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  1. Though in a much shorter response.
  2. I await your review on both the CP and the harness. If you remember, I contemplated purchasing one of these when I was looking for a new chest protector before settling on a Schutt MadMaXV.
  3. I keep expecting his name to come through saying he is hanging it up. I swear he has had a million concussions.
  4. Think someone might be trying to compensate? Lol
  5. My favorite part of this was seeing Ventura realize what the heck he was doing, who he was going to try and do it to, come to the conclusion he REALLY didn't want to go out there, but know he was past the point of no return. Also... wasn't this game on ESPN?
  6. Oddly enough... I was actually able to use the same video clip on two different threads in a 15 minute period. I was quite pleased with myself.
  7. I would actually consider it as well.
  8. Ok... that is truly strange.
  9. I actually get to use this TWICE in two different threads I less than 15 minutes. Today must be a good day!
  10. Aren't we all!
  11. @MadMax, are you still considering grabbing a Cobra to look at?
  12. I completely agree (also... The A10 is one of my favorite all time airplanes... thing just looks cool in an ugly duckling kind of way.) As for Force3. I would love to see the HSM take off. You see the standard mask all the time. But never the helmet.
  13. I would be willing to pay even money he still does.
  14. Pretty sure I have seen seen some of these in Portland.