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  1. Not funny Agree! . . . not funny :-(
  2. It is NOT a Rulebook. Read the last sentence under NOTE.
  3. I have concerns with all "RIM's" . By their own "disclaimer"? on page 2 of the RIM. Especially the first > and the last sentence under NOTE:
  4. Yes "LLI". ESPN / Disney can cancel a contract just like any other big company given the appropriate circumstances. Never say never. :-)
  5. I anticipate that WPLL will eventually "dissolve" or be "absorbed" by other "LL's" due to their constant ambiguous changing of rules, formats, and management skills. my .02
  6. My bet is that he didn't want Mommy or Daddy to get mad at him for hurting their baby boy's feelings. . . . or he just didn't have any BALLS!
  7. Team Wendy Pads my .02
  8. 4.09 (b) is in ref to a "tie game" and that's why I didn't post it. I'm not gg2 tell any player what to do, not my job, and that could just create more problems coming from the other team's mgr. / coaches . . . my .02
  9. WPLL - 4.09 and RIM 4.09 #2 . . . I think this would apply to the 5 run rule also.
  10. Agree! . . . AND it put's the liability on the umpire, manager, and league, etc. etc. by "LL Rule Negligence" :-(
  11. Not to my knowledge, You'd have to contact the company ref that question :-)
  12. LL Letter : LL C-Flap Use.pdf
  13. Sorry, didn't mean body temp, meant "Air temp" inside vest. :-)
  14. SJA

    Oversized Hat

    . . . or, cut a slit up in the back about 3/4 > 1". Overlap the two ends and have it sewn up (I suggest by a seamstress) . . . If done properly, it will not be noticeable. :-)
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