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  1. I wonder if this is why Quinn Wolcott changed to the All Star MAG pads this year.
  2. He isn't wearing the Rampage any more? That's a shame! I always had a good time doing double takes when I would see it. Lol
  3. As I have stated several times before. I was fortunate enough to be picked as a guinea pig for the Cobalt. Sadly, I didn't get to take it out for an actual game until 2021 because of... well... YOU KNOW in spring of 2020. So any info I was able to give was purely of a cosmetic or visual kind. Rather than how it performed in live fire situations. That being said. I do not use the extention. Though I did move the pec pads down to the bottom to act like the plate extentions on the old System7 (to which the very next game I got dotted on each side right where those pads originally were🤬). I do recall Ray coming up with a fix for it. But I think it was basically the same one Keith mentions above.
  4. Be nice... the kid is new and probably doesn't know about your overflowing love for the big yellow upside-down M.😁
  5. "Goo goo, ga-jube.." does that make the platinum wearers The Eggmen? I can vouch for the Cobalt as well. Though I do not use the extention. So it is not a problem.
  6. Exactly my thoughts! Lol I remember when the film came out, some pen company (I think it was Cross or Parker) came out with a collector's edition pen inspired by Frank Abignail Jr and the movie. I have never wanted a pen more than that time. But I didn't have the (reasonable for the industry) money to get me one.
  7. I'm just commenting for when @Razzer pops in and gives his thoughts. We already got Max. Now waiting with baited breath for Ray to make an appearance!
  8. I think I remember seeing one. But the extention on those are so small you almost wouldn't know if it wasn't there. Lol Heck... one of the call up guys actually rocks a Rampage! I would say the trend started getting going in the amateur ranks when seeing the Mizunos worn by guys like Fonzi Marquez, Ted Barrett, and Mark Rippinger. I know my first one, a Diamond Aluminum with Wilson two-tone pads and a Spyder TG, was modeled after Marquez.
  9. They are nice but not easily available. If you can, get one that says Douglas. Beyond being a US company (based out of Houston) you can get the padding and such refurbished for a nominal charge. Many umpires have done so already. I had plans for one I had purchased through a fellow UEer a few years back. Had planned on getting a new outer jacket on it with orange piping (Go Giants). Unfortunately it was not the right size.
  10. You KNOW I'm just as guilty of this as the next guy! Lol Though credit for this goes to @acpar72since he is the guy I bought it from a few years back.
  11. Yup! You can see the edge of that floating plate looped over the lapel of the coat.
  12. I used to work for them 20 years ago. So this got a good chuckle out of me. But here I go about to get my "writing instrument" (IYKYK) geek on.... Since I am off the field now, I'm not totally sure if this would work. But at work, SWMBO bought me a Ridgd bullet pen. Heavy duty aluminum and very smooth action on the lever. A but pricey at around $60 for the matte black (which I have) and a really slick looking gunmetal color. The carbon fiber (I have the wallet) is $90. My only issue with the pen is the refill it came with. It is pressurize so you can write in any direction. But it does have a tendency to leak. But generic refills are super inexpensive and come in both ball point and gel rollerball (which is what I use at work).
  13. Plus, if I may, take into the consideration of pad color. Wolcott is wearing tan TW pads (we all know he moved to silver MAG pads this year). While Bass is wearing a black Wilson upper and a black TW lower. The black pads will give the illusion of being deeper. While the tan will give a shallow looking effect. @UmpWRB4 if you REALLY want to see a difference in mask depth. Look no further than Lance Barksdale's Wilson TI "New View" and anyone else that wears a Wilson TI (or aluminum for that matter.)
  14. Contact @Matt Arcovio either on here or Facebook. He was an All Star rep and might be able to help you iut.
  15. I have heard nothing but great things about Hoka shoes. At some point, I'm going to break down and actually spend the money to take care of my feet.... some day
  16. Interesting that the "non hard shell" looking one is the more expensive CP. The hard shell almost reminds me of a P2x0 from champion.
  17. I didn't realize those were ACTUAL game jerseys. Like... worn for a regular season series. These damn things have lived rent free in the darkest parts of my brain ("the parts you don't talk about at dinner parties") since 1999.
  18. As a whole... I thought the uniforms were ok at best. Not good, not bad, just ok. Then again... I also always find myself comparing them to the first of these special even uniforms I remember seeing. Anyone else remember the terrible "Turn Forward The Clock" uniforms!
  19. It's possible. They to also have a "gear customization" option on their website. So I wonder if it's a case of the player specifying their colors through that. And yes... the box is pretty awesome and would find some way to save it as well.
  20. I vote not to change a thing! The grey straps with the light blue is SLICK!
  21. I just think that given the chance and ability to aquire better and lighter materials, he would have
  22. @MadMaxin fairness to rhe late Cece Carlucci... its been right around 20 years since his passing (per Google search, 2008). When he hung it up, there wasn't as big a push it seemed for the "space age", if you will, materials. The West Vest and +POS were still king of the hill. And Honigs and Gerry Davis starting to make appearances in the mainstream gear bag. I don't think it was still a good few years until the current clubhouse leader, Ump-Attire, even arrived on the scene. Definitely not how we know it today. I would like to think, that given the opportunity and push to do so. He would have moved to better materials. His gear was made to order. So if the requests came in heavy for something like D3O. I'm sure he would have done what he could to find something that would work.
  23. I mean... they DO have the metatarsal plate. Which a catcher wouldn't use. Plus the high gloss shin that I doubt a ballplayer would care about.
  24. The most money I ever spent on a phone call was talking to Cece! I was traveling (and working games) in Sydney, Australia at the time. Was wanting to "get pricing" on his gear. Spent over a hour on the phone with him. It was a great conversation. But stupid expensive as well. Lol
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