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  1. Correct. Culbreth is funny his frame used to be beat to s$&t. Not sure if this is current or not...haven’t seen him work in a while. Its a great frame though.
  2. I don’t recall any mlb guys wearing the FM25 titanium...but back in the day a number of mlb guys wore the black non titanium FM25. I wore this frame for a few years and loved it.
  3. For me, the Honigs poly wools made by Hardwick (pre 2012ish maybe) are still the gold standard. Im lucky to still have a few in great shape. I’m not nuts about the poly spandex material for many reasons. One interesting thing I noticed when I ordered the GD Fech poly spandex pants are that the plate pants don’t have the extra stitching around the seat area. I’ve noticed the MLB guys plate pants do have this extra feature.
  4. I dont have any for sale, but I had TW do padding for both a gold and platinum probably 7-8 years ago when they were doing these. I wasn't nuts about the feel and density of the padding (it felt like wearing one of those vests at the dentists they put you when you take xrays). I ended up selling them both shortly thereafter.
  5. Any reason you guys aren't a OHSAA supplier? I fear I know the answer but never understood with how close you guys are to Ohio.....
  6. Have worked on field turf in football on some hot days (90ish degrees with intense sun). It’s been uncomfortable (mostly on my lower legs) but never had a problem with burns or my feet. Usually wore the UA “ultimate turf trainer” turf shoes. Probably wouldn’t pick up something like this as I don’t have a real need. Just my $.02
  7. Also an interesting and fascinating look at the sort of headaches a guy like Jim and his team deal with on a likely frequent basis (not this specific example but fraudulent orders, etc) that most of us would have no idea about.
  8. The use of all stock photos (including a few with the UA logo clearly in it) is a red flag amongst many other red flags.
  9. Those Davis shoes wear like a tank. Gerry mentioned on his podcast he still wears the first one that came off the assembly line some 20+ years ago. Yes, I know they were heavy.
  10. Hi Everyone - cleaning out a lot of old stuff and I have a good amount of old Honig's heather gray pleated slacks in a variety of styles (plate, base, combo). These pants are lightly used and are mostly a 36 waist with an inseam around 30 inches. I am looking to give them away to a good home and only ask for shipping costs. These are back from when Honig's quality was high (10+ years ago). There is a good amount of fabric left on the hem. If interested, send a DM and I can send pictures and look to see if I have what you are looking for (plate, base, combo).
  11. Have you guys seen the prior black Douglas CPs without significant mods going for north of $190/$200? If so thats kinda nuts
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