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  1. Davis does. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B08PTMLB002BA/MLB-Pro-Style-Base-Umpire-Pants.html?cid=12 https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B08PTMLB001PL/MLB-Pro-Style-Plate-Umpire-Pants.html?cid=328
  2. Mlb guys are wearing the Fechheimer poly spandex. They are very very close to the Fechheimer poly spandex that Davis sells (the only difference I’m aware of is that the MLB plate pants have the double stitched seat while the ones GD sells to the public doesn’t). I assume it’s a cost issue. I’m tired of Smitty. Get the Fechs. Davis has a bunch of promo codes.
  3. Small businesses are tough. You saw it with Honig’s too. Twenty years ago they were the gold standard (in my opinion). And then mid to late 2000s Dick Honig started getting older and from what I heard from good sources started detaching himself from the day to day business, etc. Honigs was a shell of themselves after like 2012Ish.
  4. Spot on about +POS. Those of us old folks will recall +POS was the official uniform supplier for Minor League Baseball through maybe the mid 2000s when they shifted to Honigs for a bit and then to UA. Like a lot of companies, +POS lost their way for a number of reasons.
  5. As an umpire gear junkie and psychopath, I couldnt help but Ted Barrett is sporting a three button plate coat. Never seen this before.
  6. Anybody else dislike the tan deerskin pads on a silver frame?
  7. Bunch of replacement pads are on sale at Ump Attire right now
  8. Makes sense as the original Douglas West Vests used the Velcro plates (not the tabs used on the Platinum and Gold)
  9. The premise of this has been so beaten to death. Wear what’s comfortable and acceptable in your area. I will say a long sleeve shirt behind the plate with UA cold gear has always been perfectly fine for me in the worst weather conditions I’ve worked. If anything’s going to be cold it’s going to be my hands, ears, and neck/face If someone wants to wear a jacket behind the plate, it’s not a problem for me. I’m at the point where I’m not sure I have a jacket that would fit over my CP comfortably and I have a plate coat so jackets aren’t really needed in my closet.
  10. If this question was back in 2005 it would be the Honigs HMLS shirts with the made in USA Poly Wools made by Hardwick. Never been able to find anything I was crazy about since then.
  11. I recall seeing this Power posted on the forum before. As someone who was actively umpiring in 2004, I can say Powers definitely were not available to buy. Wasn’t the Joe West/Riddle patent infringement in the late 90s?
  12. I think they are much better than the gray Wilson’s (these have that triple knee and feel far more robust and form fitting) and better than the black Wilson’s as they are much lighter and more comfortable. I also like the idea of supporting a company like Douglas vs Wilson.
  13. Ummmmmmmmmmmm.....that’s not right
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