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  1. SWMBO - The next Chapter

    Pretty sure mine was on the mailing list for both UA as well as Gerry Davis. Also pretty darn sure she has "unsubscribed" from all this "umpire crap" she keeps getting. Lol
  2. UCLA Bound

    You should also look into the South Bay unit
  3. UCLA Bound

    I can't recall. But if I remember correctly, UCLA would sit right in the middle of the South Bay, San Fernando, and Long Beach Unit territories. I can't even recall if there is an actual LA City Unit or not.
  4. They play a few of these around the 4th if July near me. They have it at one of the oldest still functioning airfields in the Pacific NW next to a full size replica of a frontier fort.
  5. Keeping shoes white

    Has anyone noticed if you don't go through the whole bottle, you get a stringy black substance at the bottom of the bottle?
  6. OBS Case Play

    Could I not make the Devil's Advocate argument to these, especially D, that the BU decided much to early on the award (like @maven had pointed out)? That 2/3 of the way to the plate at the time F2 received the ball could constitute what in essense would be Type B (yes I of course know there is no Type A/B in FED) and thus the runner could be called out for going past what some would consider what vase he should have been protected to? (That also being said... I remembered that in FED the runner is given one base BEYOND that which he would have acquired. And even in my example, he would have been awarded home on OBS in D.)
  7. College site apparel

    Stu beat me to it. Nice, pressed slacks and either a polo or dress shirt would work fine. Basically casual business attire. But for sure not jeans. Also, like Stu said... go out and mingle. The socializing after the games can be just as important as what you do on the field to these guys.
  8. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    Living in the Pacific NW I have worm them on cloudy days. But if it is a particularly heavy cloud day, they can be to dark. Recommend a second set of lenses. Either the golf ones. Or clear ones.
  9. Roommate Wanted - BBUC Oct 18, 2017

    Surprise to no one. But jealous of you two.
  10. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    Had a guy with them when I went up to Seattle two weekends ago. It was bright enough for my PRIZM lenses. But I definitely likes the golf ones.
  11. I stopped off at the PIA Sports where I found the Nike mask earlier this year. Found a silver Honigs mask in decent condition (though the pads were trash). Also saw a pair if blue Nike catchers shin guards. Asked if the mask was there as well... no luck.
  12. Improper footwork on pitch

    I contend that they ARE their fault. OBR, though slow (and NCAA for that matter) seem to be more than willing to update their rules or change something that needs to be changed. NFHS seems to ignore the clamor for change on stuff to come in line with the other rule sets. It is frustrating.
  13. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    I have the baseball PRIZM glasses and like them for the bases. I don't wear glasses on the plate. I do want to get lighter lenses for cloudy days or if the game is played later in the day or in low light. Do you remember any of the reasons he gave for non polarized?
  14. What a call!

    On check swings? Adrian Beltre and Miguel Cabrera have been doing it for their whole careers.
  15. Thank god the season is pretty much over. They were running out of room.