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  1. What ever became of the electronic "digital indicator": that was hyped up last year(?) Haven't heard anything about for a while now?
  2. Remember, the RIM does NOT replace the Official LL Rule Book.
  3. See if anyone can find the history of what was the sometimes-known nickname as the "Chico Strike" mechanic. . . in the early '30s > '40s have fun! 🙂
  4. Anyone that watches LLWS either BB or SB will soon realize there is no conformity to LL mechanics or knowledge / enforcement of rules . . . and these umps are supposed to be the best selection of umps in LL. Watched this one the other day: R1 only. Batter hits short fly back of second base which is caught. U1 signals and calls infield fly! R1 is advancing to second and stays there. No challenge from defensive manager. No attempt to tag R2 or throw back to first for tag up. Since then, it just gets better and better for SMH HA!
  5. Williamsport LL charge you a fee to attend their "official clinics" in CT. and train you to do it "their way" . . . funny huh . . . but they don't believe LL Umps should get paid. Do an LL game what is comfortable to you. If they don't like it, . . . tell them to get another VOLUNTEER Ump!
  6. Thanks guys for the inputs! 🙂
  7. Has anyone that has been through this continued to umpire with good results? TIA 🙂
  8. Not LL ?? , sorry, Yes LL.. Unless I’m misunderstanding you?
  9. Personally know 2 umps involved in doing that. 1 confessed a few years after the other one died. To answer your direct question, it’s who you know in “the powers to be” that needs money “ for personal reasons” that later became known.
  10. . . . unless you buy your way to Regionals or WS. 🤣
  11. Umps don't get paid (officially) . . . unless the Leagues and Umps go "rouge". LL still will penalize the Umps that do somewhere down the line. 😠
  12. Yeah, it's the "when in Rome" theory . . . but when you get out of there, it's do as you do. :Search for mechanics (littleleague.org)
  13. Here ya go. Call ‘em I’m sure they’ll appreciate the info 🤣 860 585 4730
  14. There is no such thing as "consistency" within LL (Williamsport) Umps from any starting point. eg, regular season thru LLWS. I don't care if they've been trained at LL Clinics. You will ALWAYS hear: "They're VOLUNTEER Umpires" has become a lame excuse for many of them.
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