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  1. Ump0000 has the idea, or you can borrow a heat gun which would do it quicker ..... then get something to "brace it" into the shape you want. Before I found my Original West Vest by Douglas .... I took a carpet knife and slit that pad into 3rds (of course I had T-hooks added first). Don't cut all the way thru the plate, just score it ....works great (sand edges as needed)
  2. BUT .......YOU CAN ........... take it off and have Douglas make you a custom pad!! That's what I have! I HAD a 15 just like this one, and put gap protection and Thooks on it ..... THEN, I had Jeff make me a 13.5 pad and had him cut me a lower piece of plastic for the bottom ... BOOM, custom 13.5" Douglas!
  3. Fair enough, ( I DID NOT know that by the way) .............. I don't do MLB as most of us don't ....we are all at "lower levels" right?
  4. as long as it doesn't hold up the progress of his warm up pitches and keeps things moving, no ...... if he's delaying things, however, ... yes it's a visit
  5. I'm sure they've said / thought that a lot in the last week
  6. Rolo,.... stop..... you are far too wise to know better Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. I don't recall seeing anything disrespectful from anyone on this post ....
  8. Correct, it is NJ, but not sure if it extends past high school ball......
  9. @Matt answered before I could ...... I understand perfectly your insight @The Man in Blue .... and, it made me think a little more about ArchAngel72's approach. That said, I think it's more of how he went about 'trying to find out' ....like Matt said .... the difference between 'yeah, but' .... and asking about the logic behind a rule and/or interpretation
  10. what comments? I find your stuff value added!
  11. it's all true .... but .....I must admit .......lighter, thinner and cooler than a Wilson pad, no doubt Why can't we create one dammit!? It's not like we don't have the brain-power
  12. Ok .... well .... We discussed New Jersey's issue w/ sunglasses early in this post. Could a LL umpire hold similar ideas as what NJ HS rules has in place, maybe, ....but he's LL in New Hampshire according to his profile. I don't understand your "other" question at the end. Please clarify the question and my incorrect interpretation
  13. While @Senor Azul is of course correct, ... he usually is ( ) ........ My point was/is, as most know ...under certain situations such as ArchAngel72's statements, ... there is nothing in the rules that says a player can't wear his glasses on his hat if they're not on his face. There's also nothing that says sunglasses are considered jewelry under the definitions section. Thus, there is nothing illegal about doing so. The comment I used earlier to ArchAngel72 is indeed a broad brush stroke statement. I used it because he wasn't listening/comprehending what others were saying. The statement is generically true, but it takes a little digging into certain parts of the rule book to confirm, much like I did above in bold. Let me try to attempt to addres Mr. Azul's questions as I'm NOT a rules guru whatsoever, but I'll try to do so generically (I'm not in a situation to cite rules however) 1: Can a batter try to initial catchers interference (obstruction) - No, that would fall under 'interference' 2: White wrist bands? As long as he's not pitching 3: @Richvee already answered that So, you see ...there MAY not be anything that specifically calls details out under certain situations making it illegal, but it could be thrown under a larger umbrella to do so. My brain hurts now
  14. He's here and he's learning, yes, that's correct. However, ... he's being "Mr. Yeah, But ...." .....and that gets old real fast. That's my only issue with what he's doing. I'm glad he's here, ...he just needs to learn when to shut-it-down when he has an answer. It appears he's getting "piled on" because he's not comprehending and taking in what he's being told.
  15. ACTUALLY: ArchAngel72 said the quoted, not me
  16. Always remember .... just because some Sr umpire told you something, it doesn't make it right! Research all the rules for yourself and do your own studying. I know you're hear to learn, so stop being "Mr. yeah, but...." ok? Read, and learn and take it in, and ask questions, that's what it's all about, but you keep insisting things after you've been told the answer and it's getting frustrating. The CAPS were because you're not listening. Leave your answers so others can learn. And, to reiterate your scenario where anyone takes off their glasses unless it's a storm cloud ..... again, come on .... that's just silly.
  17. It's not in the rules... PERIOD. DON'T MAKE $4IT UP ...... How many times do you have to be told? And you're saying you've never been on the field where it went from cloudy to sunny? Are you kidding? Come on man, ...please .........
  18. You're proving my point. Look ... @Rich Ives is a Little League Rules GURU if there ever was one ..... Here's the point .... IF IT'S NOT IN THE BOOK AS ILLEGAL ............. then ..........it's legal ... period.
  19. The interpretation is not correct, ... it's been spelled out to you that it's not correct. don't be "that umpire" .... please. If you're misinterpreting a rule, and trying to apply it where it doesn't belong, that means you're making stuff up. Don't do that.
  20. they're probably expounding on the "jewelry" thing .... I'm sure it's a safety concern of some sort
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