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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2018-08-16/college-baseball-video-review-challenge-system-approved It seemed as though it would only be a matter of time before the IBB and no fake to third would be implemented. The changes on pitchers' positioning is going to be problematic unless there is a universal effort to enforce the new standards. The HBP and runners staying at their bases changes are the most interesting to me. I wonder what the penalty will be for runners leaving their bases during a defensive conference.
  2. Just wondering if any college umpires are using this. ... ? No luck in posting in Books section, thought I'dtry here.
  3. Does anyone have this ? Is it worth the $20 ? Thanks,
  4. do any of you have extra NCAA DH cheat sheets? Looking to pick 1 or 2 up. They're usually laminated and fit in your pocket. I've seen them in the past on ebay, didn't see much there or in here through the search function.
  5. @Magic and I are getting involved in a study group to prepare for the NCAA exam and would love to get copies of tests from previous years. If anyone is feeling generous and wants to send them along via PM, we would appreciate your help. Thanks.
  6. I attended The Umpire School last year and unfortunately wasn't chosen. However I'm still chasing my dream and I'm attending a college camp in a couple of weeks to try and earn a job. Any of you guys have the experience of both and want to share some mechanic differences/rule differences with me? Note: TUS was 2-man mechanics and this particular college camp is going to be using 3-man mechanics. Example question I have is: What are the pre-pitch hand signals used by umpires in college? (TUS taught us that they aren't used because everyone uses a uniform two man system and should know where they are supposed to be.) Also, as far as calling strikes, have any college umpires been taught to keep their head forward when signaling a strike out to the side? Any other info anyone wants to share is valuable as well. Thanks.
  7. Childress is blowing my mind with the BRD (2011 edition) regarding Fed FPSR. For those that have it, it's on page 226, Section 329. Basically, he says that in Fed, if a runner slides in the direction of the fielder on a force, that this is not an FPSR violation unless he makes contact or alters the play. Here is the case play: The above is in direct opposition to what I know about Fed FPSR. Is he just flat out incorrect? Has this been changed in later editions of the BRD? I looked this up because I am watching GT/Vandy right now and have seen two instances of a runner sliding toward a fielder on a force (not directly into the base) and wanted to look up the NCAA rule. The BRD clearly states that in the NCAA, sliding towards a fielder who is not in the baseline extended, is a violation. In neither case was it called.
  8. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/grambling-state-loses-30-0-central-arkansas-233040176--mlb.html
  9. Ok, so my buddy called me and said, ....  "I swear I saw the Alabama / Arkansas game last night on ESPNU and the crew was rocking jackets w/ yellow shoulder stripes and numbers, ...a patch too...."   I said, "no way" ...............well...............I was wrong ......   http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?catid=49231&id=2108306
  10. Got brackets? I was THIS close to picking Harvard... but I had LaSalle! ...and Missouri ... and Georgetown ...and Notre Dame,,, and NC State...
  11. I believe this video hasn't been posted yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=48ZGp07K_Bo Interesting sitch because if this happened in a FED game, what would you call here? It's illegal for F1 to toss his glove w/ the ball lodged to a fielder, but if the ball separates from the glove in midair and the fielder catches only the ball, is that legal?
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