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  1. What size you looking for? . . . I've got more Majestic and Honig's new stuff than I'll ever use 🙂 pm me if you want to.
  2. Not LL ?? , sorry, Yes LL.. Unless I’m misunderstanding you?
  3. Personally know 2 umps involved in doing that. 1 confessed a few years after the other one died. To answer your direct question, it’s who you know in “the powers to be” that needs money “ for personal reasons” that later became known.
  4. . . . unless you buy your way to Regionals or WS. 🤣
  5. Umps don't get paid (officially) . . . unless the Leagues and Umps go "rouge". LL still will penalize the Umps that do somewhere down the line. 😠
  6. Yeah, it's the "when in Rome" theory . . . but when you get out of there, it's do as you do. :Search for mechanics (littleleague.org)
  7. Here ya go. Call ‘em I’m sure they’ll appreciate the info 🤣 860 585 4730
  8. There is no such thing as "consistency" within LL (Williamsport) Umps from any starting point. eg, regular season thru LLWS. I don't care if they've been trained at LL Clinics. You will ALWAYS hear: "They're VOLUNTEER Umpires" has become a lame excuse for many of them.
  9. So YOU'RE not wearing YOUR plate coat because of him??? . . . "Shirley" you jest!
  10. Nope. Saw all kinds of "non calls" and no challenges today. Unreal. and NOT all the Umps faults. You must have missed seeing the Hawaii ambidextrous pitcher with a sleeve on pitching arm and changing arms while pitching.
  11. Ha! Yeah, LL is real good at “sidestepping” rather than going “head first” to get it right at times 🤣🤪
  12. The only way to resolve this issue / question is to contact Williamsport via email and directly and specifically name the game, the play, and the call as to why that call was or was not correct. You’ll probably hear back from Cathy Lusk or Tom Rollins. Post the response when you get it. 😊
  13. Ya gotta love some of these "commentators" (??). I'm paraphrasing a few remarks: " . . . pitchers have to adjust to each umpires' strike zone . . . I guess this one wants some part of the ball over the plate" . . . " it was called a fair ball because the 3rd baseman was standing in fair territory" . The ball was rolling up 3rd base line just on the outside edge of the foul line and touched by the fielder. From the viewing angle shown, IMO, the call could have gone either way but was called fair. It's the remark that was made. 🙂 Where do they get these people??? . . . and I wonder if they get paid to "commentate" ?
  14. As some of you do, you jump to conclusions. I in no way made any insinuation towards the Umps! They were very good the game I watched and I was told the other crew was also very good. I think Tborze has an acceptable insight . . . "Defense".
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