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  1. Lazy had a good one today with Betts scoring on a ball hit to F3.
  2. I think the fact that Altuve ended up way out on his front foot probably added to Nelson thinking an attempt was made.
  3. Yeah, its funny. If you had just told me to tell you which is which, I would have gotten them reversed. Same with Keith's photo. But I do like the idea of a darker grey. I love the look and color of the Nike. But the light silver was distracting... if that makes sense.
  4. Can't wait to hear you're thoughts. The Amazon posts are as useful as the Rawlings one... which is to say, not at all.
  5. Let's be honest. We’re all just glad he didn't post some stock photo like some people do. Lol
  6. I will have to look. I might have some size 40 polygons. I was about to offer a size XL thermabase.
  7. From the Rawlings website. But it is ENTIRELY unhelpful beyond a static photo of the front of the pad. But at $20 a set. Not half bad. https://www.rawlings.com/product/P-CMP.html
  8. Yes, I suppose it is. Oddly enough, I didn't like the Nike pads I have had. The Nike pads seemed a lot tougher than the Rawlings pads I have.
  9. I can only guess, but they look the same. Lol I have a diamond in matte black and had him do a Nike Ti that I have since traded away in the same color. He does. Had Tony do a Wilson Ti in his Titanium color. It looked like it just came from the factory.
  10. Thinking of sending my Rawlings to Tony and doing Gunmetal (as that looks sweet!). Does anyone have a photo of a gunmetal and a titanium mask side by side so I can see the color difference?
  11. @Thunderheads and @wolfe_man, I cant speak to how they feel during a game. But I lucked in to a Rawlings Titanium at a really good price (you know... cause reasons). And they came with black Rawlings pads. They are used but still in good shape. What I like about them is they have that thick pad feel of something like Honigs and All Star. But they have a microfiber covering that is the part that touches your skin. I'm looking forward to giving them a go this preseason to see what I think. If I like them, I might spring for them for what ever masks I end up keeping.
  12. Found this exact shoe you are talking about. There are these and more as well on multiple sites. https://workboots.com/avenger-7322-steel-toe-black
  13. What i am curious about, is can you trim it down to fit your mask? The example in the Tik Tok that Ty did with the Under Armour mask, the plastic protrudes halfway into the view window. Can you cut it down safely so this isn't an issue?
  14. I have been banging this drum for years. There are plenty of industrial shoes/boots out there that offer the metatarsal guard. A good many of them in steel.
  15. That is an interesting thought process. As a right eye dominate person, I wonder if I maybe do the same. I know my plate stance is better with lefty hitters. Probably to subconsciously get my dominant eye in a better position to see the plate, than I do with right handed batters. (I am more square with righties and more heel-toe/instep with lefties.)
  16. Oh... I just realized I didn't say where I get them from. I go with either the 32 Degree compression leggings you can find at Costco. Or the Champion (or what ever it is called) jogging ones you get at Target. Both are in that $10 range... if that.
  17. I love having the pockets in both bags. Its the only thing that makes me hesitant when Ray finally puts his to market. I am in need of new bags soon. Maybe I'll give these a spin.
  18. Though entertaining, I found it to be no where near as fun and informative as the All Star one. As a self professed "gear head". I wanted more of a look in to that. As well as anything coming down the road. I didn't feel like I got that. Maybe ill go back and watch again.
  19. I wear long compression leggings. And have since I first started back in the early 90s. I wear them regardless of the season. As for the shin guards rotating like Kyle mentioned. I had MAJOR issues with this happening, going all the way back to my playing days! This all stopped with the Force3 shin guards because of that fabulous padded insert.
  20. Its called "selling the product." And agreed, the refusal to "do the right thing" and include the new harness is completely vexing!
  21. I feel like we will see a lot more of this kind of thing. I know that some teams from the NorthWest League are being folded into the California League (my local team in Hillsboro, Oregon being one). I can only assume a lot of the other teams will do the same as the Appy League and either go independent. Or join one of the local College wood bat leagues.
  22. I'm with you Kyle. Though now, if I end up selling my v2, I could get more for it. Silver lining and what not. Though @ATXBluealso makes a really good point.
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