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  1. The SG tg most of us use Chicago Screws for this. I want to say they are 3/8 inch. But I could be wrong. @Razzerwas the originator of this idea since the original screw/nut combo could twist and cause the tg to shatter.
  2. At some point or another I need to buy her book! I got wrapped up in her shorts for the story of Caroline, Rosamund, and Leo. And wish there was more!
  3. Might be something interesting to look into just for wearing for work, to be completely honest. Only thing I would change is nothing that anyone on here can do. But the reviews that constantly pop in and out of the screen as you are scrolling are distracting and constantly in the way as I look at it on my phone.
  4. I'll have to make a note of trying to peak at his stuff when he is working a game I am watching. Still VERY COOL!
  5. Probably can't really tell us this. But are there any MiLB or MLB umpires that will be using either of the new CPs?
  6. One of my favorite Youtubers will do movie, tv show, pop culture armor (or "armour" if you will, seeing as how she is British) reviews. They go from "I'd wear it" at the stop to "Just Stab Me Now" for ones that are both non-functional and/or ridiculous looking. She also has "Not Really Armour" if it isn't... well... actually armor. (She also does fight scene breakdowns and I find those fascinating as a former theater kid.)
  7. If someone rocked that in a ballgame, that would be BAD ASS!
  8. He works for Gerry Davis Sports. So this could actually be interesting!
  9. I'm just giving you a hard time. Ray will time to time let us know who is using his stuff. So why shouldn't you do the same. Will be fun for you to hear his feedback.
  10. Man a few years ago I would have jumped at this Cobra! Wanted to give on a spin for a long time! But feel like SWMBO WOULD NOT be happy with me getting umpire gear since I am no longer working games. But it is tempting! Lol
  11. Only the Gen 1 would become unstable. Mike was at least a Gen 2 or 3 and never had an issue with it.
  12. I see this as solid logic. This is why I don't wear a cup for the same reason.
  13. That isn't a bad idea right there either. A trip to Play It Again Sports might turn something up.
  14. I'm ribbing you about you name dropping John Libka. I couldn't find a proper gif for it though
  15. Can we not even discuss the new MLB Playgirl initiatives? 😁 (Ok... I'll see myself out!)
  16. Also, if this matters to you or not. But Douglas is American owned and made. Everything is done out of their Houston location (I believe). This is why, when I was looking for a baseball glove for myself, I really wanted a Nokano. But couldn't afford the price tag. Wilson on the other hand. As stated many times. Is made and shipped from China or the like.
  17. Looking forward to your reviews. Nothing against Mike. But you have been here a bit. So your thoughts as as a 3rd party will definitely help.
  18. Have you looked on Amazon or ebay? You could also check out Japanese sellers like Rakuten and such. They often have padding we would never think of here in the west.
  19. I've got two of them. One still in the bag (though opened to add Chicago Screws to it). Still the best looking tg I have ever had
  20. The first mask I ever owned! Always a kick in the pants when I see an umpire pull one of these out!
  21. Someone needs to get him a W sticker to put on his skully.
  22. Congrats on making the first post in a while that actually makes me want to walk back on the field again! Lol I would have KILLED to have had the chance to do this!
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