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  1. In the past, I have seen Adidas masks (with pads of assorted colors which would just get trashed by us anyways) on Ebay for really great prices. Something like $40 with $20 shipping. Which on the whole is not bad.
  2. "... cried Wolfe..." has me on the floor! Lol
  3. In my area, 50/70 and above play the other leagues in our district for regular season. There just isn't enough kids to go around to have a league for each league. Still, this would be incredibly fun. Especially if they hand out some kind of small trophy for the winning team/league as kind of bragging rights until the end of the season or next year.
  4. You should be able to trim along the seams where you would make the "wings" smaller. I wonder if maybe you also bought a version that was to big for you. The Champion is one of the few that get wider as they get longer. So if you would normally use a 14" and got the 17" (I can't remember if those are actual measurements or not). Then it would probably be to wide for you. Regardless... I support Brad's #2 idea above. Take it to a seamstress, shoe cobbler, and/or upholstery place (the latter two would probably be best as they are more used to working with heavier material than your standard seamstress) to see what they can do or to close up what ever it was you butchered on your own. Lol
  5. In the past, Oregon would issue a new patch every year... for every sport. You couldn't permanently attach the patch because each one would have the current year on it. And you were not allowed to wear the previous year's patch. It was really annoying. I believe they have either gone to a patch that can be used year after year. Or have done away with them and required everyone to wear a state hat (it has been some time since I worked for oregon.) Washington had a patch. But then went to a sublimated black shirt where the dye would wear rub off if you got a small crease in the shirt. THEY WERE TRASH! Thankfully the only rule was "if you wore a shirt you had to wear that shirt." I believe they have since also introduced at state hat.
  6. So why the distinction between "catcher" and "umpire"? Is the catcher one the white one and umpire the grey?
  7. That makes sense as combo. Wish they would offer that outright as an option to buy.
  8. I really like that stripe jacket. It's one of my favorites to wear. Especially on the plate
  9. OH MAN NOW I WANT HIM TO BE! LOL Something else to consider is that Mask It is a side gig. He has areal J.O.B as well as working games all the way up to games for UCU. So he is probably pretty busy right now.
  10. To misquote P.T. Barnum... "a fool and his money will soon part." (It is a misquote because it is almost universally believed that Barnum never said this. It is usually attributed to him through people that didn't like him.)
  11. I thought he had Team Wendys? But the new pads (unless he has changed since then) are most definitely All Star.
  12. I'll have to try that with mine as well. Though I never had an issue with it since my MAG no longer has the extention. And yes... 1/4"
  13. Be willing to bet their prices are obnoxiously cheap. Like selling a West Vest Golf Memory Foam CP at 90% off or something dumb like that! I would avoid them like the plague if I were you.
  14. Wonder if you could just have them ship it to Tony? And for a few extra bucks have him chop, clean, and coat it for you?
  15. Unfortunately, those old PBS1 and 2 are long gone! Last I saw, the new versions of the poly wool were nowhere close to being as good.
  16. I wouldn't wear it. But that doesn't mean I don't think that wouldn't look 🔥
  17. His hair was better a few years ago when he had that glorious mop on top of his head. But still!
  18. There are a few guys that have stances like him. Belino comes to mind. And yes... it is as uncomfortable as it looks lol.
  19. I'm dying on this hill! I think it's ridiculous that Force3 refuses to do this
  20. I wouldn't go any other way! The bulk of the MAG pads does get some getting used to. But until Force3 gets off their high horse and gives us non leather pads, I will be sticking with my MAG pads.
  21. Since we are talking about 34 inches total of shin guard, and most of us only use about 28 inches total, it is entirely possible.😁
  22. Those two tone pads were great. At the time my Diamond was still that silver/pewter color they did when the mask first came out. I dumped the Diamond pads (they sucked then, they suck now, and I'm betting they always will suck) and put the Wilson's on. At least 2 to 4 times a week, I would have different umpires ask me if it was a Wilson Titanium! Lol
  23. Yeah, since John is one of my favorite younger umpires (and maybe the best 3k mechanic in the game now that Hallion has retired) I like to pay attention to him a bit closer than most guys. (I'm also jealous of that mop on his head... and I still have all my own hair!)
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