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  1. Anyone from Delaware / Maryland attending the 2020 session?
  2. Two old sayings : "Character is not made in a crisis . . . it is only exhibited." . . . and "What you permit, you promote." :-)
  3. SJA

    Live ball

    What do you think an appeal or replay to NY would be the outcome? . . . It either is, or isn't a safe or out . . . . and in my judgement . . . it's the same.
  4. My partner and I were scheduled to do the first day of Fall Ball Season starting with 2 Senior SB games yesterday a.m. A txt was sent out Fri night saying the fields and complex were closed until further notice due to police activity. I didn't think much of it at the time. The fields are directly across from a Middle School so it could have been kid's stuff e.g. property destruction, fights, drugs etc. Early Sat a.m. I get a txt that ALL games and activities are cancelled due to an ongoing police investigation. Here's the story: http://www.wboc.com/story/41047577/police-human-remains-possibly-recovered-in-smyrna Very Sad :-(
  5. If KD "authorized" that info to become public, that's fine with me. . . . and JSam21, that's a stupid comment, where did you get an idea like that. . . . "I think" . . .
  6. This evening was the first chance I had to watch the replay of the LLWS Championship Game. I was absolutely appalled and disgusted that the ESPN commentators mentioned Kelly Dine’s family medical issues after an interview with them. This is totally uncalled for, irrelevant, and reprehensible! I contacted ESPN via phone and also an email stating my opinion regarding this matter. I personally don’t see this as a “tribute” to KD or her family. I view it as an intrusion. I wonder how those commentators would like their family issues to be publicly aired? They have my contact info if they wish to comment directly to me. SJA
  7. Well, KD has the plate today for the 3:00 LLWS Championship Game. . . did anyone really have any doubts? HA! :-)
  8. Yup, Kelly Dine is gg2b on the plate or definitely part of the final crew.
  9. I'm thinking like AA. IMHO, I thought she was really good. They've never had a female umpire for a final game have they. I guess we'll see if PC is involved.
  10. No, R2 (runner on 2nd gg2 3rd ) and avoiding the tag SHOULD HAVE BEEN the 3rd out.
  11. 2nd out was the batter on the IF.
  12. Bottom line . . . IMHO, The Umps blew that play. I only saw the 3rd base ump signal IF. There was already 1 out. Should have been 3rd out at end of play. :-(
  13. The phrase was used in 1964 by United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to describe his threshold test for obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio. Can “we” apply his prudent thinking to the “description(s) ofstealing signs”?? “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description,” . . .(edited) . . . “and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, . . . ” :-)
  14. An old, and universal truth is "The best way to get rid of a bad law or rule is to ENFORCE IT!" . . . think about it.When enough people / politicians get Bitch** at, it will get changed. Look back in history. :-)
  15. SJA


    Being paid as a “volunteer” ump doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better than an unpaid volunteer ump. Every ump should be evaluated on an individual basis for their knowledge and application of prescribed rules and mechanics along with common sense. The generally applied statement of “well, he’s / she’s a volunteer” has become old. If you’re going to be a “volunteer” in ANY organization, LEARN, and KNOW, your job, and DO IT WELL! I always laugh when someone says to me, “no other volunteers get paid!” . . . and my response is: “do concession stand, field maintenance, or any personnel other than umpires need or require “special” equipment?” Then I hear “ well, there’s umpire equipment to use in the closet or meeting room” . . . yeah, I know I’d put that used stinking stuff on. HA! . . . oh, and I always ask if they know what the annual income of the LL “powers to be” get paid. . . . which brings a look of unbelief, shock, horror and SILENCE! . . . and don’t get me started on these ESPN “A$$H” announcers that get compensated for their “commentary expertise” For the LL “purists” don’t badmouth paid “volunteers” because they accept some $ for their time and personal expense for travel, equipment, and having to listen to BS and sometimes derogatory remarks from coaches and especially PARENTS! . . . again, it doesn’t necessarily make them better, . . . but maybe just a little more conscience of their value and their time. People will GENERALLY take “free”. . . it’s called “the manipulation of good will”. IMHO, the most offensive, arrogant, and ignorant sentence / statement in the LL Rule Book is on page 14 under Umpires, second paragraph: “there is no sound reason for paying umpires, or any other person whose services should be provided on a volunteer basis.” To attend LL’s Clinics in Bristol, WP, and their other “official” places, they charge you a fee of $$ > $$$ to “learn how to do it THEIR WAY” . . . then they want you to VOLUNTEER YOUR time, and expenses to them FREE! Let me relate a story. I had a discussion with a State UIC regarding this. He owns a lawn care company. I asked him his hourly / job cost rate which he gladly gave to me (he thought he may have a prospective new customer I guess), Anyway, I asked him if he would please PAY ME his job fee and come to my house so I could show, demonstrate, and explain to him in detail how I wanted my landscaping done. . . . AND THEN, I asked him to come and do the work VOLUNTARILY without pay. Well, that was a whole different story! . . . now it was HIS time, money, equipment, and travel etc. I think we can safely ascertain that doesn’t apply to “the Higher Archy”? That’s like your boss asking you to “volunteer” to work overtime without compensation while he sits in his office getting paid! Carl Stotz was commissioner of Little League until 1955. Carl was a highly principled man and left Little League Baseball Inc. in late November 1955 over honest and valid philosophical differences centered on commercialization and central control issues with the management of L.L.B. Inc., of which Carl's conscience, would not permit him to remain. From that point on Carl continued an active relationship with "Original League" until his passing. End of Rant:-)
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