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  1. I posted the Wilson TW shins on the buy sell trade if you are interested. Shoot me an offer b
  2. Selling new to great condition umpire gear. Prices are firm. If you wish to purchase please email jglopez7@yahoo.com PayPal FF only. Below are links to view. Only shipping within the US. FORCE3 V3 ULTIMATE UMPIRE CHEST PROTECTOR - $225 shipped never used Wilson MLB Platinum Umpire Shinguards Team Wendy retrofit - $275 shipped used 1 game Nike Titanium with Black Team Wendy face pads and nike harness - $375 shipped Wilson Titanium powder coated with throat guard and gray/black Alfonso Marquez face pads: $140 shipped https://imgur.com/38Fn6v5 https://imgur.com/TY245fx https://imgur.com/qoZNFUr https://imgur.com/f1A6QIg https://imgur.com/iUH2Gfe https://imgur.com/yT73GCl https://imgur.com/zLEbtOO https://imgur.com/pPZVasX https://imgur.com/JhsNIGZ
  3. Layrite is Hair pomade! Better than gel. Doesn’t flake! Since then my cp is covered in stickers
  4. This in my west vest retrofitted with team Wendy. Still my favorite chest piece! WV platinum Shin guards are also retrofitted but I’ve never used them
  5. Is that for 2 long sleeve majestic or 1? Considering they’re going for $49 on Ump attire.
  6. Referee store has a discount see image. Only for pants, shirts and packages. use ARBITER20
  7. Nice mask. It appears to be black with black pads. Not silver and not with tan pads.
  8. @JimKirk Needing some info regarding this shinguard. Is there a reason the padding is different?
  9. I noticed the shinguard padding on the website are different. Are these outdated?
  10. Has anyone purchased the black jacket from officials depot ? And any suggestions for the Smitty jacket sold by ump attire. I’m asking due to price differentials between the two.
  11. Interested in the majestic short and long sleeve along with the majestic convertible black pull over. PM sent.
  12. Tried emailing but didn’t go thru. Take $100 shipped ?
  13. How did I get brought into this?
  14. R1 off on the pitch. PU calls it dead upon calling batter interference. Result: crew called R1 out.
  15. No ejection. This was also the very first batter of the game. Two batters later, it was a hit by pitch.
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