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Just a reminder to watch Ebay if you're looking for equipment.  I picked this West Vest up for a friend for $77.00 including shipping.


Wilson West Vest Umpire Chest Protector Black
Wilson West Vest Umpire Chest Protector Black (121196452477)
Sale date: 10/22/13
Tracking number: --
Estimated Delivery: Fri. Oct. 25 - Thu. Oct. 31
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Too much work Max.  It's as if you'd never heard of duct tape. Geesh.

Need to tell "EBAY" if that's the case ........ they'll care then!  That's flat out misrepresentation!

Nobody wants to know about your personal life.

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Thanks buddy! I was the one bidding against you!

Sorry about that Jax, give me a high sign or something next time!


I had it on my watch list but was not bidding...you got a good deal man.....I sold a old WV Gold for $81 plus $10 shipping

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At one point the Carucci was a collectors item. When Cece passed, the price spiked, especially when several MLB guys were seen wearing them in tribute to him.


I think that's over now, as the technology has left those protectors far behind in protection and comfort. Now, it's just the cool factor that's left.


If you're buying it as piece of gear to wear every day, don't. If you're buying it impress your umpire buddies, then the value is up to whatever two guys on eBay are willing to duel it out to. It's kinda like a navy plate coat. $50-250, depending how stubborn two bidders might get.


If you're getting one that fits you, and it's going to be worn on special occasions, I could see the price for near new one at $150. I could see it having collectors value, especially if is has any written documentation from Cece.

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My best find wasn't on eBay. It was at a local Goodwill.


Three pair of brand new Hardwick umpire pants. Two plates, and one base. Unhemmed, and tags with the MLB umpire's number still on them.


This umpire is newly "retired", and I have seen some of his stuff pop up there again. Hanging out for the closet to empty.

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