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  1. I feel like this falls under "we will see what happens". Nothing against Trevor. But we see this statement just about every off season. Usually associated with "I hope Wilson finally does something with their padding." And it never does. Hopefully I am proved wrong.
  2. VERY NICE! My AA got mothballed for the Cobalt. But still love it. I plan to replace the chest padding with a Champion I have. But it is still a fabulous CP that I would use for any level!
  3. Interesting. I went tye other direction. Going from the Schutt to an All American. Do you still have the V-Sport? Getting back on topic... that listing is actually a pretty decent deal.
  4. I would agree with most of @boyinrrecommendations. HOWEVER I would make some changes. 1) look at 3n2 plate shoes as well as Smitty. 2) I would also recommend the Champion chest protector. It is a good $20 less expensive. But just as protective. At one point it was one of the fastest growing, numbers wise, chest protectors in the minors because of those two reasons. (Apologies... just noticed he mentioned the Champion as well.) 3) the shin guards you could be fine going a little less expensive. For instance, the Diamond shin guards. 4) I completely agree with the mask choice! The Diamond mask is fabulous and will last you YEARS! _____ Regardless... we all DEFINITELY recommend getting your gear through @JimKirkand Ump-Attire.com! They offer free shipping (over $130, but that often drops down to $99). This makes it so that you can order multiple sizes and types to see what works best for you. Even better, is that they offer free returns! They also do have a buyers guide for new umpires on the website you can get a tone of info from.
  5. Let's be honest... this single thread should be one of the ones that never dies. Also.... sweet rig!
  6. I was an initial convert to the Schutt. Heck... would still promote the heck out of it. Just not for me. Lucked into a great price for an All American. Then lucked even further into a Cobalt prototype. Wont go back from either ever again.
  7. I can also highly recommend doing a search on here. There are dozens of great answer, plus photos, of the proper pant hem and showing the "break" as well
  8. Not sure if they will hit the reserve price.
  9. I'll take option #2 for $1000, Mayim.
  10. Lol... but if I do that, what will I do if something on the Cobalt breaks?😁 In all seriousness, if i decide to sell it, I will list it here first. There are some things I plan to sell immediately. But the AA will not be one of them.
  11. I was already tiring of my Gold when I first remember seeing Max on here (also, my memory is fuzzy... soooo). But he definitely was an influence on finally trying something different.
  12. @MadMaxwill probably speak of this more... as our resident Schutt expert. But yes, the D3O foam has always been that thin. I found it to much so and prefer a bit more padding in the form of my All American (now Champion) and now my go to CP in the All Star Cobalt. The D3O foam is a more advanced foam than the standard couch cushion foam you find in the Wilsons.
  13. I found that I really liked the MAG pads (I abhor leather pads so mine are microfiber). Going from Team Wendy, it took getting used to. But I plan to use the MAG pads on all my masks going forward.
  14. Beat you to it. He didn't do the deal. The mask is a bit banged up.
  15. Usually I am pretty good at reading the whole thing. Yesterday was a bit of a struggle-bus. Thanks for the help Aggie
  16. The local PIAS near me has a mask with a Markworth one of these. I was tempted to get one way back before SG came out with their Shovel.
  17. Are you selling the whole thing? Or just the lenses?
  18. I'm a big fan of the addition of the internet and televised games for MLB. I dont live near my closest baseball team (Seattle is almost 3 hours north of me) and I am over 10 hours from my Giants. I can count the number of games on both hands that I saw during our 3 pennant runs in the early/mid 2010s before the start of the post season. I've been to 2 MLB games since I moved here. One I happened to be in the Bay Area for. The other I traveled to Seattle, missing the first 3 innings because of traffic, to see the Giants play. Advance time to last year and definitely this year. I have missed MAYBE a dozen games this season because of work/commitments/ballgames. The MLB App has been wonky as all hell this season. Randomly blacking out the TV feed of Giants games while allowing me to tune in and watch Mariners games. But then I just switch to the radio broadcast. Yes... some times technology sucks. But I will always be a fan of it when I get to watch my team because I can't get down there to watch them.
  19. Anyone interested in seeing how it looks on tv... Hunter has one on in Milwaukie.
  20. (Said in my best Frau Blucher impression) oohhh... date. My last game for this year was 4th of July. As for next season... we shall see. I dont want to hijack this. So I won't get into it more. I'll probably do my own post on it some time down the road.
  21. Personal preference i guess. I have come to like them because of the robust padding. But even more so, is the blast plate on the outer part of the bottom padding. If it works for our chest protectors. Why wouldn't it work for our mask pads. (Sorry... I know that was WAY more than 3 or 4 words.)
  22. Best I can offer in trade would be a Force3 v2 with an extra top pad (supposedly more robust than stock), a visor, and a UL v1 harness.
  23. What part? If I decide to run the Rawlings out there, I probably won't wear a throat guard since it will still have the extention on it.
  24. It has one. Plus a whole slew of other bells and whistles. But it has been almost a year since the first pre-production run. And I feel like it has lost a ton of the momentum it had at the start. Side thought. The Johnny Bench/Blue Emu commercial they run on the MLB App between innings ALWAYS makes me laugh!
  25. I will say this... if I decide to step on the field next year (and that is a big if right now) then I may or may not have one. If I wear my MAG then I will (no one needs to see the photo again). But if I decide to test out the Rawlings, I probably won't.
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