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  1. Can anybody post a side by side comparison pic of the GD poly spandex pants and another popular pair (such as the Smitty poly spandex pants)? I’d like to see the GDs before pulling the trigger on an order.
  2. Sold, please lock @Thunderheads Thanks!
  3. Im somewhat confused on the initial post. Id like to help out the original poster but am not sure what exactly he is referring to. Is this a "rookie class" being held in the classroom and then field work is being done by some other group?
  4. Email from Jeff Cook over the summer: We do offer refurbishment services. That cost is $50 plus tax and shipping. Adding T-Hook slots & T-Hooks is $25 Adding Custom Flaps is $30 Shipping cost is between $15-$22 depending on where you live in the country. I wanted to ask what "refurbishment" means (maybe changing out anything thats rusted?). Id think new padding is a lot more than $50.
  5. Id like to send my gray Douglas 13 inch CP into Douglas for shoulder gap protection to be added and wanted to check in and get some feedback from guys who have t-hooks on their Douglas CP and if they are happy with them or would go back to the plastic clips. Figure if Im sending it in i might as well upgrade everything I want to at the same time but wanted to check in with the board to gather recommendations. Thanks!
  6. 1) Id assume you are comparing these to the Smitty Poly Spandex pants and youre saying the GD Fechheimer pants are much better. 2) I was surprised at how disappointed I was with the Smitty Poly Spandex pants that I ordered over the summer from UA. I ended up quickly sending them back. I guess Im stuck in the old days when the MLB quality Poly Wool pants were the standard from Honigs. The Smitty pants looked incredibly cheap, I didnt like the dark gray color, and theres no way I would have worn those on the field. Im looking forward to ordering the GD Poly Spandex pants in a few months for the 2020 season. 3) Its strange that there is no reinforced stitching around the seat in the plate pants because he touts these as being the "same pants the MLB guys wear" but I know those do have the reinforced stitching.
  7. Agree 100% with this. Making a deal (not even a big deal, just a "deal") out of something like this is the definition of "picking boogers." I wouldn't think twice about a person, a coach, etc. talking to me with sunglasses on unless we were indoors.
  8. @JimKirk would love to see UA carry some All Star replacement mask pads (specifically the LUC pads for the Magnesium mask and the standard LUC pads that fit their traditional masks.)
  9. Just an FYI but I have a wry lightly used All Star Mag throat guard I’m looking to sell. Private message if interested.
  10. Yes that is the old pic of the prior padding. A number of years ago Wilson “upgraded” the padding on the gray double knee shins to that of the black triple knee shins.
  11. Hubba hubba! What’s the story behind this?
  12. I’ve lost track of how many “breaks” I’ve taken over the last ten years....and how many times ive come back lol
  13. I believe the +POS and GD shoes were made by the same manufacturer. I recall a non patent version of the GD shoes that minus the logos looked nearly identical to the old +POS plate shoes. This is going back to the late 90s and early 2000s. I don’t want to get into an argument over the economics of it and the small market that we as umpires are, because I understand all of it and is one of the reasons Reebok pulled out of the umpire shoe market after trying for a few years. I also remember years ago Honigs offered their own Honigs branded plate shoes and pulled out of that. However, the quality of the New Balance shoes are a joke for their price. Although heavy, the old +POS and GD plate shoes were of much higher quality, made in America, and represented a better “value” for the money.
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