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  1. I think it also went under the branding of All American as well as V-Sport.
  2. That is my next purchase, probably next season. Along with the Force3 shins.
  3. Sush you! Darn it! Of course they show up after I stop looking. It is a SSK Spider throat guard. Hunter Wendelstedt wears one too.
  4. The lack of bars on the extension reminds me of the Riddell mask. I would say track down a Mizuno if you could.
  5. Still feel like I'm missing out on this "6th power conference." Also, pretty sure everyone else is also wearing the same uniforms as what Ken posted. @Fittske24, glad to see they aren't making you guys go with the hideous yellow stripes anymore on you SEC jackets!
  6. Your first mistake was trying to post anything sports related during March Madness. Second, you will find Mr. Brownlie (and my first contact with him was here) as @Razzer here on UE.
  7. He didn't? I didn't notice. What I did notice and took some time getting used to? Him going to the side with the point on his strike calls.
  8. Man! I never even noticed! And I like watching Wegner work too. So now there is Winters and Wegner rocking the Defender. I wonder how many more will make the switch?
  9. Only place I have found that sells them is Honigs. Used to be able to get them from anywhere back when Tiger was good. But now that he can't even swing a golf club, no one sells them.
  10. You suck! I got rained out 3 hours before my scheduled start (which was moved back a hour).
  11. I wasnt paying close enough attention. Was Wegner wearing a Force3 today? Or just the new visor?
  12. Wait... Ike Davis is still in the bigs?
  13. Keep us posted. I just brought my Davis-by-Fecheimer to Men's Warehouse and paid $20 plus tax to get it done. I could imagine the cost to add it on would be less than that.
  14. Back in 1999, I was visiting Australia and (unknown to me) illegally working baseball games to earns spending money. I was in the market for a new CP when I got back to the states in a month or two. Icalled Cece on a phone card just to get pricing and and such. It was supposed to be a 10 minute phone call. Cece wouldn't stop asking questions and telling me stories for over a hour and a half. Let's just say THAT phone call was worth every penny!