....
  2. I don't know that we "need" to get that.
  3. If there's no such thing as a routine DP, why do we get 2 on a FPSR?
  4. Where is the prejudice? Plenty of stupidity, but I didn't hear ant racial remarks.
  5. He could have gone a step or 2 inside the line. Or he could have done what he did. 50-50
  6. i've always thought the safe signal at first gave an advantage to the offense (who missed the base!), and how is it any different from the home plate mechanic ( not interested in semantic arguments about the difference between touching first and touching home). But i'm more interested in the description of the MiLB'er as "stud muffin". Details....
  7. I am, and I haven't even read the post yet!
  8. 15 innings is the cure?? You're feeling better about THAT than you should!!
  9. I agree. It's bothering you more than it should
  10. bam

    Handling Coaches

    How about "Skip, what did you see?" Let him answer a question, not dictate the conversation. If he doesn't want to tell you, then the conversation is over. You'll be surprised how often that works.
  11. 2 games in a day is enough. i remember my days of doing 8 hockey games in a day. SMH.
  12. my father loved "The Bowery Boys" Who?
  13. Why on God's green earth did HP give a ball to the manager he just ejected to bring back out to the mound???
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