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  1. Safety. Which is the primary reason behind many MANY NFHS rules ....
  2. That's great, but there's no grounds to say anything in the first place ....
  3. From the MiLB manual that someone showed me ........
  4. It does .... ONLY when returning/advancing/retouching
  5. You see it wrong. it's not USC, period. Bringing something like that up is just an umpire being a 'redass' and right from the MSU rulebook. Don't do that!
  6. I see! OK, thanks! And your second comment is true, and is stated in the MiLB manual "passes with both feet" ...(not necessarily ON the ground)
  7. God I love this! And @wolfe_man .... I'd go this way ... navy mask red pads instead OR ... OR .... matte gray mask, and a combo of red and blue pads (upper/lower)
  8. my answer as in the cite I asked you about? If so, I didn't see it in 5.06. @Jimurray ...the quote above is what I was asking for "in writing" somewhere?
  9. OK! So, ... 2 things: 1) Can you cite that for me? And, 2) so this 2 feet on the ground crap has nothing to do with first base? (which is what I was trying to argue with these FB idiots!)
  10. Ok, ... all kidding aside, ....what about my screen shot of 5.06 (b)1 above?
  11. fair enough. But ... would you have 'seen' it necessarily? And this "2 feet on the ground" thingy they're all screaming about ....
  12. This is what I'm referring to, and AFAIK, ... this rule doesn't apply to a play where someone isn't advancing.
  13. LOL! Kyle, ...thanks for that, and trust me, I GET IT. MOST of the time I steer clear, but sometimes I'll chime in and I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet Anyhow, ...so you saw this? Your thoughts?
  14. Ok, great. That's a good start. So, let's say the Verdugo's back leg hasn't 'passed' first yet and it is indeed hanging over the bag. In that sense, he would not be past that base yet? (confirming). That said ... does this "2 feet on the ground" thing apply at first?
  15. From a stupid Facebook post on one of the umpire pages/groups. Loosely based on the Blue Jays game last week where Verdugo missed first base, but F3 didn't touch first base either. Ruled safe because Verdugo came back and corrected his error while no one appealed or touched first. Gil reviews it here: So .... the issue with the Facebook post is this: This person is asking at what point does the runner acquire first base. He used the photo below as the example (not exactly the photo, I just took it from the video, but it's very close to the same). The Facebook person (Call him "Mark") is saying that in the photo, ... IF the first baseman had the ball (he doesn't) ...but IF he did have the ball, that Verdugo would be out because he hasn't put 2 feet on the ground behind the bag. (???) I know that "feet on the ground" do matter for when you're advancing or retouching, but ...at first? I say Verdugo has acquired first base in the photo below as he's past it, yes? What am I missing?
  16. Ahhhh, contraire .... that's where you're mistaken. You don't have "bases down" ...no one does. Same for plate. You're always evolving and improving and / or trying to improve ... remember that
  17. what "current" thread are you referring to. By rights, I should just lock this one up in the first place. Please advise
  18. Rich is correct, your partner is NOT correct here. Second base is the award, and the ball hitting him has NO BEARING whatsoever! Please tell your partner that when you work with him again that he's wrong, and should probably hit the rule book pretty hard. These calls in these situations are what make coaches hate us.
  19. No, this is not a bash, or am I slamming the LLWS umpires (so please, don't make it that). However, honest question because I've never done LL ... Does the formal training of the LL umpires require such 'robotics'? I mean, all in all, I think these guys are doing a fine job, but I just can't help but notice the very calculated, robotic mechanics (ala 'softball) and wondering if it's being "taught"/"instructed". I watch the LLWS every year, but I guess noticed this MORE this time around Also, I've noticed quite high head heights. Again, not bashing, just noticing because a lot (if not most) of those guys are set up quite a bit higher than the top of the catchers head. Granted, it can't be easy getting THAT low on some of these kids, but .... Anyhow, just generic questions on things I've become aware of while watching the LLWS....an d I know there quite a few of you who are very familiar w/ LL.
  20. Yes, this can be advantageous, but only if the weather is cooperating. You don't want to do back to back plates in 90+ and humidity .... BUT, ... some do and will!
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