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  1. "young girls they do get wooly" Thta's gold, right there, given the direction of this thread....
  2. I don't know that we "need" to get that.
  3. If there's no such thing as a routine DP, why do we get 2 on a FPSR?
  4. Where is the prejudice? Plenty of stupidity, but I didn't hear ant racial remarks.
  5. He could have gone a step or 2 inside the line. Or he could have done what he did. 50-50
  6. i've always thought the safe signal at first gave an advantage to the offense (who missed the base!), and how is it any different from the home plate mechanic ( not interested in semantic arguments about the difference between touching first and touching home). But i'm more interested in the description of the MiLB'er as "stud muffin". Details....
  7. I am, and I haven't even read the post yet!
  8. 15 innings is the cure?? You're feeling better about THAT than you should!!
  9. I agree. It's bothering you more than it should
  10. bam

    Handling Coaches

    How about "Skip, what did you see?" Let him answer a question, not dictate the conversation. If he doesn't want to tell you, then the conversation is over. You'll be surprised how often that works.
  11. 2 games in a day is enough. i remember my days of doing 8 hockey games in a day. SMH.
  12. my father loved "The Bowery Boys" Who?
  13. Why on God's green earth did HP give a ball to the manager he just ejected to bring back out to the mound???
  14. Gross. That's his name. (insider Red Sox joke)
  15. Ah. But then when the slate is clean, they continue to behave badly..... What then?
  16. It's softball. Nobody takes it seriously anyway....
  17. bam

    Partner From Heck

    ​I dunno about between innings, but that's not a conversation I start if I'm not the one making the call
  18. Do citizens of any other country use the phrase "A citizen of the world"? Other than citizens of Greece, maybe - for those of you following news of the world..........
  19. Plate HAS to get this call , assuming only R1. BU takes the throw from 2d to 1st. With no throw, it's BU's call. Plate has got to get out from behind the plate.
  20. ​There's nothing "mini" about that ledger
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