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  1. Hey Matt, I was the one that asked the question. It wasn't intended to be political or religious. You've expressed your thoughts. . . . carry on.
  2. That's fine Rich, it's a double edged sword. It gives me the right to express my "freedom of speech" as I choose also. :-)
  3. Yeah Jeff, it's something for some of us to think about. My honest soul searching is reminding me this: God, Country, and Family first. "To thine own self be true, for a man that stands for nothing will usually fall for anything."
  4. Aging_Arbiter, I'm a Vet also and your words were really my first thoughts and why I asked for opinions. . . . "but I don't know if I'd stay if that happened in a LL game. Sometimes, honest soul searching is an eye opener."
  5. Has anyone had the youth players kneel during the NA at the game during lineups? If so, what did you think, did you address it, or handle it otherwise? Is it our place to do anything? TIA :-)
  6. SJA

    2020 OBR Rule Book!

    WOW!, just received the "book" . . . WAY too small printing for old eyes! Hope they come out with another source e.g. Kindle, .PDF, or format that can be magnified! . . . and not through a magnifying glass! . . . if anyone knows another way, please advise. TKS!
  7. eBags TLS Mother Lode 29" Wheeled Duffel
  8. Thanks guys for all your help. I ordered a 2020 OBR book. :-)
  9. Where did you buy it ?
  10. Is this what you're ref too: Official Baseball Rules: Home (umpirebible.com) Rule 5.09(a)(2) Comment: "Legally caught" means in the catcher's glove before the ball touches the ground. It is not legal if the ball lodges in his clothing or paraphernalia; or if it touches the umpire and is caught by the catcher on the rebound. If a foul tip first strikes the catcher's glove and then goes on through and is caught by both hands against his body or protector, before the ball touches the ground, it is a strike, and if third strike, batter is out. If smothered against his body or protector,
  11. No, I'm not in the school.
  12. No there isn't a new MLB OBR book to my knowledge. I'm just ref WUS Rules & Interp Manual.
  13. To the best of my knowledge and recently ref as of Dec 2020, it's what I posted above from WUS.
  14. Well, according to Wendelstedt 2020 / 2021, it's still:
  15. Sorry guys, can't find any 2021 OBR Rules that have changed the def of Foul Tip. Help me out .
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