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  1. It's because no one has an industrial sewing machine!
  2. Think about the amount of force needed to make that thing collapse like that! Did anyone check to see if the original owner is still alive and NOT eating out of a straw?
  3. Does it also come with the Stripper 100 Cent Piece?
  4. Yeh... but only if we knew where to get one from.
  5. 100% agree. When I was trying to find a less bulky replacement for my Gold, I was up in the air between the S7 and the Schutt. I really wanted the S7 to be the one. It looks just as protective. But less bulky and cooler temp wise. It ALSO is a sweet looking rig in general! BUT THAT NECK AREA!!! So I went with the Schutt. I dont think a larger neck area would help now. It is out on the market for a few years and has gained the reputation of having a small neck area. If they did decide to widen it, the should market it as the 2nd version with maybe an improved harness or something. Not just "hey... look what we have done to the original."
  6. BT_Blue


    My issue isnt that there are ads. Warren has to make some money to be able to give this to us all. My issue is the size. This same size is at the top and bottom of my screen. I use a Samsung Galaxy S9
  7. BT_Blue


    All of a sudden, I have ads at the top and bottom (and some times in the middle) of every page i click on. Anyone else suffering from this plague?
  8. Not at all. I'm all for shopping from Douglas if I could afford it. I have become a disciple of the Church of @MadMax and stayed away from purchasing Wilson if at all possible.
  9. Can you remember the size of the screw? I'm drawing a blank.
  10. Not sure how "small" Douglas is. I mean, they arent Wilson. But they also arent super small. Let's not forget they have a ton of stuff in football, lacrosse, and other sports.
  11. There is a thread on here about a Samurai Gears tg that shattered. @Razzer recommends small Chicago Screws. I went and did it and they work great!
  12. Isnt Smitty offering the poly spandex in heather? That is the route I would go!
  13. There is a 15" All Star S7 for sale in the "For Sale" section at a banging price! It even has the Greyhawk Mod for the shoulder caps! I can personally offer up a Schutt MaXV if my current guy falls though.
  14. I have a Wilson Dynalite frame (hollow steel) that I can offer up.
  15. I was about to note the "Greyhawk Mod."
  16. Great thing about this is that it is Douglas. Which means that when the padding wears out, you can send it to then hand have it refurbished into basically a new CP. Add on to that the chance to change the colors of both the main padding and the padding piping, and you would have yourself a unique CP that no one else has!
  17. Hey, @MadMax point is based in scientific facts. And let us not forget... you were the one that almost went down.
  18. The only turf fields you find up here in the PNW that have dirt also also minor league parks like Hillsboro and the park at University of Oregon. I dont even believe there is dirt on the field at Oregon State.
  19. If you really want a Titanial Nike... I can offer up a cage.
  20. I would agree with that idea. And if you can get the WV Gold carapace like you were talking about elsewhere. You would end up with a really great CP.
  21. @Razzer suggested Chicago Screws to replace the ones that come with the Samauri tg. I have done so and it works great.
  22. What part of this great state are you in? I'm down in Vancouver.
  23. I too live in Washington. I use the TW year round. They usually soften up after a half inning or so. You can also take them and put them in the sun... or at least in a place where the UV rays can warm them up... on your way to the game. What part of the Evergreen State do you live in?
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