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Found 16 results

  1. Ok ...here we go ... I found an old West Vest frame on ebay last year. I had it fixed (right upper ear) and powder coated by Tony at Mask-it a dull-ish plain old non-metallic gray which I think turned out great. I used this frame last year for high school as you see in the photo (Michigan is still Navy required). I'm keeping everything but the frame. I've got more than $50 into this right now, but I'll let it go for $50. PM me if interesting (frame only) Paypal friends and family
  2. Howdy all ... Looking for a harness AND/OR pads with the following logo. Any leads (aside form eBay) would be appreciated. Like this:
  3. I recently replied to a message from a fellow umpire here on U-E regarding chest protector opinions. As I re-read it, what a I divulge is applicable to a great number of chest protector questions we the membership here get. His question was in regard to a Douglas, specifically, but I can express technical opinions about any of the CP's on the market. So, let me share this here with you... I present to you this rhetorical question: why are we as an umpire community clinging to antiquated technology and practices when modern, cutting-edge opportunities are not even being fully considered or realized yet? Or, better yet, why are we accepting this sloth and sluggishness from the gear producers themselves??! I hold Team Wendy in lofty regard because they actually established and progressed their own technology – Zorbium – for one ambitious goal: to mitigate, reduce and hopefully eliminate TBI's. The reason they pulled the plug on CP retrofits wasn't because TW is a money-grubbing company that saw no profit in it, or that Zorbium itself is a poor product. It simply is, that when the US military drops a massive product request on you, with an ironclad contract, you put everything else aside and go all-hands-on-deck. We really need to start examining the direction that our protection needs and solutions will go instead of settling for the "traditional" and "status quo".
  4. Have a few items Im looking to sell: 1) Brand new (without tags) M/L Wilson Gold. Only worn a handful of times, you can tell how new it is based on the fact the white tags on the protector still look new. Asking $130 shipped 2) Used 13 black Douglas CP. This CP is not new and definitely has been used, but it still has life in it. The plastic is in good condition as well as the padding - padding probably has a few more years of heavy use in it before one might want to recondition. No rips in padding, clips and harness are in good conditon. Asking $95 shipped. Please PM with any serious offers. Payment only through PayPal friends and family and only to the 48 states.
  5. Selling a Wilson West Vest Gold size S/M (12 inches). I bought this CP thinking I would use it as a backup for my Douglas WV, however I just do not like how tight it is on my large neck. This CP has never been game used and shows no signs of wear and tear. I am asking $100 plus shipping through PayPal. PM me with offers.
  6. Hey everyone, ... quick question: I know that Joe West went through different iterations of the West Vest w/ the first being produced by Douglas (proud owner ) but ..I digress ....... My question is this ........ Q: Did Joe West ever make masks earlier than going with Wilson and the Dyna-Lite and using the WV logo on the pads and harness? The reason: Guy on Craigslist thinks he has a West Vest mask, not an inferior Wilson Dyna LIte model (huh??) Thanks!!!!!!!
  7. Looking to trade for All-Star's System 7 CP or the Schutt XV. Asking $100USD plus shipping, or a trade for a similar-quality CP. PM me here for quickest response. Would prefer to trade Pictures are here, as well as attached: http://imgur.com/a/zAV4j
  8. Has anyone switched from using a W.V. Pro Gold to the Force 3 Ult. V.2. ?
  9. West Vest Chest Protector L/XL never been used, West Vest Shin Guards 16"-17" brand new never been used, Smitty ball bag (Black), Lineup card holder with pencils. $250.00 shipped!
  10. Features Include: Patented adjustable breastplate for optimal fitHook and loop padding allows for easier maintenanceAdded shoulder plate for protectionStitched plastic for added durabilityAvailable in Small (12”) or Large (13½”) Please specify size above.Color: Black Only
  11. The Pro-Model umpire shin guards provide more protection above the knee from the triple-knee design than other shin guards and more size options than other Wilson models. Unique triple knee design provides maximum above-the-knee protection.Contoured inner padding is nylon shell with foam for superb comfort to both knee and leg - same padding design as Wilson Platinum and Gold chest protectorsFloating lower knee for better flex upon bendingExpanded ankle plates provide maximum ankle more protection.Velcro connects padding to outer shell allowing for easy removal and cleaning.Stitched plastic for added durabilityInstep plate can be worn when not wearing plate shoes (Note: When wearing plate shoes, umpires typically remove. Unfortunately, the plates here are only removable by cutting them off.)MLB logo on ankle plateBlack color with gold "W" logo matches Wilson Gold chest protectorAdjustable sizing: (16"-17" or 18"-19") for custom fit of most knee to foot lengths. Sizes are not the full length of the shin guard but the distance between where the middle of your knee would go to where your leg meets your foot.Wilson is the official umpire gear of Major League Baseball® and Minor League Baseball®.Weight: 16/17- 5.2 lbs., 18/19- 5.6 lbs.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  12. this is a rebooted thread that has turned it more into 'buy-sell-trade' , so I've moved it here.  The 'sale' discussion starts torwards the bottom of the first page   All ....   Hypothetically, ....if you had an old WV Gold, or the "Vintage West Vest" (as described in Fittske24's post of the list of CP's worn by MLB umpires thread) before it became the Gold, and had it retrofitted with Team Wendy's pads, is the value of this CP more than just the retrofit?    For example, would it be the cost of the retrofit + $30, $40, $50 more??   Would you pay MORE than $130 (TW retro cost)  for , say, a Vintage West Vest Gold with a Team Wendy's retrofit?   Just wondering ..........
  13. Those gear junkies that have had your shin guards retrofitted by team wendy, I would love to hear your reviews. I just sent my set of WV gold equipment to Team Wendy today. I have not seen a post about retrofitted shin guards and really wondering if anyone believes that its worth the money to have them done.
  14. exactly what kind of west vest is this? A friend of mine is buddies with Larry Vanover and he said Larry sent him one of these and he is giving it to me...
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/UMPIRE-WILSON-west-vest-platum-12-CHEST-PROTECTOR-GRAY-HARD-SHELL-/140948814323?_trksid=p2045573.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D27%26meid%3D6743607693609192163%26pid%3D100033%26prg%3D1011%26rk%3D2%26sd%3D111027277339%26 What looks to be a used West Vest Platinum CP for sale - 99 bucks starting bid, two days left @ time of posting.
  16. Am looking for a used WV Gold in the larger size. The ones I've seen are in the M/L size. Anybody have one you would like to move...PM me. Cheers, NoCal
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