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  1. Guys, look and reflect at the fact that a bonafide MiLB umpire got rid of his after just 1 game.
  2. In Hatland you can't get the one with the leather band.
  3. The modification that I would like to see is having the catcher to wear a hockey style mask.
  4. @Thunderheads lock it up even if is Sunday.
  5. Those hats are for some fat heads
  6. This seller also have a AL hat for a starting bid of $500.
  7. I saw the New Balance salesperson in Orlando last weekend and remember he said that he suggest going one full size over one of the first 2 models that you mentioned. On the other hand the MU950V3 is coming out in the Fall of 2019. I saw it on the catalog and liked what I saw. The best part is that the black and white mid cut is going to come in 15EE . The 950V2 black and white comes up to 14EEEE the longest.
  8. Correct. CT uses NFHS set of rules.
  9. False information, I moved to Connecticut in the Fall of 2006, started with the HS association in 2007 and we have ever have use the NFHS set of rules. So that reporter needs to do a better research before writing a piece. That's how the messes created by the press start.
  10. Congratulations, you really sweated this one.
  11. Honig's have an opening for general manager and they are accepting resumes.
  12. gnhbua93

    New CP

    I believe Ray would do the stamping my logo on a readily available chest protector for a fee to the manufacturer kind of deal.
  13. The other option out there is the Adams black convertible jacket with a button on the chest pocket. So without seeing the OD jacket there is 3 options out. Not loosing faith that after Majestic see that the shirts sells come back and revive the jackets and make them available to mortals.
  14. gnhbua93

    New CP

    I wonder how much Diamond is making on the licensing agreement.
  15. For an unused/unaltered should be sold for $100. You are giving someone with that price a steal.
  16. Ump-Attire is looking to part with 18 that they have left. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/A3817-MEM-BL-TN_Wilson-MLB-Memory-Foam-Umpire-Mask-Replacement-Pads-Sky-Blue-and-Tan
  17. I just got a copy off ebay for $19 to my door.
  18. The @TChildsUMP has the mood harness system included.
  19. Don't be that upset, you will be more upset when you start growing to the sides.
  20. Are you still growing? What year are those Air Max?
  21. Write a letter to the union and offer your services as an advisor.
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