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  1. This is actually my main reason for wearing one here in the Pacific NW.
  2. That makes sense. Might have to do that eventually. Wonder how it holds up in the wet?
  3. Could you imagine!
  4. Are you going to be living on campus? If so, I would either look into the San Fernando high school unit or maybe the South Bay unit (not sure if there is one for Los Angeles city). I still have a bunch of friends down there that I can ask for contacts if you like. Let me know.
  5. Other things you don't hear from majority of those guys... "do you take Diner' s Card?"
  6. Glad I no longer live down there! Sure baseball isn't year round up here. But I'll take today as our first near 100 degree day this year verses it being the 60th like it has been down there.
  7. I asked this in the mask open thread. But I'll ask here as well. What made you/was the reason for blacking out the visor?
  8. What made you decide to blackout the visor?
  9. I have a shirt that says "I'm not lazy. I'm energy efficient. "
  10. Get the feeling they don't say "please."
  11. You'll be lucky if it cuts through the two and a half cans of Axe Spray he used in the locker room before coming to the field.
  12. I think ESPN had 3 of the 4 games this weekend. Pretty sure they talked about D'Arnaud and his mask in every one.
  13. Lol. Normally just one. But I like a backup rig just in case.
  14. I think most of us do!
  15. Thanks to @wolfe_man I get to run out a black Douglas, plus the System7 harness it came with, for my next plate and get to compare it with my Schutt MaXV. This will allow me to sell off my other @MadMax "sofa cushion" (a Gold) to the highest bidder. This should be great fun!