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  1. No ... they typically don't take them off, they just check the buckle and loose end area (I believe) ...the parts of the belt that are accessible to the pitcher touching it. But, yes, I've seen belt inspections
  2. No, that sounds right. I get games from primarily one guy, and that's how he wants it worked out. There's another who will have you listed as "home plate" or "first base" ...but still, he says that doesn't matter, partners just work it out. And yes ... once you work your first game out with that specific partner, you should switch each time you have games together.
  3. Great advice by Matt .... But, ..take it, tell him that regardless of what's going on, our next game together has YOU on the plate, and I'd let your assignor know. Also, ask around to see if this is a pattern.
  4. I haven't seen a pitch called this wide in MLB since Game 5 of the 1997 NLCS
  5. Lynn's post game presser was bullSH*#. Yes, he wanted to see the trainer, but ... he KNOWS they check the belt, ...Lentz asked for it, ... throwing it is not the way to do it. Lentz was fine with him leaving it on the dugout railing as you can see .... Hopefully, this incident will force MLB to take another look at this inspection process
  6. Thunderheads


    How to search the site/forums for answers! LOL
  7. My concensus is that @Scissors question has been answered. I'm locking this so we don't go off the rails. If there are those who think it should remain open, I have no problem with that either.
  8. Hey all ... Here we go ... Smitth 3/4 zip pullover- black w/ white stripes, XL. Worn just a couple of times. Great condition. No numbers, etc. I can get one of these in a USPS small flat rate box (yup, lol). $45 $40 and I'll ship it. Message me, thanks! Paypal, CONUS
  9. Very sorry to report to the group that long time member Jim Knight, father of MLB umpire Brian Knight has passed. Jim was a big proponent of all things positive when it came to the MLB guys, and was always willing to share a great tip, and insight. He will be missed, and many heartfelt condolences to Brian and the entire Knight family. May Jim rest in peace and umpire that big game in the sky..... Sincerely, the Umpire-Empire family Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. ATTENTION NAVY/RED REQUIRED STATE UMPIRES: Here is a Smitty heavy duty cold weather jacket (ThermaBase style) in XL, navy/red. It does have an MHSAA patch on the left pocket, but can be removed. Worn just this season only (15 games?) ... just too big. Remember, the Smitty version DOES have side pockets also. $50 plus shipping. CONUS. Paypal only. Message me with questions, etc.
  11. ATTENTION MICHIGAN HS UMPIRES: Here is a Honig's heavy duty (ThermaBase style) cold weather jacket in XL. It's navy and red with the MHSAA logo. A few season's old, still in good shape. The zipper can get squirrely sometimes, but does work. #9 on right sleeve. $30 plus shipping. CONUS. Paypal. Message me please ....
  12. You're killing me Smalls!!!!
  13. Ok guys, back on track please. If you feel this has been answered appropriately, let me know and we can lock it but keep it so it can be found.
  14. The "message" is STUPIDITY! OUTSIDE! AND TESTED! The PU I can kind of see ....but the base umpires, ....good Lord, stop!
  15. That couldn't be further from the truth. I suggest a quick re-read of the FPSR
  16. I could be wrong here (probably am) but ...aren't all teams, coaches and umpires tested? My assumption is, yes. Then why are the umpires wearing masks?
  17. thanks! @MadMax ....any input on that one ???
  18. This also follows (loosely) the logic of NOT SAYING 'fair' ...and only saying FOUL. If you don't hear anything - PLAY! Same goes for @MadMax's explanation above
  19. What screws everyone up (it shouldn't but it does) is the person who posted a video of this and titled the video 'catchers balk' ........
  20. Love this ..... I probably will actually still say 'ball' just to me and the catcher on crazy pitches that aren't even close to the zone...but on SUPER obvious ones, I don't think it's that crucial.
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