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  1. This also follows (loosely) the logic of NOT SAYING 'fair' ...and only saying FOUL. If you don't hear anything - PLAY! Same goes for @MadMax's explanation above
  2. What screws everyone up (it shouldn't but it does) is the person who posted a video of this and titled the video 'catchers balk' ........
  3. Love this ..... I probably will actually still say 'ball' just to me and the catcher on crazy pitches that aren't even close to the zone...but on SUPER obvious ones, I don't think it's that crucial.
  4. You obviously mean "new/newer" model, only used a couple of times, right?
  5. No, the runner is not out. Someone will come on here soon w/ a reference/cite. @Senor Azul ...but I just had time and looked under NFHS ON EDIT: "Since it was the pitcher" ... this only refers to a ball 'passing' the pitcher. If he touches the ball, the deflection hitting the fielder is a live ball. You didn't reference the rule-set, so here is high-school: 8-4-2 (k) is contacted by a fair batted ball before it touches an infielder, or after it passes any infielder, except the pitcher, and the umpire is convinced that another infielder has a play (5-1-1f, 6-1-5). 5-1-1(f) a fair batted ball: touches a runner or an umpire before touching any fielder and before passing any fielder other than the pitcher, 6-1-5 When a pitcher is attempting to field a batted or thrown ball or is throwing to a base while his pivot foot is clearly off his plate, his status is that of an infielder except that if a batted ball passes but does not touch him and then strikes an umpire or a runner, the ball may become dead because of interference
  6. Interesting topic. I, oddly enough, started w/ the hammer after getting back into umpiring in 2010, but ... to the side, if you can see that. ( Kind of how Doug Eddings used to call is strike). Then, during the annual pre-season camp we all go to in 2016, I tried the point and never looked back. At first, I too would 'cross body' with the lefties ....but at a camp in 2018 with some high level evaluators (including the MHSAA director at the time) ...they said; 'don't do that, try to point to the right all the time". And, that's where I switched to calling everything to the right. It all (the point transition) took about 1/2 a season before it just felt 'normal' but ... I also prefer the way it looks overall, and I too felt "cool" LOL!
  7. Oh gosh no .... it's actually rare when you guys 'cause problems'
  8. What's up with all the recent locked threads? @The Man in Blue and others (caveat: this is NOT directed at someone specific, and is not personal). Before I start, no, ...no one is doing anything 'wrong'. First: Please remember that just because I lock the "sold" items on the 'Buy/Sell/Trade' forum does not mean I lock threads on all forums. There are other Mods besides me, plus Warren Second: That being said, ...this week I've locked 2 threads that I can recall. Both of them were on the 'Ask the umpire' forum, and both of them also had had the question answered more than one time (correctly), and ... things started getting funny, (yes, no harm done) but ... it's the 'Ask the umpire' forum and Warren and the moderator crew believe this forum should be just that ... ASK / ANSWER, and keep it clean (tidy). It's one of our "information source" forums. I also recall moving a thread @SeeingEyeDog into another forum because it was already being discussed. I locked it, then moved the information. @JonnyCat .... yes, it's a discussion forum and that's what we're supposed to do, I agree, but hopefully my description helped. If you've seen other threads that you don't think should have been locked, please bring them to my attention. Now, for clarification - no one loves a good joke, pun, GIF, whatever where appropriate, and we do plenty of that on this site and NO, I am not opposed to it, nor is the rest of the moderating team. But again, Ask the Umpire is an info forum that we want to keep clean and tidy. @Umpire in Chief ... Warren, please chime in if I missed anything here. Also, other mods please jump in too
  9. Very interesting. I've seen some 'nice stuff' from Votto (working with kids, ...kids at the ballpark, stuff like that) ...so we shall see. Hell, it might be promising and might catch on! Who knows. Actions will be louder than words, but I'd like think that was genuine
  10. No, ...that's nothing is also a 'safe' mechanic..... sometimes along w/ a verbal, sometimes not. It's not, I repeat, it's NOT a 'safe call' as in "he's safe at home" because he's tracking the ball, and the ball is not involved with the catcher, and there was no tag, and any professional (and most amateurs) know ... there's not a 'safe/out' without a play on the runner. (there was not a play on the runner).
  11. no, point is .... the 20 second clock is based on a call- safe or out, but that didn't happen as there was no ball, and no tag.
  12. Ok ... but technically ....there wasn't a 'play' made at the plate ....no ball, no tag. So, the 20 seconds could never start because there was no call (regardless of the safe signal, which was not a safe call, but more of a 'that's nothing call). An appeal is an appeal, and the process was followed. I don't think rules were "bent" here, but I will agree that there very well may be rule clarification on this just in case it happens again.
  13. well, that's very profound Rich but ... that's really not the OP's gist. It's what, and how it's being done. But, I'm sure you're aware, and you're probably someone who'd ask that question. But, I digress ....
  14. where did they bend the rule? Not trying to contest you, ...just wanted to know why you used those words
  15. I have moved this over from the FREE FOR ALL SECTION from @SeeingEyeDog ......... Greetings brothers...well, @Gilis on top of his game here as always. There's a lot going on here on this one... One question I have which Gil discusses near the end is...Rehak signals time just before the appeal because what he thinks is happening is F1 is requesting a new baseball. Now, I get it...he's called time and if he doesn't allow the appeal due to the fact that time was called, we know MKE will turn right around and execute a proper appeal. But, will they? Don't you have to observe the formality of the appeal then for no other reason that that is how the appeal rules are written? Time was called. It's not a proper appeal. Could THAT be protested under OBR? In the end, the runner missed the plate. The request for replay was in time according to the rules, despite what the announcers keep saying...and the crew ultimately got the call correct. Finally, what do you guys have here on the "lack of sufficient mechanics" to enable Rehak to indicate "That's nothing!" when he was touched by a thrown ball versus the confusion over giving the safe signal and the runner thinking he had legally touched the plate because Rehak signalled him safe? Could/should he have done something differently? If so...what? ~Dawg
  16. Dog, .... I'm sending this over to Gil's page/forum where he posts about this play. This will keep all posts and good information in one place for everyone to find. Thanks.
  17. I can only assume this is referring to my comment. This is something I do on 'some' close plays. Not all the time, just sometimes. And, it's not something I think about ... it just comes out! Again, personal preference, YMMV.
  18. A lot of good answers here ... 3rd base coach, standing right there, asking where the tag was? And, he's being 'dicky' about it? "You're right there coach, you saw it too" (not recommended, and only for a real smartass). Safes ... no, nothing needed. I've been known to sell a safe with: "NO NO NO , he's in there!! (along with big repetitive SAFE signals). On a close safe, I'll also double-safe the call ... "SAFE-SAFE!" (along w/ two back to back quick safe mechanics. On a play at first where F3 has to go up into the air and sweep down to tag the runner going by (unique stuff only) ... you could sell the tag and out with the tag location (back of shoulder, helmet, etc) ...but it's VERY rare/seldom needed.
  19. Actually, that is true. There is not a documented signal for 'wipe off'. BUT .... local associations, etc may have something they like to have crews do. Let's all keep in mind that I'm sure we've all either done it, or ALMOST did it ... call an IFF when it was NOT in effect. A coordinated (pregamed) wipe off signal 'could' prevent that if the crew deems it necessary. AND THAT'S A BIG IF! If you've got a 2 man crew with one experienced and one not as much, etc ...it could help. I'm not saying it's necessary, so don't go there veterans, ..I'm just saying it could come in handy. Subtle ... inconspicuous .... like, say: both hands below the belt, right hand on top of left. Or, .. place your hand over your mouth and pull down as though you're wiping away sweat, etc....
  20. Ok ...ok.... hang on - Understood, but ..... ArchAngel72 didn't give us the correct info. The instructor in fact DID NOT call him an idiot, ...he just FELT like one. BIG DIFFERENCE. Now, no more here ... back on topic please
  21. You've been around awhile, and I was pretty sure you were being facetious, but you didn't indicate it otherwise I concur with your other statement
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