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Found 9 results

  1. This past weekend, I was acting as onsite UIC, and as I was rolling the cooler full of ice, water, and towels from one field to another, replenishing the guys between innings, one of my crews had a situation happen right in front of me which I was very proud of how they handled it... without botching it or consulting me or the TD. R1, R2, 2 outs, X-2 count (balls not relevant). Swinging strike, pitch makes contact with the bat, and ends up... in the F2's armpit, trapped there. F2 gets up, flips the ball towards the mound, and starts trotting towards his dugout while the DT fans applaud his outstanding catch... ... but was it a catch? The 3BC (OTHC) starts bellowing, "That's not a catch! That's not a catch! Get the rule right!" while the PU steps back, and instead of making an Out mechanic, motions and calls, "Time!". I refrained from saying anything, as much as my younger umpire-self would have liked to, instead leaving it to this crew to determine. The PU motioned in the BU, and they met just in front of the mound. At this point, both the OTHC and the DTHC are on the field, and the PU has to signal to both of them to back off and return to their dugout areas, before he resumes discussing with the BU. Of course, the DT parents are, to a person, clamoring, "But it didn't hit the ground! He caught it!" I'm standing right next to the Field Marshal (FM, an employee of the TD), telling him, "It has to be the glove first for a foul tip. If it hits anywhere else on the catcher's body, like his mask or CP, it's a foul ball." At that moment, the PU disengages from the BU, heads back towards the plate, and announces, "Foul ball." DTHC approaches PU while his players resume their positions, and PU gives him a brief explanation, ending with, "My UIC is standing right there (points at me), he'll tell you the same thing." "Play!" Next pitch is a line-out to F5. Oh well. Nicely handled, Blue!
  2. This is great audio here guys ..... Your browser does not support iframes.
  3. Your browser does not support iframes.
  4. Guest

    Base Awards

    The batter hits a long fly ball down the line near the foul pole. The left fielder comes over to catch the ball right in front of the foul pole where the ball hits his glove in fair territory and deflects over the fence on the FOUL side of the foul pole. Is this a home run or 2 base award? Or what??
  5. We discussed this play at the Wendelstedt SoCal Classic over the weekend, and it occurred to me that we can easily compartmentalize this play to make it easier to call on the field. Here is the play: Batter pops up into the infield near the foul line. A runner (R1 or R3 - doesn't matter) interferes with the fielder attempting to make the catch. I don't want to introduce willful and deliberate interference into this first post, but we can discuss it if there are questions. We have 4 possible situations: 1. IFF is not possible (situation doesn't warrant it), batted ball is fair. 2. IFF is not possible (situation doesn't warrant it), batted ball is foul (caught or not). 3. IFF, batted ball is fair. 4. IFF, batted ball is foul (caught or not). In ALL cases, the runner who interferes is OUT. There are no exceptions. Now, how we treat the batter-runner for each of the 4 situations will be as follows: 1. Batter-runner is awarded first. 2. Return batter-runner to bat. Add a strike to the count unless there are already 2 strikes. 3. Batter-runner is out on the IFF. 4. Return batter-runner to bat. Add a strike to the count unless there are already 2 strikes. The mechanic should be as follows: When the umpire sees the interference, he points to the infraction and declares, "That's interference!" While time is normally called on interference, in this case we wait to observe the fair/foul status of the batted ball. Once the status is determined, we then call time, and enforce the play as the situation dictates.
  6. Colleagues, Don't know where I saw it--might even be mis-remembering. USSSA 8U, One-man crew. Batted ball bounding slowly down the 3rd baseline. Two bounces fair and begins to spin foul in the air. 3B, with both feet in fair territory reaches over the baseline into foul territory snatching the ball in the air about 10 feet before the bag. Wheels to first and throws. I call fair. No one bats an eye. Was I right? A subsequent conversation makes it seem like I'm wrong.
  7. http://wapc.mlb.com/play?content_id=27768151
  8. Didn't look all that bad live or on replay, I always notice that most of the MLB umpires do little in their stances to try and protect their hands. Surprised this doesn't happen more. And yes, Don Orsillo says "foul tip" about a million times. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=26567217&topic_id=&c_id=mlb&tcid=vpp_copy_26567217&v=3
  9. http://mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=25283339&c_id=mlb http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=25283339&topic_id=&c_id=mlb&tcid=vpp_copy_25283339&v=3 How do you make that call?
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