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  1. Living in CA and being about a 8 hour drive from Cece in Windsor, CA it was not easy convincing myself that I really didn't have the money to drive there and get fitted in person. Lol
  2. Samurai Gears TG or am I going to be super jealous of you? Lol
  3. Then again... do they even HAVE weather down in Arizona? Lol
  4. Oh yeah... I didn't even notice it at first glance. VERY NICE!
  5. The one piece of gear I wish I could have gotten in on in my more youthful days. But the price tag didn't lend well to a student/"staving artist" level of income (or lack there of if I am telling the truth )
  6. They really can be. Highly recommend bringing them in to a tailor to get adjusted to your liking.
  7. Something I don't think anyone has brought up, is that Ray's original products (the harness and line up folder) were relatively inexpensive and a repeatable product. I could have ordered three different harnesses for the current three different chest protectors I currently have. And they would work on all three. I could also order folders for different associations I would have been in at the time so I could customize for games I work that day. Once I buy a replacement pad for a CP (and I know at least one of them wouldn't work with the padding discussed), I won't be buying new padding for a decade. That is A LONG TIME for a repeat customer.
  8. Combo pants will usually have a reinforced seat, much like plate pants. If they do not, then they are base pants. The Smitty base pants had very wide legs as it is.
  9. The aluminum was just a pipe dream suggestion. I like your titanium idea as well. But we all have hills to die on. And mine is that I will never own a Force3 mask until they introduce a non leather option for pads.
  10. Love seeing more representation from more umpire equipment companies! Hopefully you are as active on this platform as Jim Kirk has been.
  11. True, they are basically the same. The advantage of the Douglas is the ability to send it to the to refurbish over the off season. They will clean it up and make it look good as new (or even customize the padding to some extent for a nominal extra fee) for half the price of a brand new CP. Plus... and this probably only matters to a large part of the community... Douglas is an American company based out of Houston. So it is supporting American Made as well.
  12. If it was me listing this, I would have said it was "Riddell adjacent" just cause I always found that real estate description funny.
  13. I would agree it feels a bit... odd... that this is being announced. I remember him talking about this pre-pandemic days. But it seems to have slipped into the "electronic indicator" area of gear that would be fun to see. Hopefully his and/or the other fella's pad ideas take off. But like many have said above. I doubt it would move me off my Cobalt when/if I step back on the field. Unless it greatly improved my AA to the point I can't not wear it. But I don't see that happening.
  14. I don't care about the forward facing look in this regards. I don't like the feel of leather against my face.
  15. I can add my name to the love for the old All American! So much so, that even though I have not been on the field for going on three years, I can't bring myself to sell it. Only reason it got bumped to a back up spot was because I got the Cobalt and I need to figure out how to replace the padding at some point.
  16. For some reason I remember (and my memory can be faulty... just ask SWMBO), someone had a Riddell mask
  17. Thanks... I KNEW a long time member had one at some point. Just couldn't remember who... and Keith was a safe choice. 😁
  18. https://youtu.be/pTw2IjehSdo?si=BllyChM7eaZz-b4x
  19. Think @wolfe_manhad one at some point. Then again... pretty sure Keith has had just about every piece of gear in his hands at some point or another.😁
  20. Wow! Blue plates! That thing is for sure older than mine!
  21. Now a question... I wonder if I could do the same to a Force3 pad? I HATE leather pads! So maybe going somewhere to get it covered might work.
  22. I wonder if Tony does his in a matte black vs a flat black (and is their a difference?)
  23. My first set of gear I ever bought (or that my parents bought me... cause I was 13 and umpiring was my first money earning job that wasn't working for my parents... was the Brinkman shins, the carbon fiber mask (2nd gen at least I'm pretty sure), and I think the Al Clark chest protector from +POS. MAN! Did I ever think I was living the high life with that gear back then! Lol
  24. That is what the "Chest Protector Porn" thread is for. With all due respect, I would consider this a duplicate thread for that reason
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