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  1. The officiating crew got into the throwback spirit in the Indiana vs. Louisville game today. Have you ever donned a retro uniform before? If so, share your pictures! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Updated link: https://bsbproduction.s3.amazonaws.com/portals/10758/docs/umpire publications/2016 girls softball umpire manual.pdf
  3. Still a few years away from finding my place in the night sky Heck, I'm still a year or so from those railroad tracks. But, if you're told you get to learn to drive and shoot a tank, you can't turn that opportunity down, no matter what's on your collar!
  4. BU: Fist bump partner, hustle down the line to the grass. When we're ready for play, I walk up to the bag and give it a small adjustment kick, and walk backward to my spot giving the PU the double pistols with the biggest smile possible to indicate I'm ready. PU: Before giving the game ball to the pitcher, I stretch with hands up to face and elbows out, look away and give the ball a quick kiss, and then toss it to the pitcher. It looks like I'm just preparing to throw, but I sneak a little peck in as it passes my face. And now that I feel like the Tinman without it, I get a good pr
  5. Got the call for a couple of solo MS softball games, and was reminded of this fun tidbit from last spring. I'll refer to the teams by color, for a smidge of anonymity for the girls. Background: School Purple and School Blue are old-time rivals, going back over 100 years. I am a School Blue alumni, yet have called games for School Purple for years. I'm also the UIC for the Town Blue Girls Softball Association, so I'm surprised at how many of these parents have no clue who I am. We had one little jumble in a play at the plate. Purple in the field, Blue on offense. Catcher moving t
  6. Last year, instead of calling balls and strikes, I was learning how to drive and shoot a tank. This year, as of a phone call tonight, I have been named the Umpire-in-Chief of our local summer softball organization. With this big honor comes big responsibilities, such as finding, training, assigning, and evaluating our crew. When I left, here is the state of our officials: No training. Two sets of shared equipment left in the concession stands overnight. A t-shirt with the league logo on the front and "UMPIRE" printed on the back, and a suggestion (that was rarely followed) of khaki s
  7. ​It actually works with a protector under it well! You just have to make sure you get the right size. I wear a M shirt, so I wore a L when behind the plate. ​ I wasn't afraid he fashion police would be there to critique, I was just curious to see what some of the people here would do if presented with this. Me? I wore it, and enjoyed it. I have worked for this league for a while and pushed for them to get their umpires some sort of shirt to wear. Previously, I would be wearing a standard uniform with a partner wearing gym shorts and a cut-off. It not only made us look like a mess of a p
  8. When getting scheduled for games with my old league organizer, he asked my shirt size. "Finally!" I thought, they are getting their umpires shirts to at least pretend to look uniform. When I got to the field, I was handed two of these. My question to you is, would you don this shirt to match your partner for the evening, or would you refuse the league shirt and wear one of your own polos? What if you are working solo?
  9. I spent all of last summer working for the media staff of the Southern Ohio Copperheads, a premiere wood bat team in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, and didn't get a chance to hit the field. This season, I've been at Fort Benning, GA since January for some fun fun training, and just got back this week. One of my first phone calls was to my league director asking if there were any games left, and last night I was back on the field! High school summer softball league, two games in two and a half hours, not a single complaint or agitation, and very good ball. Couldn't ask for a better
  10. I get asked my zone all the time. I tell the closet kid to hold his bat straight out, then point straight up, then reach behind him. It usually ends with a chuckle from the coach (and an acknowledgement that we're not discussing that) and a wide-eye look from the kid. And they're swinging the bats the rest of the night - On the EJ, I'm coming after the "have to be from somewhere." Don't accuse me of being a homer. I'm also (outside of previous context) leaving "there's no way that missed" alone. It's a knee jerk reaction that shows disagreement alone, and as long as it's not paired
  11. Not to dive in this mess, but I'll throw a couple pennies into the jewelry part of the discussion. 1. Summer league middle school ball where our town frequents for tournaments. Kid dives back to the base. His Livestrong band gets caught on the corner of the bag, completely snapping his wrist. His season was over. 2. Local summer rec league, HS girls. F5 playing shallow. Line drive hits her ear, driving the tiny earring back into the soft spot behind the ear. Her mother had to dig the earring out of her neck on the field. We 100% enforce no jewelry of any kind.
  12. Sanitary ? Other colors are unsanitary ? Cotton generally cleans better than Under Armor type stuff. Any non-cotton undershirts I've had tend to not release all of the odor under the sleeves even after multiple washings. You must really put out some powerful odor! Mine clean up just fine. Being in the Marching 110 and a varsity cheerleader at Ohio University (not at the same time, but two years of each), OU has a Russell contract, so maybe it's just a problem with their products specifically. And to clarify, it's more of my deodorant smell that remains, however my cotton shirts only sme
  13. Sanitary ? Other colors are unsanitary ? Cotton generally cleans better than Under Armor type stuff. Any non-cotton undershirts I've had tend to not release all of the odor under the sleeves even after multiple washings.
  14. I'm not saying that at all. The OP said what would YOU want to see as prerequisites, and when anyone applies for a scholarship/job, the person giving usually gives to the most qualified/has the best resume. Personally, I would like to see that if someone showed the achievement of completing college, it would be beneficial to competing for the prize, in this case a scholarship. I don't think you need it to be a great umpire, but I think it does help show your drive and work ethic.
  15. Our league does white undershirts. It's light, cool, and sanitary. And a pack of five runs like 10 bucks at Walmart.
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